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Antwerp Local High School Reviews

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Antwerp is a great small, rural school. The teachers are very devoted to helping their students get a great education.
I have had a great time at Antwerp High School. Overall, the entire community is very nice, helpful, and loving. I have found that education comes first at Antwerp and there is an excellent teaching staff to facilitate all of the needs of the students, whether needing a challenge or needing extra help. The entire school is a safe and friendly place for a child to prepare for both college and life. And for those who are interested in the arts, Antwerp has the normal art, band, and choir, as well as things like musicals and a broadcasting class that can meet the interests of most students. I have attended Antwerp my entire life and have never been anything less than proud of what my school was, is, and continues to be.
This school offers AP courses, student government, quiz bowl, and athletics
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The parents always support the students, going to sporting and non sporting events, paying for everything their child might need to be able to be apart of those events, and volunteering any opportunity there is to help.
The teachers at my high school were very nice and caring about the education that we were getting. That made me feel lucky to be there because there are many teachers that just care about a paycheck, not how their students are doing.
The teachers are extremely involved with their students. They are very persistent in getting things done.
Our school is fairly new and it's condition is flawless. The bathrooms and locker rooms remain clean and the gym is cleaned regularly as well. We have several college prep classes that are available for students to take. tutoring is offered after school hours and during our study hall time during school. Our bus system is good and the individuals driving the buses are careful and they are friendly.
I enjoy attending this school because the students and staff are very excepting. They make the environment comfortable for new comers and make sure they have all the materials they need to complete their education. I believe that at this school no student goes unseen. The class sizes are small so it is very possible for students to get extra help if they are struggling with a subject. Not only do the teachers do their job by teaching us, but they also have open doors which means that students are welcome in at any time if their are having a hard time outside of school.
Many students participate in art club. This allows the individuals to further express themselves and become closer with their fellow classmates.
Our principle is very friendly and cooperative. All the staff members are patient and do their best to do what is best for the well being of the students. Our guidance counselor is extremely helpful. She is always looking for opportunities for students to gain academic experience. She also makes sure that we are up to date on all of our testing, college planning, and scholarships.
We have some very smart teachers who enjoy what they do. They make sure that the topic is interesting for the student, as well as engaging for the entire class. We have gained some new younger teachers which is good because they can easily relate to us students.
I believe that students that are new to our school are easily accepted. I have been through the personal experience of transferring schools and the students were very welcoming and helpful. I never got bullied when i came here. If anyone does get bullied it is immediately taken care of by the students and staff.
We have a great athletic director and a good athletic program. There aren't great numbers for some sports, but the community continues to show its support.
The school nurse is always in attendance and there is a janitor constantly helping with the upkeep of our school.
most of staff is friendly and educated and good at their jobs, and relate with students on closer level
No-tollerance for drugs and bullying made this high school easy and less stressful to attend
Very high overall test results: rated 'excellent' 8 years running; college prep based courses
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Great field house with weight rooms and locker rooms; lots of student involvement
I love my school. I have only went to one school my whole life but i feel i get a great education. I have made great friends the last fourteen years of being at my school and with being a small school, we have been able to take awesome field trips that I wouldn't get to experience at a big school.
The teachers are very healpful whenever anyone needs it. Since it is a small school teachers spend more one on one time with students making it easier to talk to the teacher when there is a problem.
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