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At Antelope Union High School I have had some experiences of being able to go and see a diffrent culture compared to living in the city I now know what it is like to live in such a diverse and small community and high school as a whole there has been many diffrent ventures throughout my four years and to be honest I think there is room for a ton of improvement and I and a few students have talked to the superintendent to make chages for the better good so next year after I leave the students will be able to attend a school full of more opprotunitys and have a diffrent style of more disciplin and posotive influenced school.I'm glad that maybe it will get better for others cause the amount of education here is nowhere near preparing us for college and I cant say I'm having a great experience education wise but the sports here are probably the only thing that makes this school have some enjoyment.
My favorite part about my school is that everyone knows everyone. This school is like a small little family and we all get along together.
Antelope is a very small school where everyone knows everyone. Our clubs are like families; everyone gets along and the teachers are friends with the students. I believe it's easier to learn when there are such small classes because the teachers aim to help everyone. Our sports programs are fun and competitive; a majority of the school is involved in our sports. Student Council brings a lot of school spirit to everyone and helps everyone get involved. It's been a great experience attending Antelope Union High School.
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I like how it is a very safe school. You do not have to worry about kids fighting with knives or any sharp object. There are actually hardly any fights at the school. It is an overall okay school. I would have liked it better if the school would have been one big building instead of many small buildings.
Antelope Union High School is a great way to be yourself. The students there won't judge you by who you are, what you wear and what you do. As my school being small high school we can do things that bigger high schools can't do.
As a high school student attending any high school regardless where be it , there will be both likes and dislikes. Here at Antelope Union High School there are many opinions shared. For instance what I like about it is how it is small , the classrooms aren't as full and big so the teachers can focus more on students individual needs and we can feel like we are being heard. Another thing I enjoy is how everyone knows everyone, not much bullying goes around here and we get by. Although if I might say, not much learning happens all the time here. Students do not really care about there grades or future and no ones is really doing anything about it either. Our education system has changed, and not for the better. I also feel like we should have more clubs and activities to get the students going. This high school might not be ther best but it certainly isn't the worst.
The academics offered at this school are basic. They don't have a lot of good classes that are needed for variety of colleges. The teachers need to interact with their students more.
The academics at school is not the best but can be helpful. The scheduling process is very easy to deal with, There is sometimes a workload but it is very easy to complete. There is after school tutoring for students that have troubles in the subjects they are taking at the moment
In this school, there is no racism. All students are welcoming to all ethnic and religions. There isn't a lot of sexuality orientated students here so there is not hate here. Overall this school is a welcoming school to all students. students here are really nice and get involved in school. There is not alot of peer pressure between students.
The social scene is mostly people wanting to go out and party and smoke. And if you don't go with those people, everyone considers you lame.
There is a limited amount of extracurricular opportuites
Some extracurricular activities in this school are helpful because the club advisers or the sports coaches actually try and help inform students about possible school or jobs out there. For example FFA (Future Farmers Of America), the adviser there is engaged with his students and if he sees opportunities for his students, he lets them know. In the HOSA club, the adviser takes us to different medical schools for us to check out.
My experience at this school is good, but could be better. I just don't like how some students are very disrespectful to the teachers. My favorite experience in this school is sports because there isn't much students that attend so there is more teamwork and more support from the school staff and students.
The teachers are somewhat caring, but sometimes i feel like the teachers are just there for the money. sometimes i feel like they don't teach better than they should. And the teachers don't stand up for them self's there is a lot of students that are very disrespectful to the teachers.
My experience at this school has been good so far. Most of the teachers I have had, have taught well. My favorite experiences in this school would have to be sports, because I have fun as well as being serious about it. Another of my favorite experiences would also be clubs. I have joined 4 clubs in high school. My favorite club would have to HOSA (Health Occupations Students Of America). I just like learning new things in the medical field. I think this school is unique because it's small and easy to join a lot of clubs and sports without being worried if they're full.
Some teachers in this school are really engaged in their students. Some teachers really care to know if their students learned anything. The teaching in this school is average. Most students in this school don't learn a lot because the teaching skills in this school are to difficult to understand. And the teachers don't do anything to try to rephrase it to them so they understand.Some of the teaching techniques don't work for all students, and teachers here need to understand that and help them in a different way.
At Antelope you get a lot of individual attention from teachers and have close relationships with them. Though it is small there are still many opportunities for anyone to get involved. The only down side is a lack of advanced courses.
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Our principle is really helpful and is really involved with the school and students. He would even drive to away games that were hours away just to watch and support our school. He is a great guy! The office staff are really courteous and have smiling faces when you talk to them.
We have a really good school structure. It is 60 years old and still standing strong. Our technology is booming and becoming more open in the schools. Our counselors are really helpful and and become really close with their students to help them out. The get you ready for college and help prep you.
The schooling is pretty great. The teachers are really good and connect with you on a personal level so you feel closer to them and can ask them anything. Our wood shop, mechanics, and ag shop are all three the best. A lot of students try to get into those classes.
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