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Antonia Pantoja Preparatory Academy Reviews

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The school is definitely my fit. It has everything I ask for and the teachers and students are the what the school stand out for. The teachers are the most caring and bondable people to connect with. Each teacher is different and has thier own way of teaching so the classes never get boring.
My experience there was average. I wished that they had prepared me more for college with other courses like AP courses.
To get a new schedule was always a challenge not just for me but for everyone in this high school. The guidance counselor was always busy and sometimes just didn't want kids in her office. But, when she did she was very sweet to you and helpful.
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I can't really say anything about clubs. I don't believe that there was any clubs in my high school.
This High School was okay, for the most part. You need to learn how to pick the right group of friends and learn not to follow the crowd. Be your own person.
I loved all the teachers there. They always had time for me when i truly needed their help.
I loved the school. The 7 best years of my life!
They started offering more regents classes which is good for the students. This middle school prepares you for highschool by treating us like highschoolers. We went on trips throughout the year. So many of the teachers leave a strong impact on you. Some of the teachers influence the students in a positive manner including me. The student body is great because we all bonded very well and felt more like a family then just a graduating class. I met very excited and passionate people throughout the years.
the senior trips seem great but academic wise the school is a mess. As i entered as a freshman 9th grade the schools system was so messed up that they had me registered into their system as a middle schooler
the school safety barely and rarely gives concern to any issues unless they are demanded by higher authority to do so.
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