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Very capable academics. Sports programs are strong. Pretty good drama program. Seems to lack clubs to a degree but overall great.
I liked how Antioch is a small school so you feel like you know everyone. The faculty were helpful and prepared me for college. There was a lot of school spirit and pride throughout the year, making it so you also had something to do.
All of the teachers and staff are super friendly and helpful. Every time I walked into the school I was greeted by our principal. The school overall has a really good vibe and I felt very welcomed being there.
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The teachers prepared you for college. The administration was very involved in activities and connected to the students. Overall a good experience.
ACHS did a very good job on embracing a community feel in the school. There was always something to do there whether it was to go watch a sport or a production of some sort. There were also a lot of class options for students though out their school year. Allowing each student to find their passion. However the only problem I witnessed was the type of rules that were and were not enforced. Some of the rules enforced was based on students apparel. Like girls could not show their shoulders or boys/girls could not wear head bans. Yet with situations based on bullying they did not enforce a punishment as harshly as I thought they would have.
Being a recent graduate from this school I have made so many memories that I will never forget. What I think it so great about Antioch is that its an old school (over 100+ years old) and that it has so many activities and extra curricular things to do such as going to every football game Friday night and feeling this unity between the school and it s fans, having a Spanish club, book club, sports, having the opportunity to go to a trip across the world, and so much more. I don't think I would change anything about this school becasue its one that this very involved and has a enjoyable atmosphere
There were only a few teachers that actually cared about your academic success, and those teachers made me get as far as I did now. I actually go back to visit Mrs. Farrell still because the impact she had on my life.
I spent four years at ACHS and while high school is rough for everyone going to ACHS made things better. Most teachers are very understanding and really want you to learn. Not to mention the amazing atmosphere of the school. The after school life is very alive. Activities range from sports to clubs to fine arts.
AXHS is a great school. The teachers want to be there and want to help. They are all willing to go the extra mile with the students to help them achieve. The comunity around the school is also great and incredibly supportive in school events.
I believe one of my favorite part about ACHS is how much they encourage their students to get involved in some type of after school activity. I mean, they have so many clubs and sports that there has to be something for everyone. Especially for me, I became a football manager for our varsity football team and it was such an amazing experience. We have such an amazing sports program and all of the coaches and students are very determined and understanding of everyone. I've been managing the team for 2 years, and those 2 years have been some of the most exciting times of my high school experience. Also, all of the teachers I have had and currently have are all amazing teachers who are very understanding and enthusiastic about their work. Overall, I believe ACHS is an amazing place for everyone to learn and to interact with others to make our community a better place.
Antioch has such a family like atmosphere which is really special. Many teachers that have worked at both Antioch and Lakes (our sister school) say that Antioch's atmosphere and attitude is a lot better.
Pretty okay, not the greates social wise because everybody there seems like they want to be someone else.
I loved the plethora of different opportunities that the high school provided (AP Classes, etc.), the teaching staff (very helpful most of the time!), the principal (very caring & responsive to the students), etc. However, I feel like they could improve a bit on the security/safety of the school.
Antioch Community High School demonstrates an atmosphere that is simply undeniable, bringing the student body and staff into a tight-knit community that stays together through every situation. There is a bit of tension in the community, such as with the recent Gliniewicz matter.
Overall, I feel ACHS is a pretty nice school. The facility itself is fairly decent, and the staff/administration is incredible. In some aspect, it feels almost like a large family of people; a community, if you will. What I feel makes Antioch Community High School stand apart from other places is the level of student involvement in the building. From clubs and activities, to pep rallies, to student cabinet, everyone has a chance to have their voice be heard. The principle, Dr. Bradford Hubbard, is an outstanding individual who takes precious time out of his busy schedule to meet/meet with students and/or staff on a regular basis. His doing so has allowed for a great level of trust to develop between himself and colleagues, as well as the aformentioned students.
ACHS is truly a school of excellence. There is a wonderful balance between academics and athletics. Every week Dr. Hubbard, the principal, sends out a report about the important things going on in and around our school. You'll find that the school is really just a close-knit family.
This school is headed by an amazing Principal - Dr. Bradford Hubbard. Dr. Hubbard is an innovative leader, and masterful communicator. He has started a Parental Action Committee, which is open to every parent. The PAC meets monthly to discuss issues in and surrounding the school, and brainstorm ideas for new programs, curricula and community outreach. Students, parents and staff, alike seem to respect Dr. Hubbard, and he is open and available to all.
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The school was friendly, had spirit and encouraged kids to participate in extracurricular activities. The Sequiot Pride did a fantastic job raising money to help school organizations with extra funds and allow kids to have opportunities. The yearly aboard trips were something very special in which I have an opportunity to see Europe and learn about other cultures. Some of the areas of improvement would be in the level of teacher involvement. While there are some really great teachers who are very committed and involved, there are also many who lack that drive. Usually seen in the older teachers. They do the min amount and don't care if kids succeed or want to help them succeed.
Mostly great teachers; a few not challenging enough.
Good students in higher level classes.
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