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All the amazing teachers left awhile ago, and the athletics are terrible. The entire Town is going down hill really fast, and the school system is down a 4 days, which makes it hard for parents.
The students at apache junction high school always rallied together like a family ! There are some teachers there that are outstanding and some that just do not care whether you pass or fail or make it out alive.
AJ High definietly has an atmosphere unlike any other high school. After attending four years at this high school I've seen many things that speak volumes about this school and it's district. For one it's a lot smaller compared to the neighboring districts/high schools, giving it that small home town feel that AJ has displayed on multiple occasions. Recently many tragedies have occured at the school such as multiple teacher and student passings, but none of that has lowered the school's moral, if anything it increased it. AJ fights for one another and takes care of each other like a family. A family I am proud to be apart of.
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It was sort of nice to be around most of the same students I had gone to school with since elementary school since most people don't come in from other districts. It could use better funding and a wider variety of classes.
I was part of the Varsity choir, which as of the 2016-2017 school year will be a class. We performed at several locations, and we participated in many competitions. There were also many chances to participate in solo competition. This is the same with many of the extracurriculars at AJHS. However, there's quite a bit of rivalry between programs, to the point where sometimes it;s uncomfortable.
I haven't really learned anything at this school. The only course I took that I feel I got something out of was Culinary Foundations, an Evit course. The students also have horrible attitudes, almost all of them disrespecting the teachers and vandalizing the school. Final note, the rules are strict in the wrong areas. You'll get suspended if you stay in a hospital for 10 school days, but whether or not bad behavior and dress code violations are reported depends upon which teacher likes you. In general, not a good experience.
Probably the worst thing about the teachers at AJHS is the fact that they don't try to keep assignments in the bounds of what students would be able to do. For example, many teachers grade whether or not students have all the supplies needed for that class by a certain time. If a student tells the teacher that for financial reasons, they won't be able to complete the assignment until a later date, the student is then told something along the lines of,"Find a way around it", or, "Deal with it." This attitude continues throughout the whole of the school year, for all circumstances.
There was no rules at this school when it came to safety except for the large iron fence they put around the campus to keep people from leaving for lunch.
There was none unless you created your own club but in order to do that you needed a teacher to volunteer to watch the club and that was a rare occurrence so basically there was no extracurricular activities.
Parents weren't involved in any schooling except for attending sports events.
Most teachers hardly taught and just pushed kids along due to a poor school environment.
There are very very few clubs I know of at my school. I can only think of one which is called the Leo club and i'm actually not sure what they do... I know sports are a big deal at my school but not very many people participate because not everyone is financially able to do so.
One thing that is unique about this school is that everyone stands up for each other. Like most schools there are cliques and people who are the "cool" kids, and those that are the "weird" kids etc. But at my school I honestly believe we are a big family because the "nerds" are also the "jocks"and the "band geeks" are also cheerleaders. There are still cliques but I don't think there are stigmas and that's really cool. But if I could do it all over again I would choose to go to a different high school because there are many people who don't want to be here and therefore there's not a lot of school spirit and pride. Also they don't offer many clubs, or dual enrollment opportunities either which I would have taken advantage of if they were available.
At Apache Junction High School we have faced many budget cuts, and have not passed many overrides. Because of this we have had to make many sacrifices and lay many teachers off. I come from a very small town where drugs and alcohol are very common, because of this I think we're looked down upon by other districts. The teachers that work at AJ either are full of pride and love what they do or are just waiting to get fired. The teaching styles are strictly common core, and the interest in students fluctuates like the teachers pride in their town.
My best experience at this school was being in Naval Jr. R.O.T.C program. Being in this program was my most favorite experience because made life lasting friendships, learned a lot about the military, and how to be a productive citizen.
Apache Junction High School staff really care about the well being of their current and past students. The teacher used real-world example to engage students in learning.
There are a lot of opportunities however the only downfall is the student fees for many of these clubs.
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The teachers do the best that they can with what they are given to work with. Funding is minimal for resources.
I think the security in this school is a little bad. We only have one unarmed security guard for the entire school, but I son't really blame them because the schools is underfunded. I've walked onto campus plenty of times through the main office and they don't even ask you for there name or if you're a student. Someone could easily carry a backpack with a bomb and just blow up some students which makes me uneasy when I think about it.
There are still activities at this school, but most of them under funded and can't go out on trips to compete or do whatever they do. Which forces the students to have to pay fees that they can't afford
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