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Antioch High School, maybe it's not the best school, but some of its teachers make the difference. I hope that next year the school can be more stricter plus rules for students to respect their teachers and all the staff.
I enjoyed the variety of classes offered by the school. I also liked the opportunities given to participate in extracurricular activities. This being said I felt like the school was rather old and the facilities needed to be updated.
Spent my junior and senior here and teachers did help and welcome me as a transfer, but based on this school alone I probably wouldn’t be prepared for college. Never really connected with others and it was a very negative vibe from most students. Still an okay, average school. It’s what you would expect from a large, zoned, public school.
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I loved how friendly my teachers and peers were dispite all the negative disrepresentation about the school. One thing I would change, is probably the lack of school spirit.
Antioch High School is a good school, but recently a new principal came into administration causing over 50 teachers to leave.
Even though Antioch high school is a school that is known for the worst high school, it is not what you think at all. Antioch high school is a great school that provides the students with a international program called the International Baccalaureate program, that I am currently in. All of what the school needs is just a better controllable environment.
This school has alot of activities and clubs to join for everyone. But the school spirit is very poor. our pep rallies are very weak and we rarely have them.
My first two years of high school was terrible for me . There was nothing fun about going to school . I hated it . Passing was never a problem and making friends was never problem , it was just there was no school spirit in Antioch . This year I’ve joined something called the IB Program and it has made school more enjoyable. Also , Antioch High has improved school spirit some as well as improved dress code .
The year I attended Antioch High was fun but at the time the school was going through many difficult situations that affect me and many other student including teachers.
Antioch was an average school. Not all teachers were bad but some were. I loved most of my teachers because they helped me prepare for college. I feel like the food could’ve been better but other than those things everything else was pretty much okay. I also played basketball for Antioch. I enjoyed playing there for the four years that I was there. Altogether, I believe that the school could definitely improve but in general it really isn’t a bad school to go to. I haven’t been there in a couple of months because I’ve graduated but I’m pretty sure things have changed.
At first when I found out that I would be coming to Antioch High School I was honestly sad. I have heard so many bad things about the school that I did not want to even think about attending. However, once I got there my perspective changed completely. The school is honestly like having the whole world in one building. Everyone has a different background and because of that everyone is respectful to one another. Also the teachers are always there to motivate and encourage us to do better in life and to be the best people that we are. Even though our education might be the best, the school provides us with every resource that they can give us with classes such as A.P, I.B. honors, and even partnering up with our local community college in order to get some college credits early.
Antioch high school is a very diverse school. however, they do challenge you and make you give it your best ignorer to succeed. I have enjoyed celebrating my culture, while experiencing others'. I have received all the help I can get in order for me to maintain an excellent 4.0 GPA through out my four years at Antioch high school.
A great thing about Antioch is the diversity it has. It truly is a school full of culture and understanding. However, the school has poor academics and college readiness because the teachers are not properly qualified and/or prepared to teach the students. The learning environment in Antioch is terrible and often dangerous.
I go there because it's in our area. The school is really high and there are many students. It will be better if they have enough teachers because some classes don't have any teachers.
The media makes this school look terrible to the public. Yes, there have been bad things that took place at this school, but there are actually great things going on that many are unaware of. There are amazing teachers that will go out of their way to help you if you're willing to do the work. There are clubs that make their members feel right at home and give them as many opportunities to be successful as they can. This school has had plenty of ups and downs long before I got here, but I don't regret spending all four years of high school here.
Aside from the behavior of the students, I'm glad that I went to this high school. Most of the teachers taught well and it was easy to stay on top of work if planned out right. The events were down right memorable and the staff do their best to make you feel safe and welcomed. The other students had problems with things like dress code (SSA), but it didn't bother me all that much and the food was way better on some days than others. By the end of Senior year, I had almost straight A scores.
Antioch was a very important part of life. High school years are the most important part of growth and becoming who you want to be for the rest of your life. Antioch was not by any means the most luxurious place to attend, because we all have had dreams of attending private school and having the best education all around, but most of us aren't afforded those things or can't afford it; but I must say that Antioch was just as great of a place! It's where I learned to be myself. It's where I learned discipline and self respect. Its where I learned what I wanted to get out of life. I just believe if your high school doesn't give you at least the opportunity to dream, learn yourself, learn what kind of people you ant to be around and explore self expression, that those years are wasted. Antioch gave me all those things and more! I could not ask for a better Alma Mater!
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Antioch high was a great high school, but it did not prepare me well for college. The restrooms were always nasty, there was never any good food in the cafateria. the school was also overpopulated. there were way to many students and not enough teachers.
Antioch high school is a great school. I can say it is not the best but it wasn't the worst. I had a few good teachers that had taught me a lot. I was in a lot of honor classes so I enjoyed the people I was around.
This was an alright school. It had potential to be better. It was way too strict which caused little things to keep a student from getting there education. Some teachers seemed not to care and there is a lack of programs and opportunities the school has to offer.
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