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I love this school. There is a positive and welcoming school environment that never fails at motivating students to attend school. Along with that, the staff and teachers approach students on a level of support, that I have never seen anywhere else. Students know that they will always be supported through any struggle that they have, as everyone on campus has the best intentions for each other.
I like that the school has so much pride and acceptance toward others. I also think the staff is incredible because they are always there for you if you need to talk about anything or if you need help in the class. They will take time after school and before school to help you. The students are pretty great too because they are always holding the door open and saying thank you which is respectful. The performing arts and sports on campus are so spirited and have great sportsmanship in competition and games which is credit to the students and staff. The academics are also an amazing part of the school because the teachers are not only helpful but know there subject. The food however is not so great and a lot of it is just heated and given to us after being frozen or prepackaged which is unhealthy. Although there are plenty of fruits and vegetables offered. Some kids don't get along well and fights have happen multiple times which is something that should change.
My experience has been amazing. I have gotten the chance to do very cool classes and explore my Luke's and dislikes. It's a very involved community and can be stressful, but fun.
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Overall, Antelope High School was a great experience. There were plenty of clubs and activities to get involved with and every single teacher was invested in my education and success. The school counselors worked tirelessly to ensure that every student was being prepared to have their best chance to achieve their goals. Imagine every negative high school cliche in the book, they did not exist at Antelope. The school was not perfect, but they constantly revised themselves to be the best they can be for their students.
Antelope was great. Although I only spent my senior year there, I could tell that each class had a very tightnit relation. Most people got along and the school offered tons of extra curriculars. The academic program was good and class scheduling was flexible.
It was a very welcoming environment that created an atmosphere of protection within the faculty, staff, and students!
I like this school the teacher help you no mater how bad you are doing in the class, the sports here are one of the best in the district I also like this school because they always think Safety first I also like the food most of the time but most of all i like how I have a mom who love to check up on me and even though she can see it on the site she loves the one one relationships with the whole staff
The School is very diverse and the culture is very cool. But, when it comes to the education part of the school it is just okay. Some teachers are really cool and some are very strict.
This community college is average for an overall experience. If you're lucky, you can meet classmates who are very helpful. Most of the time, people keep to themselves and get by with easy A's (due to the lack of care from professors) or barely get by with C's. I have met highly educated people here at this college, but in the end the academics are not all that great. I feel a culture shock coming when I go from AVC to a real four year college because AVC hardly gives you that experience.
Antelope is a great school. I was involved in the Band program and the PLTW Biomedical Sciences program and both were awesome. I just wish that I had more opportunities to take more classes.
I liked the diversity at this school. I met a lot of different classmates with different backgrounds that i connected well with. It has a health science program and i got to do an internship through the school at hospitals which was great. I also really liked all the different clubs it had. This gave a chance for like-minded students to get together and meet new people. I would like to see the school expand. It does not have a theater and mostly all high schools have their own theater. This would be great to hold events such as dance performances etc.
The atmosphere at antelope is by far the most welcoming and full of light. The teachers truly care about the success of their students and are willing to put in the time to help. The students work hard to support one another whether it’s for academics, the arts, or sports! “Ain’t nobody like ANTELOPE!”
Antelope High School is one of the better schools around its local area, but more average in its district. One of the standout points in Antelope is its culture as a school. Antelope has a strongly unified school culture compared to many other high schools as well as its safety when in comparison to the other schools nearby.
I have enjoyed my experience at Antelope very much. I have made so many wonderful friends with whom I share equally great memories with. I am grateful for the staff members who put their time and effort into the lives of the students each and every day.
The high school education that I have received at Antelope High School is better than most schools. I am very fortunate to have been able to be enrolled in the school, a school that values a sense of family, a sense of school spirit, and a school allows people to feel as though they have others to talk to. As a senior I have gone through the typical "Teenage Drama" but it was less than I anticipated it to be and I am very thankful for that. Many of the teachers have a great hearts and are there with open arms when students who need their help. Although, as in every school, there are those teachers who do not take the time to ask themselves if the students need assistance or slow their lectures down even when students ask for help.
I would like to see more inclusion of those with disabilities, including Autism Spectrum Disorder (like myself) in team sports.
I really enjoyed that the counselors were really friendly and totally understanding about any situation.
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Antelope High School is one of the most diverse schools in terms of the demographics of the students and staff, of its district and even state. Every student enrolled is promised and entitled to equal opportunities to succeed in not just their high school academic careers, but is also given tools and counseling to cope with their lives outside of school, as well. Antelope is a fairly new high school, so if the quality of this school is this high now, one can only imagine the great improvements to come. Antelope High School, is not just a school for students, but for many, it is their home.
Antelope High School is a great school! I love the school so much for its culture, teachers, clubs, and most importantly its dance and biomed programs.
Overall an amazing school with amazing staff. Teachers will go out of their way to help students before school or after school. There are also amazing opportunities such as the Biomedical and Engineering Project Lead the Way Pathways, and a number of AP classes. However, the school is lacking in the number of unique clubs and the school lunch is nothing special.
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