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I absolutely love AV. Go Lopes! I used to be a passing stone with terrible grades but a very amazing mind, my counselors help me get on the right path and I am now a future graduate applying for scholarships and college.
Antelope Valley High School provided me with awesome academic and personal support to prepare for college. However, it lacked in meeting the needs of a large number of students who underperformed. I got the support and guidance I needed from faculty who are designated for prioritizing honors students in the academic competitiveness of colleges and universities. It would have been better to see other classmates of mine who were not in my advanced placement classes to receive the same encouragement and resources.
There is a lack of diverse clubs on campus,Their food is okay at best, I Don't know what else to say.
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My experience at Antelope Valley High School has been great. They offer diverse programs for students willing to be challenged. In my case I joined the Green Enterprise program and chose to take the business side. Through this program I have experienced talented teachers who do show appreciation and understanding for their students. I have been taught a lot and I believe this program is a great aspect of my school. Another program I am involved in is Agriculture. Antelope Valley High School has a great friendly agriculture department in which is associated with Future Farmers of America, a national organization, which is very diverse and has taught me great responsibility and helped build my public speaking. The school is very attentive to their students whether it be in the classroom, office, or yard. I appreciate everything this school has done for me.
I liked how involved the teachers were when I was in High school. Teachers did their best to get their students ready for college, AP Tests, and Finals.
The school has a very bad reputation but the staff and teachers I meet here go above and beyond to help their students. It is a minority school but there programs like the Green academy and AVID that promote college readiness. It is very uplifting to be in the campus and how everyone seems to get along.
What i liked about my high school was the friends and the teachers were very understanding with lots of things and situations. What i like to see improve on the school is more sport support for EVERY SPORT not just three of the main sports that are always supported by staff, students and faculties. As well as more activities and clubs more support for clubs as well.
The school is alright but the teachers there are amazing. The safety of the school is pretty average but the response time of the security is not on point and could use improving. The teachers are amazing, the majority of the teachers I had are helpful, encouraging, and most importantly good at teaching. The school food is average cause no one likes school food but it's good enough to eat, they also have a wide variety for students.
The teachers really do care about all the students. Being involved in the school gives kids things to do, there is something for every students. When it comes to college teachers and staff work to the best of their abilities to make the transition more easily.
This School Is Very Good With There Sports Teams & Clubs. Many of the teachers are very nice and helpful and always are willing to help when you need it and they prepare you for college. The counselors as well as the teachers are always talking about scholarships and fafsa and applying for college and SAT,they not only want us to succeed and get good grades in high school but they want us to do great in the future. The School is very engaging the football games are very fun, many students support our schools sport teams. The school is over all great the only thing would be it needs to be like remodeled its kind of old but its good. The Counselors,Principles, & Teachers here are great.
I have had relationships at this school that are sure to last. The teachers demonstrate dedication to their students every day inside and outside of school to the highest degree. They have taught me so much and I have truly taken away insight from their lessons. The counselors are tremendously supportive and organized. The student culture of bullying still needs to improve much, however, there is an enormous amount of support within those classrooms. School spirit is prevalent always and have enjoyed my time tremendously at AVHS. I have grown alot there. Go Lopes!
The teachers actually care about the students and truly want the best for each student that enters through those gates each morning. The scholarship opportunities are great. I received $1200 dollars all from scholarship the counselors suggested me to do. The sports are great and well recognized in the community. Really is a great school to attend.
My experience attending antelope valley high school has been good for the most part. I like my school because we are diverse and us as students we accept one another and we have a lot of school spirit. We have many clubs that help students either going to college but also to help students in their daily lives such as A.A.M.I (african american male initiative) and A.A.F.I ( african american female initiative). I am in a club called Forever Friends and we as a club spend time with our students that have disabilities and we help them socialize with others and during that process we grow close to one another
Av High School is a great school to attend, the courses are rigorous and exciting but the community doesn't feel as safe as it could be. The people that attend the high school tend to fight a lot but what kids don't? It's pretty unavoidable. Other than that it's great, great activities, sports, clubs and etc. Overall it's a cool school to attend.
Antelope Valley High School is a very diverse campus to be on which to me is good. The campus is kind of compacted with students as the population is high but over all the staff are nice but the thing that is common in schools is the food. Our food is nasty and doesn't fill us up to go on our day.
Great 4 years of high school. There are so many opportunities for you to be involved. Teachers push you to go to college and want you to succeed.
It´s a poor school financial wise but there´s good people there. Sure there´s people who don´t make wise choices, but I´m pretty sure that it´s not just this school. Overall my experience is pretty average nothing special but nothing terrible.
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This was by far one of the most welcoming and fun experiences I have had the great pleasure to take part in in my life. The students were always funny, different and really made you scratch your head in the strangest of ways. The staff was always helpful and nice, but some teachers and office workers could use a good inspection/ firing or could use the jaws of life to pry open their depressing grins. But this was a fun place that i'll miss very much, there was always something interesting to find on campus that left a big mark on my heart. (in a positive way)
Antelope Valley High school is for the most part a good school. It depends who you hang out with and what classes you take that determines your success. In order to succeed you have to be willing to do what it takes and taking the required and recommended classes.
Great experience, best four years of my life. Good staff, decent food and a great learning center overall with a large selection of different programs. Best part of high school was my involvement in the band program. In all my four years of marching band there was never a dull day.
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