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I agree with others when they say it is a preppy school for the hyper-privileged. It is mainly white kids with huge trust funds and meh attitudes. As an Alumni I can say I got an awesome education! Very preppy, but amazing College Readiness.
Annunciation is honestly a preppy, rich-kid school you expect when thinking of going private. It isn't too diverse but has a very strong sense of community. Very collage-ready (much like a prep-school). Has a uniform/dress code, but isn't enforced too strictly.
Annunciation has a great community and culture to the school. I learned more than what is taught from books, I learned how to be creative and confident. I learned how to write a great essay but also how to take notes. The classes are small and the teachers are great. When I got to high school all of the teachers would say "you went to Annunciation didn't you? I can tell those are the students not afraid to try." The friends last a life time. I 100% recommend it!
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It's extremely conservative, and the school is not supportive of the LGBT+ community at all and the dress code is incrediblely sexist, plus the food is practically just glue and dirt
It didn't seem to offer stuff for every type of kid.
It was an overall okay experience. The programs were not very personalized and it felt as though teachers didn't really know me or understood how I worked.
My experience here was not great. I wasn't challenged and even though I had a small class of about 20-some kids, I felt that I was ignored and not really paid attention to.
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