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I like that Ānuenue is not like any other school. It is one of a kind. I love learning about my heritage/culture and being able to learn about the things that my elders learned about back in the days. Ānuenue is the reason that I am fluent in ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi (Hawaiian) and I am proud that I graduated from this school.
I've been mostly going to this school my whole life, the thing that I love about my school is how we can come here and learn more about our culture, our ancestors and to make a difference in ourselves for our communities and that everyone here is family from teachers, students, custodians, etc. it's like bond like no other. I won't say my school is perfect cause it's not I think the thing we lacked the most and what we need to change is how some teachers teach the subject they're teaching us, because the main down fall we have is that we don't know anything from a main class like science and that is one main subject that I need to know a lot of in order to become a nurse.
Our school is very small and because of that we are limited in clubs. We do not have enough students for most clubs and organization, but we are slowly developing.
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If I could go back and choose attend the same school, I would. I would definitely, and gladly, attend this school because this school opened my eyes to many things I seen as unimportant and not needed for life. The teachers toought me to be proud of my culture, more proud than I already was.
My teachers all have more than enough love and respect for the children.
We don't have extracurricular opportunities at this school.
Most of the teachers at my school have good teaching styles and some like my Hawaiian language teacher most of us don't understand. Some classes I feel like our teacher doesn't take it seriously and so I feel like our teachers doesn't prep us for college. Some of the teachers are very communicating but not in the way that you want. Some of the teachers just gossip to the students about other students.
My school is alright with Health and Safety. Our school is near the Palolo Housing and so the people that live there usually come to our school and the teachers have made piece with them so that's one thing that they're doing for our safety although there has been many cases of stealing and fights at the school and I feel like the school is not handling it well. But for the Health of the school it's alright as well. I think my school is some what safe.
I love my school. I go to a Hawaiian Immersion school and so its definitely unique in many ways. Our school is from pre-school - 12th grade and we all speak the Hawaiian language all day, everyday. I love the way our school is because, you will never see a school like ours. Right now our Hawaiian Immersion school has the most students out of the other Hawaiian Immersion schools out there. We do all of our studies in Hawaiian and we always do things that help us connect with our culture. We do chants, songs, we build old hawaiian houses made from wood, we make hawaiian leis like the lei hulu (feathered lei that chiefs used to wear), we farm, we work in the stream, all the things we do relate to the Hawaiian culture and it gives us a better understanding of our ancestors and how it used to be in the olden days.
I rated it 3 because a lot can be fixed.
Our health and safety policies were great. There was never a time when I felt unsafe at my school.
The food at my old High School was not entirely horrible, it was actually quiet enjoyable.
At Anuenue, there isn't really a social scene. Everyone there is one big family. We are a K-12 school, and the high school students get along with the elementary students very well. We often engage in the same activity and occasionally spend our recess with them. Peer pressure is not an issue at this school, for the most part everyone gets along with one another. There are rarely any "groups", everyone mingles with one another and it is a very friendly environment.
Because our school is not known for having a lot of money, we have very few extracurricular activities. If our school doesn't have the funding to provide the extracurricular activity of our choice, we are fortunate enough to join the team of our "sister school". As much as possible, our school provides the extracurricular activity that we would like to engage in.
They are patient, kind, intelligent, helpful, and they genuinely care for the students.
Our campus is beautiful. However, our library needs to be bigger though.
My school is a very nature based environment, but there are a few flaws to that. Due to the environment, my school tends to be rainy a lot therefor the students must be very cautious of how they plan to run around.
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