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My experience with Anthony Wayne has been great so far. I’ve been there since kindergarten and couldn’t have asked for a better school. They provide us with quality education, athletics, and extracurricular activities. It truly is a great school to attend.
I loved the teachers Anthony Wayne had, most of them loved their job and were very helpful and overall great teachers and mentors. There is a club for anyone and everyone at this school which is really nice and helps in making friends. I would like to see the counseling staff change, or their duties. They did not assist with college very much, did not do anything about bullying majority of the time, and it never seemed like they were in their offices. They were nice people but not very helpful, which was their job. If you are really into sports this is the place for you because they are highly focused on sports, maybe even a little more than academics. Overall AW was a good school but not any better than any other school in the area I don't think.
The school has many opportunities for classes and extracurricular activities. The majority of the teachers and staff are good and make school enjoyable.
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Anthony Wayne High School is a great school in my home village. I took many AP classes there and did well on the tests. The instrumental band program, especially concert band, is amazing. We went to two state conferences and received superior ratings at every OMEA contest we went to, states and regionals. The marching band is a high stepping band with a great tradition and exciting style. The school also has many opportunities to get involved in the community. Overall, it was a positive experience.
I liked some of the staff and administration, others were too rude and strict. They could have a more inclusive environment for anyone who does not identify as a Christian. Very uptight community.
I love the teachers and faculty at Anthony Wayne. They all try and get to the students' level of learning and they keep the students interested throughout the lesson to make learning more enjoyable. My experience at Anthony Wayne has been remarkable and I would recommend to anyone.
Anthony Wayne High School is an excellent school that I would definitely send my children to in the future. The teachers are great and want the best for their students, and the extra curricular activities offered and sports are outstanding. The one thing I'd like to see change is the parking lot situation and the school could become a little bigger. Overall, it is an amazing school.
I came to Anthony Wayne to start my 7th grade year and continue from there. Since I came to this school I have gotten better grades and have been able to get the help I need. I can't say that there is anything Anthony Wayne should change to be better. I think they are the perfect school.
Anthony Wayne was a great school, one of the best in our area and nationally recognized for academics and being a great value. While not as intense as a private school, the academics prepared many of us for good colleges and the teachers and administrators were great.
Amazing community! The teachers, staff and coaches are kind and caring. They teach advanced classes for those students who need the challenge, but they also have great regular level classes. There are several options for classes, especially within the science and art departments.
When I started here in 9th grade I didn't know anyone. I was scared tostart at a new school. My mom graduated from AW and told me to just be myself and I would make friends in no time. She was right. I made ALOT! This school is AMAZING! I had the time of my life here. From academics, to sports, to activities, it has it all. The teachers are great alos. I am now at The University of Toledo in my sophomore year and AW helped prepare me for it. As my alma mater (and my mom's whole family's alma mater0, I am glad that I went there.
I really love it here. The teachers are willing to help and go above and beyond. The school is pretty even when it comes to pride with both the athletics and the arts. Overall grest school to prepare you for the future.
This school is as safe as any other school.
Extracurricular activities include bowling, chess club, language clubs, music clubs, lacrosse until it was made a school sport. Also other sports which i cant think of now. Teachers run these clubs as volunteers or a stipple of wage
Most of the instructors are friendly, skilled in their expertise. All get a hold of parents if need arises. Most are master degree or higher. My son liked all but 2 teachers during his 4 yrs. Of course, some more than others. Most were happy to help with extra teaching before/after school if need be.
I love AWHS Go Generals!
I loved high school everything with the school and community was great!
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Teachers all always there and check in with you
0the instructors are caring and professional. 75% have masters or higher. Clubs/sports/concerts are well attended and supported. Boosters for activities are well supported financially by parents and businesses.
This school is unique because it allows everyone to be involved in something because there are so many activities and clubs. I did not give this school five bubbles because the school is sometimes too focused on the competitiveness of activities.
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