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Antioch highschool needs a lot of work. The teachers can be better and we need more school spirit and student involvement. Antioch Highschool needs a whole new make over. Students are fighting, bathrooms are disgusting, food is unsanitary and more. The student government is the best of Antioch and the track team.
It's okay. You find your friends. There are a lot of different friend groups just like ever other school has. There are some teachers that actually care about you, but there are others that don't.
What I like about Antioch Hight School is the way the teachers teach and make you feel comfortable around other people. They really make sure you understand and try their best to provide you with all information you need. What I would like to see change is the cafeteria food.
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I went to AHS for a year and half and enjoyed the short time there. I love how diverse the school was.
Antioch is a good school and the academic environment is okay, but there are some problems. We've been through three principles in four years and we have lost a lot of teachers. I feel if everyone took the time to actually pay attention to Antioch it would become even better and the teachers will stop leaving.
Antioch high is a great high school.It is very diverse in the sence that you will always find a a club or a group of people that you will feel accepted and comfortable with.But like every high school it has its ups and downs.However I would not move to any other high school.
Antioch High School is a great school to attend. When I was a student I loved waking up every morning to go to school. The teachers there are great and want to see their students success. They also prepare the student for life after high school whether that it helps them go to college or enter workforce after graduation.
The school has bad moments like fights,walkouts, and bullies but over all my experience was ok I got my work done and got through it
Something that I really liked about Antioch high school was the diversity within the school. Different people with different backgrounds coming from all over the world. The academies at Antioch high school are very well connected with the students and helping them with their future.
My experience at Antioch High School in Antioch Tennessee was great. Like all schools, Antioch had its ups and downs but overall I had a great experience there. I met new friends who became my best friends. I also had the chance to experience different cultures because Antioch High School is so diverse in its students as well as staff. Our sports teams were good. Our basketball team placed 2nd in districts. One thing I would change about Antioch High School is the school activities. I would invest more time into our school activities as allow for more clubs to be started. I would also spend more time on our sports. I would do all I can to make sure our sports teams had all the equipment they would need. Overall, Antioch High School is a good school academically. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a good school for their kids.
Being at Antioch high school I grew up as a student. For my experience at this school was good. The teachers that I had were always supportive, especially since junior year when I entered the IB program. The teachers were always worrying about me and each single of my IB classmates whether we had done our work or not. They are always behind our backs wanting to make sure that we doing everything and anything to graduate. The IB program helped me to get closer with other students I would never have thought I would get closer to. The IB class of 2018 is really an amazing class with amazing teachers.
Antioch High School, maybe it's not the best school, but some of its teachers make the difference. I hope that next year the school can be more stricter plus rules for students to respect their teachers and all the staff.
I enjoyed the variety of classes offered by the school. I also liked the opportunities given to participate in extracurricular activities. This being said I felt like the school was rather old and the facilities needed to be updated.
Spent my junior and senior here and teachers did help and welcome me as a transfer, but based on this school alone I probably wouldn’t be prepared for college. Never really connected with others and it was a very negative vibe from most students. Still an okay, average school. It’s what you would expect from a large, zoned, public school.
I loved how friendly my teachers and peers were dispite all the negative disrepresentation about the school. One thing I would change, is probably the lack of school spirit.
Antioch High School is a good school, but recently a new principal came into administration causing over 50 teachers to leave.
Even though Antioch high school is a school that is known for the worst high school, it is not what you think at all. Antioch high school is a great school that provides the students with a international program called the International Baccalaureate program, that I am currently in. All of what the school needs is just a better controllable environment.
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This school has alot of activities and clubs to join for everyone. But the school spirit is very poor. our pep rallies are very weak and we rarely have them.
My first two years of high school was terrible for me . There was nothing fun about going to school . I hated it . Passing was never a problem and making friends was never problem , it was just there was no school spirit in Antioch . This year I’ve joined something called the IB Program and it has made school more enjoyable. Also , Antioch High has improved school spirit some as well as improved dress code .
The year I attended Antioch High was fun but at the time the school was going through many difficult situations that affect me and many other student including teachers.
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