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I enjoyed going to this high school but I also feel like there was a lot they could have improved to make the experience even better.
The school isn't perfect, but it is definitely better than some other schools in terms of community and curriculum. Because Anoka High School is based on the arts, there is a class from almost everything, for any interest. The school offers STEP, PSEO, and many college/AP classes from which you can get college credit and save tons of money in the future. One downside is the food. School lunch used to be excellent when I was in elementary school, but since then it has just gone downhill, and it still is. For those who don't have the means to have a good meal, the food is decent. And those who don't have the means to pay for the school lunch are able to get a free lunch.
Overall I enjoyed my experience at Anoka high school. I did pseo my junior and senior years but the first two years were very fun. I was involved in a few after school activities including key club which was my favorite.
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I absolutely have enjoyed my experience at Anoka High school. Teachers are helpful and I have made so many friends.
Anoka has an idea about being a family. This really makes the high school experience so much better letting you feel apart of the community with people to back you.
Anoka High School is accepting of everyone and anyone coming into it’s education, it has a wide variety of students, clubs, activities, and sports. School staff, teachers, and other workers encourage students to participate and to get involved with school spirit. The only thing that the school would benefit from is expansion and construction on the building itself, although the is on the path of being fixed.
My experience at this school was pretty average. Most of the teacher and staff here are nice, and they help you out when you need it.
My experience at Anoka High School as a student provided me with experiences that have equipped me to take on my life after high school. I always found help where I needed it so I felt extremely ready to continue onto college after high school ended. I feel like I gained valuable experiences and learned important lessons throughout my high school career, which leads me to feel great gratitude toward my high school.
The school itself is pretty good. Administration likes to try and keep equal blame for some problems. They could help prep students for college much better. There were so many things I didn't know about college until after I left high school
I loved Anoka High School because it was a family, that was the motto. We were the "Anoka Family" and we looked out for each other. Principal Farley genuinely cared for the students and wanted to make their high school experience as smooth as possible. I did not like the atmosphere of high school in general because I don't relate to people my own age very well. I was in full-time PSEO my senior year because I couldn't handle the constant drama and meaningless relationships that come with high school. Anoka didn't do a very good job at keeping the PSEO students involved or informing us of school activities and events. I wish I would have known about more so that I could have had some semblance of a senior year at Anoka.
Anoka High School offered me rich opportunities to explore my interests and talents. I was an active member in 6 clubs during my senior year, and each them helped me develop leadership skills, and helped me make new friends that I still have in college. Like every school in this massive school district, funding can always be an issue, but the students rarely feel the impact of it. The "shtick" of the school is that we are the Anoka Family. Those words are 100% true. Teachers and staff are invested in the success of students outside of the classroom as much as inside of it, and the culture of the classrooms inspire students to lift one another up during our short time together. I consider myself lucky to have attended this school that equipped me with the real world skills I need to pursue my passions.
The Anoka Family is a real thing, everyone is so supportive, kind and involved. I hav enjoyed being part of it for 4 whole years. Anoka is seeing some changes to it’s grounds next year and I’m excited to see where that takes the students.
People are nice and welcoming. They accept everyone who enters. At the Anoka we consider ourselves a Family and help people when they need it and make everyone welcome. We show tons of spirit and pride.
I would like more diversity in Anoka and more acceptance but i dont think that will happen within my time spent there.
Anoka High is a great school for those looking for quality education. With many options for classes, ranging from an AP ceramics class to Outdoor Adventures, there is opportunities for everyone to find and do what they love.
I loved the school for the people and the activities. I spent a lot of time getting to know students and teachers. I have fantastic relationships with some teachers, and barely a relationship with others. I have found a lot of friends and people who think like me. I also found security in activities like choir and speech, which were the highlights of my high school career.
However, I think the school's administration is a little horrific to say the least. Some of the counselor's have no place being counselors and the way the administration handles situations regarding students of color is horrendous. Someone almost got kicked out of a show of culture all because a white girl made false claims about feeling threatened by this girl. This seems to be the biggest flaw and one of the few flaws of the school, along with having hired teachers who treat students disrespectfully and leaves the students they are teaching to be confused and upset about their experience in that class.
It is nothing too great. The teachers are mostly not that great some of them are good. Academically, the teachers are not there to teach they are there to just get money.
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We are thrilled with our experience at Anoka High School. Our student is getting everything he needs to be successful. School spirit is everywhere -- students wear "Anoka" gear every day, and are super active in clubs and sports. Super happy we transferred.
I really enjoyed my time at Anoka High School. The faculty and staff really cared for the students and wanted to see us succeed. The school spirit is also second to none, everyone gets involved at events to make for an outstanding environment to be apart of. They offered a wide range of elective classes to satisfy their students. Its thanks to the business courses and clubs and Anoka that I am pursuing a degree in Accounting. We truly are the Anoka Family.
Everyone accepts everyone. We have an Anoka family. If one person is having trouble there is always someone there to help you out when you need it. The teachers are nice and friendly.
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