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I loved the environment of success and support at Anson. I always felt like I had someone on my side, even if I didn't feel that way at home. I could go to school and forget everything else going on at home because I had the best principal. He cared about the students at Anson High, and I always felt loved and encouraged, no matter what happened that day or week. It was an incredibly loving and nurturing environment for me. The academics sometimes weren't all that great, and there were some students who weren't there for the same reason I was, but there was always an opportunity for us to be involved, and it was encouraged.
I like that Anson High School is a small school that is not crowded. A wider array of extra-curricular activities could be offered.
Anson High School is an amazing school! Friendly teachers, students, and staff! I'm proud to be coming to school here! Education, sports and ect, is amazing!
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yes parents and teachers work together to let the kids learn and enjoy the things they enjoy
i enjoy all my professor they are grat and love to listen and learn as much as possible
The biggest focus is athletics, and behind that is FFA
I've had a great time the past four years at this school and I couldn't imagine going anywhere else.
The teachers do a good job for the most part. I just think they should understand the students better.
It's top of the line, most everything is new.
Our cafeteria is almost always good to eat at.
There are no bullies I know of and kids are good.
My school has many organizations to choose from.
This school is too conservative.
Our whole school is devoted to our athletic program.
Food is okay. It's mainly the same things every week.
We have a maximum of maybe 3 clubs.
My overall experience attending Anson High School is very positive. I've made plenty of fantastic memories while attending and received a more-than-outstanding education thanks to the faculty.
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The school has high student diversity. The culture of the school is small in size, but large in community. Virtually everyone in Anson High knows everyone and is like family.
The administration workers are great people and will work with the students in order to make the school better. The teachers are great and do their best to ensure their students' success.
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