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I had great memories while attending this school. The staff were always there for me whenever I was going through a rough time. The teachers there care so much about their students and really want them to succeed.
Another Course to College may seem to be a small high school from the outside, but inside is filled with a caring staff and administration that are always psuhing students, especilay the seniors to perform at their peak at obtain an acceptance at a top university in their desired major. Even for someone like me, who came internationally from Togo, West Africa only to do my senior year, have gotten accepted to both the University of Utah and UMass Amherst for Computer Science and Game Development. I will be attending UMass Amherst in the fall.
The teachers, and adminstration are excellent they really care about how education will change the lives of under privileged city kids. The one thing the school lacks is money so they can only do the best with what they have and sometimes things aren't fulfilled the way the students need them to be. The teachers really work hard to fill that gap and for that I appreciate them so much!
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The school does a good job at making students feel supported, involved and cared for due to its size as well as staff. Something that could be improved on is the lack of school activities and clubs.
Since the school was very small, it allowed students to build a closer relationship with teachers, counselors, and administrators. We also received a lot of help from programs such as Uaspire, PIC, etc.
I'd like to see more teachers engaged in the students lives instead of having them build up stress which creates drop outs.
Build (entrepreneurship program), Soccer for 3 years, softball all required a great amount of commitment. Each team/activity made the community feel connected and everyone joined together regardless of previous experiences. They were all very fun and a very good way to spend time and energy.
we experienced the hard work throughout all 4 years
In 2016 it would have been helpful for the teachers to be more understanding and helpful since we are all graduating high school for the first time. Lacking preparation.
They do want you to graduate and are willing to work with you if you want to. If not they will try till a certain point where its not needed anymore
Guidance councilors really make you feel comfortable and safe in your environment and do their best to help you succeed as a student and individual.
I would choose this school again because it's small so everyone or most people know each other. Students and teachers get along pretty well and together, we really do form a community ot some people would call a family. Teachers here really do try their best to bond with us, the students. For example, they would talk to us about our lives and give life advice instead of talking about school all the time. Another example, the teachers like to ask us how we feel we learn best so that they can come up with lessons that will catch our attention, really make us listen and learn, but also make it entertaining and relatable to modern life. I absolutely don't regret making the decision to choose this school the first time, so if I could do it all over again, I wouldn't change my choice.
Nobody in ACC was prejudice or rude to there peers
ACC shares their sports & fitness programs with Brighton High. It's great, but probably would be more valuable to have their own teams.
Everyone is safe no complains about being unsafe when in school.
Everyone is involved for the most part. Majority of them enforce the rules to keep everyone in check.
The teachers are very devoted in all of the subjects. They show that they really don understand what they are teaching. Also they are open to hearing our ideas as well.
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All of our sports are combined with Brighton High and Mary Lyons so we do not have our own sports team.
They would be much better if more people were more active. The school tries the best it can to make it enjoyable for everyone.
the school nurse was always there when we needed her, she was very polite and helped students with confidentiality.
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