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I think my school is a great school considering we are in a small town and have limited funds. My high school gave me the opportunity to work with machines that a lot of other high schools, even colleges don't have. I would change the help that the school counselor have provided for me and others. I wished that she could had given us more information before the beginning of our senior year.
My name is Mecca Ratliff. I was in JROTC for 2 years. they had different teams to join. I had joined the Rifle team. But one thing I like about Anson High School is that we get to pick what clubs we want to be in. we can add anything to our course schedule they want to take as the school year goes on.
The different activities are the girl basketball an the boy basketball but we a jv team and a varsity team the same with football , soccer , and baseball.
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The teachers in Anson High School are okay some have their bad days and some have their good days, they give us a lot of work but only to get us ready for the work these colleges are gonna give us.
There are many extracurricular activities at this school. There is a rotary club, which students join to help boost their community service hours, the art club, which students join because they have an interest in art, the SGA club which stands for student government association, and many more.
I love this school because there are a variety of clubs for students to join into. These clubs gets students to be more involved in their community. Each club gathers students who have the same hobby or interest together so they can share and express their qualities with each other.
The teachers at my school are great they used variety of teaching styles to help students understand different lessons. They help students who are struggling and needs 1 on 1 assistances. They support students with their future education and help them with their majoring interests.
Our health and safety at Anson High School is good. We have a nurse and a physical trainer. We also have a officer with a weapon if things get out of hand. We practice the lock downs and etc.
We have a nice selection of the different types of clubs or organizations at Anson High School. We have Drama Club, Art Honors, JRPTC, and etc.
I love my school as a whole it's not just the teachers the students and my friends. My parents support me and tell me how important school is and there is no other school I would feel comfortable in like this one. Anson High School is home to me and it is where my heart is.
The teachers at Anson High School as a group ar okay. We have some teachers that try to hard and get no where. We have some teacher that don't care very much. We have some teacher that are perfect they dont try to hard and they don't care enough. Some of our teachers are to kind hearted, some kids need that other run over the teachers like that. If we had to grade all the teachers as a whole I would give them a high C or a low B.
I played soccer all throughout my high-school career, other than this year which I chose to do track and field. My two years at Anson high school were good when it came to soccer and Art. Art was my favorite class, she had us learn about different artist and took us on field trips. Mrs. Sikes was one of the best teacher I have ever had. Soccer was a way to get my every day frustrations out in a productive way. I thoroughly enjoyed each aspect of both experiences. I can not speak for the other clubs and associates considering I personally was not apart of them.
Many of the parents would bless out teachers for sending there child to steps. Most of the time it was for a good reason. The pace was fast therefore outburst needed to be kept to a minimum. Generally it would be the same kids every time. Their is however a 'step' system within the school. Depending on how much the child interrupted class determined which step he/she would be in. Step 4 was the step where the parents were involved. Sometimes the mom was a substitute which in that case she would come to the class room and make a scene. It was embarrassing for everyone watching. It also took up valuable time.
I currently attend Saint Mary's school and the difference in the standard here verses at Anson High is actually insane. Teachers hated class more than the students did often times. Kids did have the motivation to do the work because teachers did not want to help them. It was a bad system and only the bare minimum was taught to us. I cannot image coming directly from Anson High into College. The students their are in for a huge wake up call.
Parents are very supportive and there for all students. They are really loving people and try to motivate us.
Some teacher put in more effort than other and they would like for you to stay after if you need extra help.
Very nice school, But there are some things that need to be improved !
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I liked majority of the things that went on at this school.
Because you have teachers and administrators that care about your education and try to make you be successful
It was a normal high school. Teachers very caring.
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