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Antelope Valley High School is a very diverse campus to be on which to me is good. The campus is kind of compacted with students as the population is high but over all the staff are nice but the thing that is common in schools is the food. Our food is nasty and doesn't fill us up to go on our day.
Great 4 years of high school. There are so many opportunities for you to be involved. Teachers push you to go to college and want you to succeed.
It´s a poor school financial wise but there´s good people there. Sure there´s people who don´t make wise choices, but I´m pretty sure that it´s not just this school. Overall my experience is pretty average nothing special but nothing terrible.
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This was by far one of the most welcoming and fun experiences I have had the great pleasure to take part in in my life. The students were always funny, different and really made you scratch your head in the strangest of ways. The staff was always helpful and nice, but some teachers and office workers could use a good inspection/ firing or could use the jaws of life to pry open their depressing grins. But this was a fun place that i'll miss very much, there was always something interesting to find on campus that left a big mark on my heart. (in a positive way)
Antelope Valley High school is for the most part a good school. It depends who you hang out with and what classes you take that determines your success. In order to succeed you have to be willing to do what it takes and taking the required and recommended classes.
Great experience, best four years of my life. Good staff, decent food and a great learning center overall with a large selection of different programs. Best part of high school was my involvement in the band program. In all my four years of marching band there was never a dull day.
I can say that the high school is improving. My classes weren't the best but one thing I liked about this school is the connections you make. Teacher become friends, most students are welcoming, and administration encourages students to join/make clubs.
I had heard a lot of negative things about this school before I went there, but my experience was different. The counselors there really cared about the students and so did the teachers. Ap classes defnitely prepared me for what college was going go be like.
A great school that can help give students many opportunities the staff is wonderful they care about how their students are doing nd they gibe a lot of help.
I would like to see the school tale more reponsibility in their students and what they are allowed to do. The bathrooms smelled like marijuana very often and the security guards dont tell students to not sell in chips, candy, drinks, tamales and sandwhiches illegally under their noses and sometimes in there face. The school needs to work on tardy sweeps. We dont need one at LUNCH!!
I transferred to Antelope Valley High School my senior, the teachers were very helpful as well as the counselors. They gave me the courage of taking AP classes in which I am currently in. The school offers tutoring after school which is a great resource to me because I get extra help from math teachers and any other subject as well. This is my last year at Antelope Valley High and I am very excited to go to college because I received the help and resources I needed to be ready for college.
my overall experience at AV was great.i love every moment of high school.i was most impressed of how supported the teachers an staff thing i would change is student behavior.
What I liked about AVHS was the involvement that many teachers and counselors had with student to get them out of high school and into college.
Antelope Valley High School crafted the person of who I am today. Along my journey in high school, I've met beautiful friends, the campus sighting is welcoming from the trees, grass, buildings, and wild life. Rating the school with 4 out of 5, the remaining star is where I felt I wasn't at my full potential till I took the tools I've learned from Teachers and Friends out into the real world and became the full potential self.
I liked the enormous amount of diversity present in the school. Most teachers are great at what they do and are pretty consistent about their lesson plans. Administration has always been a mess, however. They are very slow to get anything done and can't even send a security to open the back gate upon various requests.
I was at Antelope Valley High School for all of my four years of high school and it was an okay experience. There was major ups my first years although as time transpired it went down. The teachers there were excellent, but there were also bad one as well. The environment wasn't the best; alot of fights and theft. Overall it was decent.
At Antelope Valley High School, the staff and teachers are great, the only issue with the school really is the students.
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At antelope valley high school, i enjoyed my experience their my sophmore through senior year due to my peers and sports. The sports at AVHS always make a dramatic impact on students lives. Sports are very important to us here , but so are grades. Our coaches make sure that before doing anything we have time to get our work done by having a team study hall.
Antelope valley high school is a good school the teachers are really great and there's really nothing bad to say about the school.
I have attended clubs and activities during my time in high school. There should be more community service opportunities for all students.
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