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Anson New Tech High School Reviews

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The first 2 years were amazing. The last two were awful because of a change in principals. Based on the first two years, I'd give every category 5 stars. We had the best facility, parent involvement, teacher who taught project based learning, and a family atmosphere. When our principal transferred to the high school, ANT suffered tremendously when the school board took over. There was no accountability held for teachers (most originals left) nor students.
These activities are hosted at another school.
Teachers are inexperience in our way of learning.
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After moving to our new campus we have suffered a downgrade in the quality of our buildings, the outside areas and a few of the rooms have small spots of mold.
This school is great for students who want or need to improve on their collaboration, presentations, and oral communication, which is very important later on in life. Even if work can be difficult, you can learn a lot about working with peers,
The athletics program at Anson New Tech is mixed in with Anson High School's. The athletic program is decent as far as student participation and quality of players.
We all accept each other because we understand the culture of our school. We get along well with each other and there's rarely fights.
This school was recently just remodeled so we have good qualities. Most things are up to date and we have space.
Everything is offered here at my school even college courses. Speaking of all of these reviews my school has won awards for being distinctive.
I love my school as well as anyone else would. I have many reasons for saying this one is because it really prepares me for the future and two because of the life experiences that Im able to be apart of.
My school's administration try their best to make sure their students are in a good environment. We are very small so we don't have as much problems as a bigger school.
There's really nothing spectacular about our cafeteria food. If I could bring more food I would most of the time I'll be hungry again before the day is over with. They give the students an option for healthy things like salads for alternatives and plenty of fruits.
Our school gives so much to work with, recently we were given the opportunity to create a new club if anyone was interested. I love the fact how we have a robotics club its something cool that everyone doesn't offer. Im also considering joining our Junior civitan club, it gives us the ability to help others in the community for service hours.
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