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What I liked about Anthony High School is that the teachers will help you understand the subject because it's a small school and everyone knows and helps each other.
Anthony High School is one of the few places where you feel like you belong. What's amazing about my school is that, even though we're small, we're all like a big family. If you're new, there's no chance of bulling since everybody knows each other. If you keep respect it will be given back here at Anthony High School. Another great thing is the Administration. A small school means smaller class sizes meaning more one-on-one time with the teacher. You'll never be in a class room crowded with kids. A big class for us is about 20 per class room. You become close with not only felow students but with your teachers as well. I'm going to be honest, there are a couple kids with can get out of hand but at the end of the day, we all hold good morals here. I wouldn't want to go to any other high school than Anthony.
Anthony High school is a school like no other. From our late Friday night light football games, to our early bird softball games, Anthony High School shows Wildcat pride like no other. Our alumni are show support towards the younger generations and participate in our community's events. Our education is also the key to our success, as Anthony High School is ranked 212th in the state. our graduation rate is 94%. Anthony high school is a great school filled with wonderful teachers and students.
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My experience at Anthony High School has been very significant. It's a small high school and it is part of the smallest school district in the El Paso County. The classes are small and this allows for teachers and students to develop strong bonds. Both of my parents work for Anthony ISD and Anthony High School is not my homeschool. I could have attended a much larger school and been exposed to more elective courses and other extracurricular activities that Anthony High School can not offer because of its size. However, I don't regret my decision to attend and stay at Anthony High School. The community at Anthony is friendly and I feel like I am part of a family. I have known most of my classmates for years now and they welcomed me from the beginning; even though I have not been with them since elementary school as most of them have. Again, my experience has been personal and rewarding and I will never forget my experiences and the people who make up Anthony High School.
I have been in Anthony since I was in kindergarten and I can truly say I spent a great 12 years. Some changes I would like to are mostly just the looks. A cleaner environment other from that, teachers are great!
I liked the one on one experience with my teachers. I feel that the schools culture was the best part of my experience. I felt that Anthony needed to get a good set of coaches for a better chance at succeeding in sports.
I arrived at Anthony HS my second year of high school in the spring. I enjoyed from the beginning the friendly environment that made Anthony a good choice for me. My first months there were really great, I quickly created a good relationship with the faculty and staff, as well as the students. My second and third year there was full of involvement, I became a student athlete there and I also was part of student government. I helped out a lot in my school, doing community service hours or just volunteer work. The faculty and staff and the parents are also very involved in all the activities the students do there, the community is very friendly and everyone helps out no matter what. One thing I would like to change from my high school, would be the cafeteria food. This is because they serve small portions and many of the times we wouldn't think it was enough for our system.
We do not have a lot of work.
There are times when this school has every front door open and anyone can enter, which could be potentially dangerous.
Since this school is so small, there are not very many extracurricular activities available.
This school is very small. Because this school is very small, it is very welcoming. From the second I arrived to this school I fell in love with it because everyone is just one big happy family.
Most teachers at this school genuinely care for their students and want the best futures possible for them.
The teachers at my school are nice and caring.
Anthony High School cares a lot about the safety of the student and its staff, providing us with good measures to keep peace at the school ad around the place
Extracurricular activities meet all the requirements to be fun, competitive and outstanding.

In order to better all of the participants of extracurricular activities
Anthony High School, is unique, in my experience, it's unified through the differences of its students and staff, every single day may be considered challenging and enjoyable.

Me, as an athlete, I can describe the games as unique and different from any other.

In my opinion, if i had to choose, or to start High School over again, i'd choose AHS over any other High School in Texas!
Anthony High School's teachers, engage themselves to students process of getting knowledge
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Most teachers in school generally care about their students, but their teaching strategies are not much effective. Some teachers do teach with the objective for the student to learn, but others only teach so that the students are able to score high on tests. When we have assignments given to us, teachers generally wait until the end of the six weeks to grade our work. If teachers taught to make sure the students learn, then more students will be successful in school and life in general. If us students need sometime from a teacher, we are almost guaranteed that they will fulfill our request. If we just need someone to talk to, teachers are the best choice for their advice.
The police station is literally down the road, making the school a safe place. In retrospect, there is also a police officer on campus that's at attendance every hour of the day including our leaving from school and arrival.
Anthony High School has a substantial amount of extra curricular activities and a number of individuals surely attempt to presume action in them. A number of kids are involved in more than one activity which makes things a bit hectic because events surely do happen at the same time. Although this, coaches do a good job of sharing students and allow them to participate in something they want.
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