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A good high school. Use to be great, until the present administration took over. Not near as spiritual at it use to be, which is one thing that we really loved about the school when our daughter first started her high school career. Does bias exist? Definitely! Especially towards the higher financial income families. Staff I have found are mostly friendly. A previous front office personal had no business being there. None whatsoever. Very rude except if you were in their upper income level. Many complaints, from parents, students, & staff. But nothing was done by the administration until that individual decided to leave. Some great teachers, some good ones, & some that shouldn't even be there, as is the case with a lot of schools. Previous administration was much more friendly & attuned to the spiritual needs of the students. Gave it four stars because of our love of the school, but the way that things are now, was lending towards three stars.
I liked the openness and welcoming nature of the student body and how they banded together to succeed. However, the classes are seriously limited, clubs are nonexistent, and teachers and faculty do next to nothing to help their students succeed in high school or college.
I met long-term friends. The classes were difficult but helped prepare me for college courses. I enjoyed all the clubs and organizations. I was able to be apart of many different unique communities.
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Antonian has so many clubs and organizations for anyone to join. The school revolves around the importance of faith, service and community.
During my four years and Antonian, I made memories I will never forget. The individuals I’ve met helped shape who I am today. Everyone, including teachers and staff, makes you feel like your family. I’ve also grown in my faith and made life long friends that I can trust. Lastly, I am positive I am well prepared for the years ahead of me.
Antonian is the perfect combination of academic rigor, vibrant student life, and spiritual formation.
Teachers and staff are not student friendly. Students are constantly frustrated with lack of support from anyone there. They are usually lost academically.
I thoroughly enjoyed my time here. I grew in my faith, my education, and myself as a person. The teachers are the best I have ever had. The first day of school felt like I was stepping into home. It is so welcoming. There are so many extracurricular activities and the school is always busy!
Antonian is a very welcoming school as I entered during my sophomore year. There aren't cliques that separate themselves from other cliques so everyone is friendly with everyone.
I enjoyed my first 2 years at Antonian, school wise, and not so much my junior and senior year. We got a new principle who fired most of the administration, so things were very different, and not the good kind of different. The only good thing that came out of the new staff was our softball coaches. I can truly say that these coaches have influenced in who I have become. Im not very close to my father, and I see these coaches as a father figures in my life. I think they are a great asset to Antonian, and I'm very glad to have had the opportunity to be able to learn from them.
I transferred to Antonian College Preparatory my sophomore year of high school and it is one of the best decisions I have made! The school offers a wide variety of people and a large selection of clubs and extra-curricular activities to choose from. The classes were perfectly sized so being involved in the class was never a problem. I feel like Antonian gave me solid foundation for me to expand on when it comes to college and my future. I am very grateful to be an Apache.
I transferred from Antonian College Preparatory from another private high school in San Antonio. To keep the responses rather short and straight-forward, the high school I attended previously [all girls school downtown] was not challenging enough. I was always a studious student as well as an athlete, and this was quite shocking to me. I spoke to my parents and through many days of review of other private schools, I realized that Antonian was the choice for me.

This school has great academics, and allows a student to soar as high as they wish to, while still maintaining the rigor of the courses. There are many AP courses, and Dual Credit courses that the student can chose from, to strengthen their academics. There are many clubs and sports that a student can join to enjoy and mingle with their friends, just to meet new people, and play their passion in the field, at the pool, or wherever that may be.
I attended Antonian all 4 years of high school and it was a great experience. Coming from a home schooled background, high school was a big adjustment, but I definitely feel that I made the right choice in schooling. Antonian does a great job in blending academics, faith and extracurriculars. I personally loved the size, thereabouts of 800 students in the whole school, because by senior year, everyone knows everyone personally. With a smaller class, you really get to grow up with your fellow students. The only thing I would change would be a few of the administrations rules, they seem to be too picky on details.
Antonian College Preparatory High School has prepared me for the future in many ways. Because if its smaller nature I can personally get to know all the administration and students in my grade and in others. While the academics are challenging and homework is time consuming it has disciplined me and prepared me for the workload in college. Throughout my four years here I have learned to balance my time between academics, athletics, and my many extracurricular activities. While it is required to complete a certain number of service hours/volunteer work every year the school provides us with numerous opportunities and the encouragement to give back our community.
I loved attending this high school! It is a private high school that provided myself as well as many others with the skills necessary to succeed in higher level education such as college.
During my years in Antonian, I think the most extraordinary thing about this school is the school spirit. Everyone is always hyped up when it comes to sports, community service, and other special events. Everyday is a good day to be an Apache.
Antonian is a great catholic community to be apart of. There is a great amount of family involvement within the school and there is always something fun going on for the families and kids. All of the departments are very good but i would like to see improvement in the math department. However, there are many opportunities given to the students so far as taking many dual credit, honors, and AP courses. The guidance counselors are phenomenal and they are always on top of the things that need to be taken care of. Every student means something to them and they make sure that college is their #1 priority when it comes to being successful.
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The teachers I had during my years at Antonian were very easy to talk to and helpful. I could easily email a teacher if I was having problems or just stop by their room for help, they were very flexible with their schedule and would sometimes stay late after school or come early before school to help.
While attending Antonian College Prep, I was involved in sports, both volleyball and softball. Both teams were very inclusive and treated everyone with the utmost respect. I was also the Aid for Band, while holding this position I was allowed to experience a new extra curricular activity as well as environment. This environment was different from the athletic environment but still somewhat similar. These kids ate lunch together, and spent pretty much all day together or talking.
The administration is bias, allowing certain sports, people and income levels guide their decisions, to the detriment of the hardest working and achieving students.
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