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Anson County Early College High School Reviews

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I went into ACEC knowing that I wanted to graduate with my actual class instead of staying the extra year. This being said, I did just that. The teachers worked with me and helped encourage me as I was taking on the big course load, and I do not believe that I couldn't have done it without the support of some of the staff. Overall, I think this was the best school choice for me, I wouldn't want to graduate from no where else. I am going to be proud when I graduate from here, this is a good school and I recommend it to students who are very ambitious and like to overachieve.
I really enjoy the small family atmosphere at ACEC. The teachers always want to see their students succeed and will do everything in their power to see that happen.
I like that this school prepares you for college before you even enter. The staff are very involved it's like being apart of a family.
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Anson County Early College High is a great school and I am blessed to have been given the opportunity to go here.
I loved that you could take college courses at the same time that you're taking regular high school courses. I just wish that there was less computer lectures and more teacher to student communication, which I realize is not totally their fault.
This school has a set of goals for all the students and they always seem to reach them. The teachers give fair workloads and try to work with students and parents when they feel someone if struggling.
The teachers are very open and outgoing people, they are always reaching out to help the students and trying to accommodate for everyone's learning styles by using a variety of medias.
I think it's a great school with a very friendly atmosphere, the teachers do their best to help the students succeed.
The academics are general classes. My school does offer Honor Classes. However, we only take gym once, and we don't have any extra classes like wood shop. I think it's probably better that way because the workload is enough.
There are a lot of social groups, and it's not hard to make friends. Most people stick to their usual groups, but everyone is friendly and there is diversity within my school.
The building are excellent. The teachers and staff are willing and are always there to assist students and out do themselves within and outside of the classrooms.
Our school recently just had the awful privilege to wear uniforms, but most students still wear solid colors, v-necks, and baggy pants. Our school is pretty lucky, but at one point it did get out of hand and girls did wear short dresses and skirts. However, it is slowly getting back to normal.
Overall, every school is going to have rebels and outlaws, if you can even call them that. It's pretty safe and even though we're on a college campus I feel safe and secure to walk where I please alone or in a group. However, we do have practices in case of emergencies.
My school is apart of the college campus, so we don't have a gym. However, students participate in the main High School Campus. We have options through them, but it would be much better if we had a secure and safe area of our own.
I love my school. It made me the person I am today. It gave me an insight into the college life, but like every school we had issues. Since my school is smaller than most High Schools, the staff is very much in everyone's business. However, I made a strong bond with my grade level and even those ahead and behind me. It was like a second home, it gave me the chance to gain awesome friends and connections.
The extracurricular opportunities at my school are slim. As far as I know of we have a dance club, prom committee, and a religion group. If you want to start something you can, but most activities students don't want to start. There is a limit of teachers available to help because we're a small school, but they are willing to help.
Our school is too small to have our own teams. Those who still want to participate in sports have to go to the high school. We do have an hour of lunch where people can play some sports outside if they wanted to.
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In my opinion, the whole staff of ACEC is awesome. They are always there for you when you need them. The dress code is understandable since it is just casual with a few exceptions.
The food is horrible. We do not even have our own cafeteria. Instead, we receive our "food" from the nearest elementary school. The best option is to either buy from the café or bring your own lunch.
There's never really been a problem. We're a small school so we all get along well with each other.
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