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I love the FBLA Chapter that I'm in cause we are so involved all over. One thing that would need to change is kids attitude towards being I clubs and organizations that at or school for example I've been trying to get the Key Club up and running but every time i go to the adviser she tells me that we don't have enough people and this is something that i wish everyone should get in besides FBLA.
There is a large achievement gap between Anniston High School and surrounding. However, this school has teachers who spend time with their students to ensure their success.
Anniston High School is negative known school for people who haven’t experienced the student life. I have had a decent experience here. My teachers were all very interested in my future and development into the real world. I only wish we would loss the bad reputation that the surrounding areas give us.
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I am currently a senior at Anniston High School. I plan on going to a 2 year community college then transferring to a 4 year university and majoring in Criminal Justice. For my future career I'm going to be a homicide detective also in the National Guard,
I've been going to AHS since I was a freshman and it was okay at first then as time progressed I didnt like it. The teachers arent open enough or caring. The dont prepare you enough for college and as a senior I need my counselor to send my transcripts and motivate me more and The food is awful!
My experience at Anniston High School has been very memorable. The students and most of the teachers show a lot of respect to one another. The teachers really help us to get college ready by making us do different ACT preps. We have great extracurricular activities as well as great clubs and organizations. I love playing basketball for Anniston High School because I have learned lessons on the court and life lessons as well. Being apart of different extracurricular activites has taught me how to balance out my sports with my education with me being an academic student. A change I would make at Anniston High School would be having better lunches to make students happen. Another change that I would like to make would be to have a free period to clear our heads of learning for a little while.
I have been enrolled in Anniston High School for 3 years. I am currently on the basketball and soccer teams. I have played basketball for Anniston High School for 3 years and soccer for 2. Anniston High School offers training certificates in Welding Culinary Arts Cosmetology and Reserve Officer Training Corps. Upon graduation would allow us to be productive citizens.
I am a senior at Anniston high school (AHS). i am a proud bulldog. we go by the motto win from within. my school is unique and one of a kind. we also have the best high school band in Alabama. Our school bring a lot opportunities such as Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps , Health Science, Business Tech, Accounting, African American History,Culinary, Welding, and many more. I believe at (AHS) everybody can succeed. I go to a school as a student body will lead. At the end of the day bulldogs do lead the way no matter with struggles and all.
Scheduling is a major issue, the counselors don't really like to listen and just put kids in classes they don't necessarily care for then wonder why their performance in the class is poor
Not all kids are the super mean bullies you see on TV, but there are some. Most kids here don't realize everyone can't wear name-brand and buy new clothes every week.There's not a big deal with sexual orientation or race
There is good amount of extracurricular opportunities here, yet not enough. Band and choir are great, bu not all kids enjoy music. They should definitely come up with a few more
most teachers go above and beyond for the students, only a select few are VERY sorry and lazy
The school isn't as bad as people say. People see 'Anniston' and automatically think negative. Most of the teachers genuinely care for the students, while some don't. Which is a problem everywhere, not just AHS. Majority of the staff are very friendly. One good thing is they will ensure you are doing well in class and the teachers will definitely help struggling students. I wish there were more career electives to choose from. My biggest complaint is the freedom. This is a high school, and we're still treated as if we are in middle. There are just so many limits and restrictions, we should be preparing for college. Overall, the school isn't perfect, but not horrible either
The academics is somewhat reasonable. For the most part, some teachers think a lot about our education and wants us to succeed. The curriculum is very manageable. The scheduling process has it's flaws but for the most part, it is okay.
At high school, we talk about peer pressure and how we should respond to certain situations.
We have a variety of clubs, such as the Spanish club, the Math club, & the Yearbook club. They have great extracurricular activities.
My favorite experience was able to actual be apart of the school activities and what makes the school so unique is that the school is not what eveery school around us stereotypes it as. It's a really great school. I would do it all over again because it has a great athletic program and most of the teachers are very considerate.
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Most of the teachers are very knowledgable and care about the students' education. We can all cope with most of their teaching styles and we can get tutoring sessions. The grading is somewhat consistent.
Overall, the school safety and health is great. No threats or health problems have happened that were serious.
This school doesn't really have any extracurricular activities other than sports. I wish they had more clubs such as art, etc.
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