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My experience here at Anton High School has been really good. Teachers push students to do their best in their school work and I have learned to be a mature adult. I have gone threw tough times with school work but every teacher is willing to be there to help you out with the problem and encourage me to keep going and not quit.
I would like to have seen a more involved community that cared for others instead of themselves. I would've liked being a part of a great school that only brought out the best in people. More disciplinary actions should be taken when dealing with one who doesn't seem to understand the idea of "respect". The Anton School District is a place to learn more about yourself and your values.
The carpeting needs fixing, the walls need painting but other than that the gymnasium is excellent, the cafeteria is in impeccable condition, the computers are only 2 years old, the tennis courts are brand new, our track and field are fairly new, and the classrooms are technologically advanced.
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The teachers are excellent. They are hard working teachers that put all their time and effort into instructing. The classes can be a little boring, but that is due to the amount of information they have to teach us in the short amount of time given.
The food is healthy food. . .which makes the food pretty untasty. The servings are pretty substantial. Anton does accommodate special dietary needs and the menu variety is pretty minute; they basically serve the same thing bi-weekly.
The academics offered are only basic level, and dual credit. Though the reason i rate it an 'A-' is because the scheduling is excellent. I skipped my sophomore grade, and Anton supported me and worked around my needed classes. The only special classes offered are dual credit classes and G.T classes.
You'll find peer pressure in about any school, but the school culture and diversity is not really an issue. This small school is very close. You don't really see the different types of social groups as you would do in a bigger school. Yes we all have those certain "Bad Kids" but the school has always been there to force them to get it together.
The academics offered at Anton High School include everyday classes and as well as Duel Credit Classes. My fellow classmates and I can take classes from band to Fashion Design to Duel Credit History. Most classes have great teachers which can intensify the study in the class. But each teacher is willing to sit down and work with students who are struggling or just need a helping boost.
The school dress code is still enforced. Students are not allowed to work tank tops, short shorts, or have crazy colored hair. Some times the Hair policy is removed on occasion for an example, Halloween. Which is pretty cool. Policies for bullying is totally understandable. Coming from a girl who was bullied, I can relate and is grateful for the enforcement.
I have been grateful for the opportunities that extracurricular activities have given me. The extracurricular activities come from all sorts. We have sports activities such as: basketball, cross country, track, tennis, and football. We also have organization like FFA, FCCLA, and NHS. The NHS program has given fellow students to experience improving the community by helping with community service.
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