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Anzar High School succeeds in challenging its students academically. In this college-prep environment, faculty members use thought-provoking material to help educate and develop bright, intelligent individuals.
Being a part of Anzar High School has allowed me to grow in so many ways. This school offers small class sizes with perfect student to teacher interaction. Additionally, the Grad-Ex program has helped a lot with bringing greater confidence in myself and my work. Thanks to what this school had provided to me, I now feel more prepared for college and the next steps I will be taking.
Anzar went downhill when most of the staff left in one year. Most of the new faculty do not seem to know what they're doing and are not liked by the students. Anzar has been set up for a decline in quality and will likely not improve anytime soon.
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Mike McKinney is the worst AD on the planet. Sports at Anzar will never succeed while he is in charge. Have never heard a positive thing about the guy from parents or students. Didn't judge him until I met him and everything was confirmed. Lazy, arrogant, closet racist. Only reason he still has a job is because he satisfies the principal Charlene Mckowans needs. It's so painfully obvious and disgusting. And why again is he getting paid as the librarian? Pathetic. This aborrent conflict of interest hire is the reason why many local kids do not continue at Anzar after middle school.
Anzar high school is a place where people can develop communication. Since is a small school is easier to communicate with students, teachers, and other staff members. The way how teachers and advisors motivate students to get a high education and helps them to find different opportunities that they can qualify. Anzar could add different class chooses that students might be intrested
Anzar High School is a small school in which a student can get involved in activities easily. Anzar has the advantage that other schools do not by being a small school in which students have great communication with their counselors and can interact with every single student in campus. A change that I would like to see in Anzar in the future is the opportunity of having more college prep classes available for students.
Anzar High is a small school where you can get to know all of your teachers if you want to. They have cool programs such as Graduation Exhibitions, a series of projects in various subject that are publicly judged, and the advisory program in which one teacher is the counselor for a group of about 25 students for each one of their four years.
Overall, I truly enjoyed my time at Anzar High School. However, it is far different now from the time I went there because of the extreme change in staff. I will say, advisory is such a unique part of the experience at Anzar, and it really benefitted me overall. In addition, getting an internship during intersessions at Anzar helped me get a job after high school, and it gave me great work experience. It's a one of a kind school, that anyone would be lucky to experience.
Anzar High offers several extracurricular opportunities for their students. For example, there are multiple clubs that the students can be apart of, and even have the chance to create their own club if they wish to do so. Each club is based on scholarship opportunities, service hours and student interests. The level of commitment for student clubs is pretty high, because meetings are scheduled around student schedules in order to increase attendance. After school activities are also offered to students. Anzar opens up their school snack shack for seasonal games, where available students are able to help out and sell food for after school events. By doing so, not only do they receive a free entry to the school games, but a great amount of service learning hours that can go towards their graduation requirements! Anzar overall provides students with great opportunities during school and after school as well.
Anzar High School equipped me with the knowledge to go out into the world and get a glimpse of what reality truly is. It brought me out of my comfort zone by pushing each student to succeed and meet their goals. Because it was a small high school, I was able to make friends quickly and establish a great relationship throughout the four years I attended Anzar High. What made this school unique is that each student and faculty member did not consider themselves as friends, but family. Anzar had a very welcoming environment, where each person on campus had a small relationship with one another. I joined a couple of clubs, where we participated in homeless shelters and fundraisers to raise money for several scholarships for the graduating seniors. Overall, I definitely enjoyed my high school experience at Anzar.
Anzar High School is a school where kids are able to receive great education. It is a college prep school, where their students are exposed to college work. Students participate in Graduation Exhibitions, where they are required to write a full research paper on a topic of their choice. These exhibitions include science experiments, and a math portion in addition to their paper. The faculty is one of the best staff's out there. They are willing to help any of their students who seem to be struggling in school and are open to meet any day of the week that will accommodate each of their schedules. The teachers incorporate fun memorizing tricks to help the students remember what they have learned throughout the class. They are consistent in grading and offer bonus points if needed.
We need a trained nurse.
Not very many students participate.
It gives students the opportunity to have some real life experiences and helps us get through them.
Some things should change so it because even better.
Health and safety at Anzar are great. The school offers a very safe environment, free from bullying, fear, and any sort of threat. Anzar prepares students for anything and makes sure they are safe even outside of the school. However, Anzar does not have a school nurse.
The extracurriculars at Anzar are good. There is not an abundant amount of clubs due to a smaller staff, but the clubs that are offered are organized and well ran. The clubs and organizations offered are very smart ones to have and offer ways for students to help out in the community. MECHA and Interact seem to be the most popular clubs offered. When it comes to after-school activities, Anzar offers many sports as well as tutorial where students are given the chance to receive one on one time with the teachers to help with homework or something they are confused on or struggling with.
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My overall experience at Anzar has been good. Anzar really is not like any other high school; it is small, teaches a different kind of thinking, and is really like a small family. I would choose Anzar if I did it all over again because Anzar offers so much that other schools cannot necessarily offer. What makes this school so unique is that the teachers care for the students, it is easy to receive help whenever it is needed, and the expectations put on the students are just high enough that students strive to do well. Being involved in so much at Anzar and seeing my hard work in my academics pay off are really my greatest experiences here.
The teachers at Anzar are overall great. Each and every teacher I have had since my freshman year have helped me reach new heights in my academics, as well as think outside of the box and apply lessons to the real world. All teachers are willing to help whenever help is needed, and they all want to see students succeed. Not only are the teachers very intelligent, they really invest their time in the students and their well being. This last December I lost my home to a fire, and every teacher I have had in the past three years have helped in some sort of way. I think very highly of the staff at Anzar High School.
I have no idea how the after school classes are because I'm in sports year round but after school tutorial is great
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