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The atmosphere at antelope is by far the most welcoming and full of light. The teachers truly care about the success of their students and are willing to put in the time to help. The students work hard to support one another whether it’s for academics, the arts, or sports! “Ain’t nobody like ANTELOPE!”
Antelope High School is one of the better schools around its local area, but more average in its district. One of the standout points in Antelope is its culture as a school. Antelope has a strongly unified school culture compared to many other high schools as well as its safety when in comparison to the other schools nearby.
I have enjoyed my experience at Antelope very much. I have made so many wonderful friends with whom I share equally great memories with. I am grateful for the staff members who put their time and effort into the lives of the students each and every day.
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The high school education that I have received at Antelope High School is better than most schools. I am very fortunate to have been able to be enrolled in the school, a school that values a sense of family, a sense of school spirit, and a school allows people to feel as though they have others to talk to. As a senior I have gone through the typical "Teenage Drama" but it was less than I anticipated it to be and I am very thankful for that. Many of the teachers have a great hearts and are there with open arms when students who need their help. Although, as in every school, there are those teachers who do not take the time to ask themselves if the students need assistance or slow their lectures down even when students ask for help.
I would like to see more inclusion of those with disabilities, including Autism Spectrum Disorder (like myself) in team sports.
I really enjoyed that the counselors were really friendly and totally understanding about any situation.
Antelope High School is one of the most diverse schools in terms of the demographics of the students and staff, of its district and even state. Every student enrolled is promised and entitled to equal opportunities to succeed in not just their high school academic careers, but is also given tools and counseling to cope with their lives outside of school, as well. Antelope is a fairly new high school, so if the quality of this school is this high now, one can only imagine the great improvements to come. Antelope High School, is not just a school for students, but for many, it is their home.
Antelope High School is a great school! I love the school so much for its culture, teachers, clubs, and most importantly its dance and biomed programs.
Overall an amazing school with amazing staff. Teachers will go out of their way to help students before school or after school. There are also amazing opportunities such as the Biomedical and Engineering Project Lead the Way Pathways, and a number of AP classes. However, the school is lacking in the number of unique clubs and the school lunch is nothing special.
I enjoyed my experience at Antelope High due to the school culture and spirit. It is a lot of fun to attend this school, as there are clubs for every interest. The educational opportunities are great, and they have Project Lead the Way for biomedical sciences and Engineering. I also enjoyed the big campus. Most of the teachers are great! I've had dozens of teachers during my 4 years at this school, and only two have turned out to be absolutely horrible teachers.
Such an ethnically diverse school! Great football team! They encourage AP and Honors courses and challenge the kids to do better.
Great programs for all students, performing arts department is amazing! Teachers are amazing! All around a great school to attend!
I loved the culture and the diversity of antelope. anyone anywhere felt welcome. It was an amazing high school to attend. Amazing staff who actually made learning and coming to school worth it. Tight knit group who made school feel like a home
Antelope High was an overall good experience for me. I feel the biomedical program most prepared me for life after high school, and opened my eyes to potential future careers. I feel the math program needs to be reevaluated for validity to teach students and effectively lead students.
Antelope high school was an incredible experience. Not only is the school physically amazing but the teachers become friends and mentors and all from staff to family of students have a large amount of Titan Pride. The school prepares greatly for college and is a staple in the community. So proud in be a Titan Alum!
Antelope High School Is a school full of pride and everyone is always involved in everything and never leave anyone left out.
Its a new school, which made it have some problems, but overall good experience. The assemblies and the sports culture was really exciting. The ability to take engineering classes with one of my favorite professors was great and the classrooms and technology was overrall good. It had some bad teachers but what school doesnt? The food was normal cafeteria food, but the cookies are what I remember the most.
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I honestly love Antelope High School! It is extremely diverse with all races, religions, and ideas. The school truly allows their students to express their opinions both in and out of class. I recommend this high school to everyone!
Antelope High School is a very supporting, diverse school. I've enjoyed coming to this school for 4 years.
I like the spirit of this school and how connected we are. There is always a good theme to spirit weeks and fun competitions. What I would like to see changed is more authority. I see people littering, violation dress code, and many other things against the rules. And the staff just watches!
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