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Anthony C. Traina Elementary School Reviews

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Dress code, cursing, having cell phones out, and physical action between students if how most of them got "sent to the office". We didn't have counselors. One time I was sent to the office and I didn't even get to get lunch. Bullying was strongly prohibited but it is always hard to stop it. It was always happening when students played during recess.
We didn't have a gym so we would either play outside or play at another school (as our home gym) during sport games. The cafeteria is really small and they treated us like it was bad to stand up and throw your own food away. The yard duties wanted to help us by throwing our stuff away, but we couldn't move out of our seat at all. We also had to wait to go to recess as a whole.
I am happy with coming here because I met some amazing people that I still communicate with at college, and who I consider family. This school was also great to me because I had very good grades and was able to participate in sports.
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Most teachers where fun and outgoing. They wanted us to succeed and always wish to see former students come back, visit and talk about where they are in life now.
Very diverse. I would notice many groups of diverse children.
Lots of students where involved in extracurricular activities. They had to have good grades to be able to participate. We had a few student fans and families at the games supporting. Not much school spirit outside of school.
Lots of students where involved in sports and activities. We didn't have many clubs though.
We didn't have a nurse, nor a counselor to go speak to if any problems where occurring.
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