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Antelope Valley Learning Academy is a great school with numerous teachers, tutors, and counselors on sight. The faster you can work, the faster you can graduate, and that is very beneficial. It also has a very flexible schedule so that you can focus on other things such as a job while still completing school. The many tutors throughout the school are all kind, and ready to help whether the subject is English, or Calculus.
There is no school nurse because its an independent study school. the safety and security measure are good. they have security guards at the front office of the school. for the parents or teachers to come there is a sign sheet. the students use a finger print system to login and sign out from the school. I've never heard of someone who has been bullied here this school is really safe.
There is a few clubs like music or art and stuff like that, it still is missing a lot more clubs which would be good to have. the clubs that we do have there is always a moderate amount of students who participate in them and there is always different after school fundraisers
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i am in an independent study type of school. The teachers at my school put a lot of effort in the students at our school. In our school you see a lot of different types of students, from the worst to the best as society would classify them. the teachers really modify their way of teaching or speaking depending on the student and his or her situation. most of the teachers are specialized in one certain subject so the students get to meet other teachers as they begin working on other subjects. In my experience all the teachers i have had the opportunity to work with are very helpful and always listen to me whenever I had problems.
The teachers are there for the students and car for the students and they will try to work with the student with what ever they need help on, they are willing to go the extera mile for their student so that that student can succeed if life and go on with what it is that, that student wants to do after their educational trail is over.
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