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Anthony Charter school was a great school of opportunity and encouragement. The teachers are very intelligent and welcome student to the learning environment by making them feel open to new material and comfortable to making mistakes. Anthony Charter school had helped me improve academically by offering dual credit classes at Dona Ana Community College and pushing me to stay on top of things. Although, I am very sad to say that Anthony Charter school is being shut down by the state, I am still very proud today that I am an Anthony Charter school graduate.
I had a terrible experience, I have been to multiple schools, and nowhere have I ever seen so many lazy teachers put together, (not all teachers but most), the school is closing anyway but I still feel like i could have learned more in another school.
Anthony Charter school is an amazing school. It provides small class sizes, more one-on-one interaction between students and teachers, summer school, and a sense of community. I have graduated from Anthony Charter School with a GPA of 4.0, and I can honestly say that I wouldn't have at a different school.
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ACS is a great school. But only to people who like small schools. You know everyone there, everybody is united somehow. Of course there's some of "those" people there who create drama, but after a while they leave.ACS might not be one of the best academically, but for sure it's a good school to students!
Bad Administration, teachers. 2/5 teachers are good. And the school dosent even have cameras. Also no transportation of any source. More classes and teachers are needed.
My experience in Anthony Charter School is been good since I get here last year for my sophomore year. I would like to have more sports in the campus because it only has basketball and cross country, personally I don't really like those sports, I always play soccer in a separate league from El Paso TX. But I wish ACS could make a soccer team for girls and boys so I could enjoy them. That's a good way I could support more the school.
Anthony Charter has given me a chance to try again. My teachers really interact with me an make sure I understand. one thing i would want for my school is to have more clubs or different types of electives since its such a small school.
Student counsel is the main one.
Got me ready academically but not life wise.
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