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Antonian College Preparatory High School Reviews

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Antonian is an excellent academic, athletic and all around family oriented school. Administration, staff, parents and students work together as a community to support one another and allow each individual to become successful in their own way. AntonianCollege Preparatory High School is a highly recommended and cultural diverse school where all become one.
Antonian is an exceptional high school with excellent academics and a variety
of extracurricular activities. Students that successfully graduate from ACP are well prepared college.
I came from public schools up until freshman year. It was a great move for me and for my family being in a catholic school setting. The class size was smaller than public schools and more one on one with teachers. Everyone was helpful and made you feel welcome.
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I loved my time here had great experiences with some amazing people I still keep in touch with to this day. I had amazing teachers who truly cared about me and many of the faculty knew students personally. I could easily go to any teacher with questions I had or even personal troubles. I was EXTREMELY ready for college. I knew how to study and what to study. I knew how to work hard. I believe Antonian taught me that. I wouldn't be at the amazing college I am at now in Notre Dame, getting grades that put me on the Dean's List every semester. Some downfalls of ACP were the money they allotted to certain groups and not others. I was part of the Band and we practiced in a trailer because that was all we had. We never got the support we deserved and felt we were not respected the way we should have been. I also don't like the direction people higher up have taken the school academically. Some dad academic decisions have been made.
Antonio has always set up it's students for success. As a student I have had a lot of leadership opportunities. Antonian also has great councilors whom are always looking to help weather its a personal matter or collage questions or even service opportunities. Most of the teacher are well qualified but I have had instances where I get a "AP" teacher but she really isn't qualified to teach that curriculum.
Antonian is a great place to grow. From the perspective of a former student, the three identifying characteristics of Antonian are: spirituality, academics, and athletics.
Antonian is a happy place to be at because you can tell that the people there care about you. Antonian’s teachers have that quality that makes them seem like your great uncle with the funny jokes on Thanksgiving. Antonian also lets you choose between College Prep, Honors, or Advanced Placement/ Dual Credit classes. Lastly, it seems like every year one of our sports teams was taking home state. Our sports teams were a big part of student life.
The only reason I don’t give Antonian a solid 5/5 rating is because:
1) When you’re highly involved in athletics, school clubs, and AP courses, your teachers and coaches don’t really work together too well. This means you’ll end up having to stay up late at night to make sure you can get all your work done.
Overall good experience. Academics are important but sports are emphasized. Good drama and dance programs. Many clubs. Most teachers were great. Had a handful in 4 years that did not take the time to work with students that needed help.
I transferred into Antonian my Junior year. It was the best thing to ever happen to me and I wish I would have been there all 4 years. Best teachers. Best staff.
Antonian's education was unmatched. There are many clubs and organizations to join as well as really good athletic programs. Most important was the faith-based education and opportunities it afforded me.
I am rating my experience at Antonian as average. It was a very competitive environment which I believe helped me in preparation for college, however, it is not a diverse community. The administration was often unfriendly and the behind the scenes politics between parents and faculty was often unprofessional.
A good high school. Use to be great, until the present administration took over. Not near as spiritual at it use to be, which is one thing that we really loved about the school when our daughter first started her high school career. Does bias exist? Definitely! Especially towards the higher financial income families. Staff I have found are mostly friendly. A previous front office personal had no business being there. None whatsoever. Very rude except if you were in their upper income level. Many complaints, from parents, students, & staff. But nothing was done by the administration until that individual decided to leave. Some great teachers, some good ones, & some that shouldn't even be there, as is the case with a lot of schools. Previous administration was much more friendly & attuned to the spiritual needs of the students. Gave it four stars because of our love of the school, but the way that things are now, was lending towards three stars.
I liked the openness and welcoming nature of the student body and how they banded together to succeed. However, the classes are seriously limited, clubs are nonexistent, and teachers and faculty do next to nothing to help their students succeed in high school or college.
I met long-term friends. The classes were difficult but helped prepare me for college courses. I enjoyed all the clubs and organizations. I was able to be apart of many different unique communities.
Antonian has so many clubs and organizations for anyone to join. The school revolves around the importance of faith, service and community.
During my four years and Antonian, I made memories I will never forget. The individuals I’ve met helped shape who I am today. Everyone, including teachers and staff, makes you feel like your family. I’ve also grown in my faith and made life long friends that I can trust. Lastly, I am positive I am well prepared for the years ahead of me.
Antonian is the perfect combination of academic rigor, vibrant student life, and spiritual formation.
Teachers and staff are not student friendly. Students are constantly frustrated with lack of support from anyone there. They are usually lost academically.
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I thoroughly enjoyed my time here. I grew in my faith, my education, and myself as a person. The teachers are the best I have ever had. The first day of school felt like I was stepping into home. It is so welcoming. There are so many extracurricular activities and the school is always busy!
Antonian is a very welcoming school as I entered during my sophomore year. There aren't cliques that separate themselves from other cliques so everyone is friendly with everyone.
I enjoyed my first 2 years at Antonian, school wise, and not so much my junior and senior year. We got a new principle who fired most of the administration, so things were very different, and not the good kind of different. The only good thing that came out of the new staff was our softball coaches. I can truly say that these coaches have influenced in who I have become. Im not very close to my father, and I see these coaches as a father figures in my life. I think they are a great asset to Antonian, and I'm very glad to have had the opportunity to be able to learn from them.
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