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I really like the teachers here, they really connect with students and know how to get a class excited about stuff. I also really liked the Rube Goldberg competition and I hope that comes back.
Antioch doesn't have the best of anything but if you keep your grades high and constantly apply yourself, you can get far.
Staff are one sided. Don't care for students. Students swear loud in hallway teacher don't do anything.they favor boys only. Rules apply to anyone who is not a jock. There curriculum is behind in math and English. And the teachers don't make time for you to have 1 on 1 tutoring. Prom is boring cause it's the same as homecoming with nothing exciting. A student is aloud to swear at a teacher even when they're not special needs and they're not strict enough to have the bad kids start getting their act together. The teachers swear sometimes as going as far as saying "Shit" in front of 25 students. My child goes there and this is what happens. They won't care. She got sexually harassed and they did nothing about it. He got talked to and that's it. Just a slap on the wrist. But my child made memes in class and got a detention from the Dean. Don't EVER SEND YOUR KIDS HERE
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The weird thing is I just finished my last final as a senior. now looking back on my years I this community was a family. I saw new kids making a difference to the school and how everyone treated them better than how they were at home or their last school. The school wasn't only a place to show up to, but much more. Your teachers became your friends and friends became the ones that taught you the most and looked for you to succeed. At Antioch, athletes were like part of a huge organization that supported one another. All in all I look back on my 4 years and can say Antioch was really a home to me.
I liked my experience at Antioch Community High School. There were many options and types of classes to take including several AP courses.
I also feel that there was a variety of sports and clubs offered to students.
The student climate was good and everyone was very accepting of individual differences. I do feel that the school was lacking in preparing students for college and careers. In my opinion, there should have been college and career counselors to assist students with deciding on careers and colleges and the college application process and completing scholarship applications.
ACHS is a very student involved school with teachers who want to see their students succeed in every possible way. From the environment of the building itself, to the student body, the school thrives with generations of culture as well as new student experiences.
This school was very friendly and all of the staff are very kind to all students. It is a friendly environment.
I like Antioch community high school for its wide range curriculum planning and amount of resources provided through the school. Teachers are very cooperative to creating new lessons that further students different learning strategies. Course material has been known to compile itself together at times which may cause difficulty but the advantage is different subjects will flow into each other to create greater understanding. Teachers learn from students on how to efficiently teach subjects, teachers may be lenient at times with student discipline however which may hinder the learning environment of other students.
The staff and administration are very focused on making the students time at the high school the best it can be. There is a good sense o community within the school and you become comfortable very easily.
Very capable academics. Sports programs are strong. Pretty good drama program. Seems to lack clubs to a degree but overall great.
I liked how Antioch is a small school so you feel like you know everyone. The faculty were helpful and prepared me for college. There was a lot of school spirit and pride throughout the year, making it so you also had something to do.
All of the teachers and staff are super friendly and helpful. Every time I walked into the school I was greeted by our principal. The school overall has a really good vibe and I felt very welcomed being there.
The teachers prepared you for college. The administration was very involved in activities and connected to the students. Overall a good experience.
ACHS did a very good job on embracing a community feel in the school. There was always something to do there whether it was to go watch a sport or a production of some sort. There were also a lot of class options for students though out their school year. Allowing each student to find their passion. However the only problem I witnessed was the type of rules that were and were not enforced. Some of the rules enforced was based on students apparel. Like girls could not show their shoulders or boys/girls could not wear head bans. Yet with situations based on bullying they did not enforce a punishment as harshly as I thought they would have.
Being a recent graduate from this school I have made so many memories that I will never forget. What I think it so great about Antioch is that its an old school (over 100+ years old) and that it has so many activities and extra curricular things to do such as going to every football game Friday night and feeling this unity between the school and it s fans, having a Spanish club, book club, sports, having the opportunity to go to a trip across the world, and so much more. I don't think I would change anything about this school becasue its one that this very involved and has a enjoyable atmosphere
There were only a few teachers that actually cared about your academic success, and those teachers made me get as far as I did now. I actually go back to visit Mrs. Farrell still because the impact she had on my life.
I spent four years at ACHS and while high school is rough for everyone going to ACHS made things better. Most teachers are very understanding and really want you to learn. Not to mention the amazing atmosphere of the school. The after school life is very alive. Activities range from sports to clubs to fine arts.
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AXHS is a great school. The teachers want to be there and want to help. They are all willing to go the extra mile with the students to help them achieve. The comunity around the school is also great and incredibly supportive in school events.
I believe one of my favorite part about ACHS is how much they encourage their students to get involved in some type of after school activity. I mean, they have so many clubs and sports that there has to be something for everyone. Especially for me, I became a football manager for our varsity football team and it was such an amazing experience. We have such an amazing sports program and all of the coaches and students are very determined and understanding of everyone. I've been managing the team for 2 years, and those 2 years have been some of the most exciting times of my high school experience. Also, all of the teachers I have had and currently have are all amazing teachers who are very understanding and enthusiastic about their work. Overall, I believe ACHS is an amazing place for everyone to learn and to interact with others to make our community a better place.
Antioch has such a family like atmosphere which is really special. Many teachers that have worked at both Antioch and Lakes (our sister school) say that Antioch's atmosphere and attitude is a lot better.
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