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Antietam Middle/High School Reviews

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High School is not everything that I imagined it to be. It's not the same as the movies and TV shows. The school I went to is very small, where everyone knows everyone. I got a lot of attend from my teachers.
I loved this school. I graduated in June of 2016, and I was there for 6 years. The teachers there were amazing and always willing to stay after school to help their students. The music program was fantastic, and it inspired me to be a Music Teacher. The Theater program is so welcoming and I always felt like I fit in there.
When I was attending school here I enjoyed pretty much everything about it. The Principles were good as well as all the teachers and students.
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There are not many clubs.

The clubs that do exist, don't do much
Many students are rude, not a good environment.. a lot of fights
Now that sports are available at Exeter...things are great.
My son was in the classroom several years ago when the "stabbing" incident occurred. Safety has improved since.
3 children

3 different experiences...If the child is liked by staff they are successful.

Same children receive awards all the time...favoritism shown.
I've made many friends at this school and I'm glad my parents chose it. It's very small and that's what makes it easy to find lifelong friends. The teachers are very friendly and act like students themselves sometimes, but they're there to give you extra help. Since we're so small, the musical department must raise its own funds because of budget reasons, but the amount of student paticipation is outstanding. Over 75-80 students are active, and dedicated, participants in the Antietam musical productions that takes place every year. I couldn't have asked for a better school that contains such dedicated students that refuse to give up.
teachers genuinely care about the students
Guidance staff have been wonderful to work with
many parents are hard working living paycheck to paycheck and don't have the time to be involved or the interest in getting involved
there are very limited after school opportunities
very few students sign up for sports.
This is a very small high school with the highest taxes in the County. There are very few extra curricular activities for students. Students with special needs definately need advocacy.
I'm involved with both a high school circulum and college (I'm a Dual Enrollment Student), the acedemics at my high school are extremely simple and personally, I didn't feel prepared enough for college. My high school also doesn't have many AP courses for the accelerated students.
The teachers are overall nice and well-spoken people. However, the teaching styles aren't the best quality and could be better. Some teachers that are working on their tenure tend to relax in the classroom and not care. Other than that, the teachers are well invovled.
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We have a school that barely wins at a sport when we play. It's unfortunate, but when your on a team, you learn to practice and you learn that you play until the end and you give it your best effort. Because the effort and work will show if you prove yourself when you play.
The extracurricular opportunities at my high school are amazing. I have been involved in a lot of the clubs since I was a freshman and continued for all four years. And with a small school you can be involved with a sport or two and three to seven clubs.
The health and safety at my school varies. The safety could be quite better and the health is managable but the school nurse isn't always replaced when out.
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