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While attending Antioch high I met educators that would change my educational journey forever. I had Mrs. Armstrong for three years in a row. She taught me to believe in myself and that any goal is achievable. Now that I am in college about to transfer, I do believe that she's the main reason why I made it so far. She was a support system as well as friend. I discovered that I want to impact others in my community the way she impacted my life.
Antioch High School is a place of great diversity people with different stories and lives regardless of who you are, you have a voice being able to speak up is a great freedom, teachers are there for the students benefit to help us get ready for the outside world,when it comes down to academics it is amazing with much Advanced Placement classes students can have a lot of help getting ready for college, there isn't much to change since it is a great place for diversity and most importantly students.
The clubs were good, some of the teachers were nice too. The principal cares more about sports more than he does the students. Most of the teachers didn’t even teach, they just gave us work to keep us busy. Some teachers didn’t even teach the right material for their designated subject.
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I was in the media tech academy and i was very disappointed with my experience there. Our media tech classes would hardly teach us anything we'd use in the in the subject such as game design with the alice program instead of using something useful like unity web player, and how the teachers would play world of warcraft or shop on amazon instead of focusing more on their students. I had to ask one of my teacher if I could print my final that can only be turned on that exact same day since the library was closed but instead he told me I can't print my final unless I went to represent our academy at a different school by showing the senior project I did and how the academy "thought us" despite the senior project being done with nothing we learned from our academy and instead information we learned online. My overall experience with this school was great, but my academy was a huge disappointment.
It's a pretty average high school, but it has it's ups and downs. Some teachers are great, other's aren't so great. As expected of a school. Didn't have a cafeteria for all 4 years of attending until the final month of the school year and only for one day.
I enjoy the classes on which I have attended and am currently attending, and i am happy to be in the engineering academy preparing me for the future.
Antioch High School is a place where you can express yourself and love what you are. You can excel in your classes, sports, and clubs. The teachers are willing to assist in making your future bright and your dreams come true. There is an after school program for students who are struggling and special senior functions. I would not change a thing about Antioch High School. It has given me a chance to make life-long friends and an education I will take with me to my future employment.
I liked my experience at Antioch High School. Everyone was nice and the sports team we're great. It was just renovated with brand new buildings and programs.
my experience Antioch High School was amazing due to the good grades i have, and the relationships i made with the teachers here. I involved into a lot of clubs and activities that it changed me over the courses i've been at Antioch.
During my senior year, there was a high incidence of violence. Notably, multiple campus gun/ knife/weapon occurrences and even an event where a male student entered a classroom, stabbed a young female student, doused her with gasoline and attempted to set her on fire. Ther was always at least one police liaison on campus.

Academics were average at best. While few went on to very good colleges and universities, there was a high non-graduation rate. Most classes did not prepare one for higher education, though some of the teaching staff seemed to have a passion for what they did.

There was a high emphasis on sports - many went on to play in college as well as professional.

Diversity was poor to average for Northern California: White (majority), Black, South Asian, Asian, gay, straight, and all in the poor to lower middle socioeconomic class.

Due to the socioeconomic class, parent involvement was rather low, less the booster clubs that supported the sports teams.
Antioch high school is a good school and has easy going people with not much drama. The school is very diverse which makes it better for people to meet new and different people.
Antioch High is overall a great school. The teachers really care about the students and how they preform in class. If youre a student who is having some problems, there is always a teacher there to help you. One thing that is severly overlooked, due to Najee Harris, the number 1 running back in the country, being on campus, is the visual and preforming arts. Our school has a dedicated marching band, one who is at every home game regardless of the band review the next morning. Alongside with that, the vocal department, which i am a part of, is in need of new everything, from stage mics to a working sound system. Other than that, Antioch high is a good school.
This school has changed quite a bit since my attendance, however, it has updated the buildings and sports arena.
Overall, attending Antioch High School was an okay experience. The worst aspect of the school would have to be the students themselves. I do not mean the student body as a whole, but the majority of them. I have never seen so much disrespect and attitude in one place. The diversity is great! Not just diversity of culture, but diversity of personality. A lot of people like a lot of different things. As for teachers, I have never had any problems. Teachers here are passionate about what they do and care about their students. As for college readiness, I feel as if I am not being properly prepared for further education. The teachers are far too lenient. Antioch High is okay. It really is it's location that gives it its bad qualities. Antioch is not a good town to live in. As for my experience, I've had more positive moments that negative moments here, and the departure of this institution will surely be bittersweet.
Antioch High school is a school with great diversity and college readiness. They provide a list of academies, Leadership and public services, engineering, Media Tech, and much more. They prepare you for your future. There are many clubs and sports to be a part of. They do have excellent electives raging from art to language. However, I would like to see Medicine electives and maybe medical involved clubs.
Some teachers care . Some do not . It's hit or miss. many teachers are frustrated with students because of their limited attention and comprehension skills. Teachers do have their favorites, though it is unclear on how this affects grading.
There are a variety of teachers available, with varying levels of competence, according to many of the students I converse with.

However, many classes I wanted to attend (e.g. Autoshop) have been cut due to budgeting issues.
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Given the area, the student culture is very diverse and stretches across different ethnic and religious groups. However, there is a looming "ghetto" culture that is very prevalent among a majority of the African American students.
Given the area, I cannot accurately summarize the health/safety measures that the school implements.
The extracurricular activities are diverse and well-fitting for many different tastes and lifestyles.
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