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We can’t say enough good things about Annunciation School. We moved our daughter from the public school system to Annunciation at the beginning of 6th grade. She has thrived in the small classes and welcoming community! She has made many great friends in the short time she has been at the school. We have seen her become more confident and outgoing. It is amazing to see the positive effects a great school can have on your child. We highly recommend Annunciation School!
We loved Annunciation for many years. It was a wonderful school community, welcoming to all, had a unique culture with special traditions, & provided a strong education. Its graduates have gone on to do great things.
Unfortunately, its direction has shifted the last few years with a new administration, who is pushing a conservative & evangelical agenda, and who is not welcoming to all. Catholic Social Teaching is gone; that is a huge loss. In middle school grades, some classes have provided the kinds of closed-minded messages that we know can lead to depression suicidal thoughts in adolescents.
The teacher turnover has become alarmingly high over these past few years, particularly in the middle school. This has a direct impact on quality of education, as the strongest teachers have left.
The result: this wonderful community is now in crisis. Many families have pulled their children from the school. This is a heartbreaking time in Annunciation's history; I can no longer recommend it.
We started looking at schools for our first child in 2004. Back then we didn't think we could afford Annunciation. However, we look at the school because a neighbor insisted we needed to at least do that. We fell in love with it instantly! The school worked with us in terms of scholarships so we could attend. We have four kids and by the time our youngest graduates 8th grade we will have been there, consistently, for 22 years! All of our teens got excellent educations. Our two oldest have moved on to attend rigorous and competitive university programs. All of my kids, and we as well, have met some of our dearest, life long friends in the Annunciation community. If you’re looking for a school, don't assume, like we did, that Annunciation wasn't for us. Go and meet face to face with Principle, Jennifer Cassidy, sit, talk with Father Park, meet and speak with the Enrollment Coordinator, Sheila Steichen, all wonderful people that reflect the character of this school and community.
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Annunciation is an excellent school that cares deeply for the well-being of all students. One of my daughters who attended Annunciation is hearing impaired and was moved from the public school. She thrived and has since found enormous success in her career. My wife and I are primarily interested in our daughter’s education, but enjoy the quality families and the community. If you are looking to develop an educated, well rounded child, I couldn’t recommend a better school. For nearly 100 years they have been the best option in south Minneapolis.
We have been at Annunciation for 9 years and totally love the school. We have 2 daughters, one just graduated and the other is entering 7th grade. The academics are rigorous and our oldest is more than ready for high school. Not only are the academics strong but the school provides a culture of acceptance, the students are expected to kind to one another and they are!! We have met so many great families and are so grateful for such a beautiful and welcoming neighborhood school. We have been very involved within the school community over the years and feel blessed that we have had this opportunity for our family.
We moved our child from public school to Annunciation last year. We believed the marketing materials and now wish we looked deeper into the school. This is a conservative catholic school which means it is anti-LGBT with a bias against women (as an example, the female anatomy was blurred in sex-ed class). The academics are so poor it was shocking. Our child's test scores have plummeted. She is not even testing at state average when she was testing well above at a local public school. There is no reading program, no real substantive music program, math is average at best and cannot recall if science was provided. Be careful when choosing this school. We thought we were giving our child this extraordinary gift of an education when it has been a major disappointment. We are moving back to public school next year.
I love this school the kids are very kind and not all rich. The uniform is not terrible but they do care about certain things that at times are annoying. But in all if you don’t know the kids then stop talking about them and saying they are rude-please and thank you!
I agree with others when they say it is a preppy school for the hyper-privileged. It is mainly white kids with huge trust funds and meh attitudes. As an Alumni I can say I got an awesome education! Very preppy, but amazing College Readiness.
Annunciation is honestly a preppy, rich-kid school you expect when thinking of going private. It isn't too diverse but has a very strong sense of community. Very collage-ready (much like a prep-school). Has a uniform/dress code, but isn't enforced too strictly.
Annunciation has a great community and culture to the school. I learned more than what is taught from books, I learned how to be creative and confident. I learned how to write a great essay but also how to take notes. The classes are small and the teachers are great. When I got to high school all of the teachers would say "you went to Annunciation didn't you? I can tell those are the students not afraid to try." The friends last a life time. I 100% recommend it!
It's extremely conservative, and the school is not supportive of the LGBT+ community at all and the dress code is incrediblely sexist, plus the food is practically just glue and dirt
It didn't seem to offer stuff for every type of kid.
It was an overall okay experience. The programs were not very personalized and it felt as though teachers didn't really know me or understood how I worked.
My experience here was not great. I wasn't challenged and even though I had a small class of about 20-some kids, I felt that I was ignored and not really paid attention to.