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At Antioch Upper Grade School I always felt a sense of community. We had so many fun activities, field trips, teachers, and more. Everybody at the school made it an easy transition from elementary school as well.
At Antioch Upper Grade School, I recently started helping out with the boys volleyball program, getting a chance to check their facilities after 4-5 years and allowing myself to recollect on the environment that has been put into place. Therefore, I strongly believe that the school culture and extracurricular activities are very strong, allowing students to easily become involved in something that gets them with friends and/or the facility itself.

That being said, the administration is a bit unstable and questionable in their activities. Recently, a past principal resigned from his position due to "family concerns", which was later to be found questionable based on his involvement in other motives. Additionally, much police involvement has been correlated in the last year or so, creating a different sort of environment and ultimately messing with the general ambiance that a middle school should have.
I would rate this hell hole of a school 0 out of 5 if I could. My daughter was a 3.7 honors roll student before we moved here. Her GPA dropped to a 2.4. This school treated her like absolute garbage and the amount of BS that we've dealt with is unbelievable. The school has let other students bully my child and harass her without punishment. When she was hit and defended herself, she was the one in trouble because the school has an apparent "0 standing up for yourself policy" unless it's verbal. So your child is suppose to stand there and take bullying? Madness.... Many students are trashy as all get out. Half the students she knows there are on drugs or in trouble every other week.
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teachers aint nice. they just want their money. GO TO MILBURN INSTEAD TO SAVE URSELF. its only 10 min away in a better town. curriculum switched to common core :( schedules- not many classes offered, confusing process, dont get into classes u choose. workload- very manageable. most teachers dont care enough to give a lot of hw. about 15 min a day total. many kids in band. join band cuz if u do marching band in highschool, u get out of gym.
bullying happens often. we have gotten used to it though, so no one really notices anymore. we've only gone under lockdown a couple times. there are security cameras. there is a bullying reporter online, but no one checks it so its a joke. the cops come in for drug searches but not too often. visitors need a visitors tag from the main office. the most the school nurse can do is give you a bandaid or tell you to lie down after waiting in a 30 min line. the school is pretty safe from murderers, except a month ago when a kid threatened to shoot up the school. cops came, but nothing happened. other than that, its fine
there are many clubs and sports to choose from. they could add a few, but its okay
kids think drugs are cool. if you dont do drugs, you're a loser. parents dont pay attention to education as much as they do sports. the art teacher set the school on fire once. locker searches for drugs happen. people get caught. 3 min to change in locker rooms. not enough time.
in 6th grade, they're mostly nice. In 7th grade it's half and half. 8th grade is when it hits you hard. There are those few teachers who go above and beyond, but for the most part they just wanna go home, not teach.
Teachers are what make this school either great or meh.
There are some Teachers who will do all they can for all students. They will assure a student they are doing well and assist them to remain on task. Other Teachers seem to do their job and not give the extra attention some students need.
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