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Antigo High School has a great atmosphere for students. There are many opportunities to become involved at school. The teachers are very knowledgeable and are willing to help.
Their is a lot of bullying in the school. I love the fine arts programs though. I don't really like our math program, but otherwise are other programs are okay.
I think they do their best with the resources they have. As it is such a small town it's difficult to get the same things you'd find in bigger cities. But the smallness of the town helps in a way! At the end of your high school career you'll feel like a mini family with the people you graduate with.
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There, of course, were difficulties within the school, but overall it has helped me to get a start in the right direction for my career path thanks to Mr. Kuhr and other Tech ED teachers.
High school was a blast and I am going to miss it greatly it flys by fast. But I am so ready to start the real world and get out on my own and see the things I can accomplish on my own.
What I liked about the school, is that all the teachers were down to earth and there for you for every move. One thing I would like to see change is how some of the teachers were treated by the upper people.
There are a few safety hazards at the High School, such as not salting the walk ways (which can result in a law suit), and for days there was a ladder up during the school day (also can result in a law suit, if a student were to trip on it). I believe this High School isn't one of the best ones out there. There is a lot of cutting in the lunch lines, and the teachers don't do anything about it. The cafeteria food is overpriced (around 2.50 for a regular meal per day).
Almost all of my classes were too easy. I didn't feel challenged enough by my teachers, my peers didn't encourage me to work hard to receive more academic achievements, and didn't feel prepared enough for college.
Some of the teachers stay consecutively after school to assist teachers, while others are gone five minutes after the bell rings.
AHS, like the rest of the district, is trying to do its best with frustratingly little resources. They realize that they're located in a dying, rural town that is spiraling into the hands of poverty and drug cartels, as much as they try to act like everything is peachy. The school, as a collective whole, can be single-minded, has the diversity of a stale cheesecake, and is overall painfully average, unremarkable. Where the school really shines is its faculty - its teachers, janitors, what have you. A group of intelligent, like-minded individuals who are just trying to give the best education they can about subjects they're truly passionate about, trying their best to prepare students for an uncertain and crumbling future.
Wouldn't want to go back.
We have many sports teams that don't cut people so everyone gets to play.
This school is small so its not the best to grow up in. People arnt very nice so when you lose your friends its hard to just jump into another group.
The teachers at my school really try to help the students. If you are struggling they will make time for you to come in and understand the material better.
While this school may not be very big, it gives you a sense of togetherness with your fellow students. You get to know your teachers and are able to feel comfertabke in your classes.
Not a very diverse school, but the students are very involved. Would be nice if the school was more diverse as going into a more diverse college is a big change that some may have a difficult time with.
Not once have I honestly felt that there was a safety risk at the school. All of the staff are well prepared for many situations and the school itself is secure.
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Pretty decent food. It would have been better, in my opinion, if it had a little more variety along with having more available to get per meal.
I had a great time making friends and participating in marching band and soccer. I was able to meet people through a variety of activities, that are still my friends today. Overall a great experience but I wish that it would have prepped me more for college. It may not have taken me very long to adjust, but I would rather have had some more help going into college.
At the high school I didn't really see much of bullying, but an occasional issue would rise. Something such as a fight or any hint of drugs or alcohol in the school would be taken care of by the faculty, the school officer, or the principle right away.
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