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Annville-Cleona Secondary School Reviews

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I moved to Annville-Cleona from another school and can say that Annville-Cleona is an excellent school. I do find that this school has access to very new facilities and has excellent teachers and coaches. The one concern that I do have is that the school is lacking in some areas of technology and STEAM activites, but is make some efforts to catchup to other schools.
Overall, Annville-Cleona is a great school with a lot of opportunities for students because of the small size.
Annville did not prepare me for college. With the exception of Mr. Kreiser all of my teachers offered bonus points and retests. They curved grades, they took off less points because they "felt bad" and they made school easy. College isn't like that. It's heavily writing based and because I was never critiqued on my writing in high school, I always assumed I was a good writer.
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I love my school. I believe it has the best students in the county. There are never any problems here and everyone is really nice.
Annville Cleona has been a very good district to go to. Most people are very nice and excepting. It has not failed me in my school career. The teachers have prepared me for college very well.
Not needed much, but there when needed.
Popular people tend to rule everything.
the administration is a little odd.
There are a variety of clubs and a lot of participation
The parents are very involved.
Majority of the teachers are warm and welcoming.
My favorite subjects are math and science. I had a good experience at this school. Students need to work hard to achieve their goals and successes.
The small school environment allows for unification among peers and staff. The education that students receive is among the best in the state. The extracurricular activities at AC vary from the music to the athletic department, but always prove to be outstanding!
I chose college although I did not take any Honors/AP courses.
Its been average. We don't have many bad kids that cause problems and it is very safe
We use to get more we have to purchase 2 lunches to be full
They have been worse in the past
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its small so they don't have the money for all the uniforms
Some of the staff should retire because the lessons are lacking when students hit college
They offer many sports for the small amount of students that attend the school
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