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I’m a senior in antlers high school and I love it! The faculty are amazing! We have awesome clubs,sports and parents are extremely involved the food is especially amazing.
It's a small town school with an even smaller budget. Most teachers do want you to succeed, but like every school there are some bad ones. With it being such a small school, students have very few opportunities. There are no AP classes offered. Most students participate in sports. The football team has greatly improved recently, thanks to a great head coach. Other sports I'd say Antlers is pretty average at, unless its a good year. People like to pretend Antlers has a lot of school spirit, but compared to other schools it's pretty bleak. There is no student section at football games ( because all the students that care are cheering, playing, or in the band.) Only thing that is completely unacceptable is the food. Other area schools serve edible food. I'm not sure why Antlers is SO TERRIBLE. Hot dog buns dusted with shredded cheese IS CONSIDERED A MEAL!! oh but can't forget the meat FLAVORED sauce they serve with that makes it completely acceptable.
It's an average school. What I would like is offering of Advanced Classes. We are a rural school and a very small school. Would love to see more electives as well as teachers and counselors pushing us to our potential.
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Antlers High school is one of the best schools around. The teachers always make sure you are understanding the lesson, and they always make sure you are learning something. The only thing I would change about the school is the size of the school, and our funding. Our teachers can barley take off because we don't have the money to hire a sub for them.
The happy teachers, but would like to change the food quality. Some of the teachers could improve their teaching skills. But overall the experience I have ha is excellent.
Antlers High School is a great learning environment with a strong sense of family. The sports and clubs available are not only very successful, they teach crucial team skills and keep students active. Graduates have high chances in life and most go on to great colleges. I would send my own children here.
As a student here, I can say that this school is awful. Poor food quality, discrimination in every corner, bullying is not a concern and the bullies do not even noticed or punished, very low funding for our extracurriculars (and overall) unless it is a sport, most extracurriculars have to self fund themselves causing us to be low on resources, overcrowded hallways and large numbers in a small classroom, and basic academics is what we're dealing with. We have books and equipment that are badly damaged and still in use, because we have so little funding. People get in fights very often because the bullying had been overlooked. It's a shame to see how dreadful this school is.
I had the best experience in high school. I had the chance to move back where I originally lived and I didn't want to move because I loved the high school and band program so much.
the teachers cary but overall you can learn from this school maybe not eceything but definitely your basics
if your not Christian straight and above average body you are but a nasty bug on the window and that everyone will try to get rid of
the teachers are not the best but our extracurricular activities still win awards but they are not cheap band asks $110 a year just for basic expenses
There are teachers here just for the power over other people there are teachers who want to prepare students for the world but the parent relationship is awful this is a drug town and it shows in the kids you know whos got the broken homes whos to scared to say whats going on at home
Teachers cannot teach the way they feel they have to for the kids to understand they teach us to pass a test not to pass life. Sadly though if teachers were aloud to free range while you would have great teachers with students prepared for the world their going into. Although their would also be teachers who don't do anything for their students and are simply lazy.
They are pretty much up with all the schools around here
We need more after school activities for sure
For the most part the teachers are concerned with their kids outcome and try to help every way they can
It is average on security and nurse staff.
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This school is on top of education for the most part. I am sure they could use upgrades in several areas but all in all they care about their kids and staff.
Our school has everything it needs.
The extracurricular opportunities here are some of the best I have ever seen. Almost every student that goes here is involved in some kind of organization.
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