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I know we are going to remodel the school over the summer! I like the school now but I'm excited to see the cool new changes! I love this school so much, I am involved in so many things that I get to see most if not all this school has to offer!
I loves that Anoka was very welcoming. There is a wide variety of diversity which allows for me to learn more about different cultures. The main issue I have with the school is that some of the teachers seem as though they are just there for a paycheck. Only a few teachers though. For the most part the teachers are great and I love the school.
The Anoka Family truly is alive here! I enjoyed going to football games, learning more about various things, and gaining some lifelong friends!
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It was a great school to attend for the arts. It also had amazing gym classes and incredibly helpful teachers as well. Not only would the teachers help you after school, they also have a great team of people who will help you enroll for scholarships and colleges.
Anoka family is a real thing, and I am so happy to have been able to graduate from here. The teachers genuinely care about the students and they want you to succeed. They are bettering the future generations.
I really do believe this is an amazing school. I've had incredible teachers and there truly is a place for everyone. Anoka family is the real deal. My biggest complaint is the building that we attend school / how funds are distributed. Our school is falling apart and we have no where close to the amount of space we need for the number of people we have. There's a section of our classrooms where in the winter the temperature gets down to 61 F. The music department, who does a ton of events within the high school and the community has terrible classroom space and doesn't get the funding that our sport teams seem to get each year. This also is an issue since out middle school is an arts based school. But, what "music kid" doesn't want to see the community she loves get the attention it deserves. Aside from the issues of the dollar, the community within the school is a place I love to call home.
I got my small clique of friends that I love dearly and a few excellent teachers, not as much information stuck in my brain as I'd have liked.
I love Anoka High School, I was very involved and the principal talks about the "Anoka Family" and I truly felt it. Everyone is so nice and wanting to help others. They push us to our best and prepare us for college starting in 9th grade.
The teachers are friendly, and they try their hardest to help students succeed. There are many resources for struggling students. The students there are kind and will try to make everyone feel welcomed.
I really likes how all the teachers and staffed worked together to make the school have the anoka family. For the most part everyone got along. I believe there could be more done to increase acceptance of diversity.
I like the "Anoka Family" motto that the staff promote. The staff and students try to make the school one huge family, we promote kindness and generosity toward each other. The school pushes to make everyone feel important when they are there.
I like how we are the Anoka Family. I love most of my teachers and how the school has some great aspects to it.
I enjoyed my time as a student attending this high school, but I can't say it was perfect. There were times when I wondered why I had to go to a school that had such little culture. The diversity is there, however it is very divided as a student body. That is something the students do, but the climate also has a lot to do with what the teachers say about it. As for academics, it depended on what class I was in to determine the resources I was given. The math resources have not been the most available to me as a student whereas english has always been a strongly resourceful environment.
Anoka high school is a place full of opportunities, but lately, the student body has been drifting further and further apart. Most teachers are incredible, but I wouldn't say the administration are wonderful people.
I've attended Anoka for 4 years, doing part-time PSEO for two. This school has flaws, admin isn't very timely and effective, some classes are a waste of time, but this school has a great family aspect, great socialization, and fantastic teachers. If I were to go back, I'd like to see more rules being put into place about safety and security.
The faculty often boast a sense of familial ties between every member of staff, and the students as well. When they say "Anoka Family", they aren't joking. I couldn't have asked for a better High School experience; the teachers are more than eager to engage students, and I feel I've made important ties, and friends, at that school. An enriching, memorable school experience.
Anoka High School is a welcoming school with a strong academic program. Although, something that could change is to require math and science all four years.
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Great hometown high school feel. I got to experience the Norman Rockwell iconic high school feel that some suburban and urban schools could not give their students.
I enjoy the diversity among the students yet were not separated the school really is one big family and is always coming together for any reason it can find and it's amazing to be able to see all the kindness shown by all students
Anoka High School stood out to me as one of the better high schools in my district, not only because I went there but because I knew other people from other schools and it overall seemed like a nicer environment. The faculty was all great, helped me through a lot - especially through the college application process. Had a great 4 years there.
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