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Great faculty, although the curriculum needs to improve in order to keep up with other schools. AP classes would be a great addition to keep the students at the school instead of taking classes elsewhere.
We have a wide range of activity types but are still somewhat limited due to being a small school.
Small class sizes allow teachers more time to help individual students.
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The teachers have different teaching styles based upon what will be the most effective for their lessons.
Detentions were given for taking a drink of water in the gym and parking in the far back row across an orange painted line. Although beyond that the teachers can be very understanding and you know almost everyone because its small.
There are a few flaws but we have great teachers who really impact our lives and push us to strive for our dreams
I like some of the school's food, but sometimes it isn't the best tasting.
Most students interact with each other, and they hang out during school activities.
Most teachers are there when we need help,and supervise us.
Our school has a high level of spirit. Even if someone is not in sports, they have spirit.
I personally haven't had a problem with this school.
The school's administration is their to guide us students.
Our school is healthy and safe.
Counciler tries to help as much as possible
Few teachers reach out to new students.
I came here my Junior year of HS and nobody accepts me.
There are not that many class options. Not many extra classes to take after you take the basics.
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Although there are no security guards on the grounds, the local police station is three blocks away and can be at our aid in no time. The doors are locked throughout certain times of the day, and visitors must sign in at the office. Cameras record every second of the day and cover every inch of the halls. We have consistent lock down drills in case of an emergency, and teachers are trained on what to do in an emergency.
The school nurse is very educated at her job, and has created a health and fitness program for elementary students. High school students must take a health class in order to graduate, and hand sanitation stations are placed periodically throughout the school.
Overall, I feel very safe in this school; the faculty works hard to make sure its safe for everyone.
The school offers many extra-curricular activities and clubs for students of all interests to be involved in. Most all of the clubs are self-sufficient, but the dedicated advisors always have creative fundraisers, so we never lack money. The superintendent and school board are very supportive of any ideas. FFA and Student Council have high involvement, but drama club is perceived as the most fun option.
Ansonia has many strict policies on dress code, tardiness, and truancy. Wearing anything provocative or referencing drug, alcohol, or tobacco products is strictly prohibited, along with using any of these on school grounds. Detentions, in-school suspensions, and expulsion are issued as necessary by the assistant principal, and the principal and superintendent are involved when needed. Ansonia takes pride in their strong relationships with student's parents/guardians, and there is no lack of communication whatsoever. If a student is struggling in a class, or has been in trouble in any way, the faculty immediately contacts the guardians. Also, student-teacher conferences are scheduled on a regular basis, which has proven to be very helpful to all members involved. The guidance counselor does an excellent job with working with students and their parents to schedule classes and keep them on track for graduation.
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