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Both my children attend Annie Wright. My daughter is in the upper school and is excelling because of the rigorous academics that push her but more importantly because of a staff that cares. The school has an amazing program that caters to children with depression, anxiety and other issues. We did not know this when we enrolled but found out when we needed it most. The school administration is amazing at providing the support to help her succeed.
I've attended Annie Wright from Pre-K to my Senior year, 14 years total. I'm dyslexic and the support from staff has made it possible for me to maintain above a 3 point and be accepted by 5 colleges so far that have women's water polo teams that I can play for. This is an excellent school for a girl that wants to attend one of the top universities.
I’ve gone to Annie Wright for the past 14 years(my whole life). I have nothing to compare it to since it’s all I personally know, but I seriously have had such a great experience. The relationships I have with my teachers are so special and personal and I can tell they really care about me. Overall, my experience has been absolutely fantastic.
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Excellent teachers, great all girls community, not sure how the all boys aspect will change this. Slightly skeptical of it
The faculty and staff at this school are incredible and hard-working! It's unfortunate, however, that they are woefully unappreciated and undervalued by the administration. The admin's main focus is to make money, and thus run the school like a corporation, completely ignoring the needs of the people who keep that place running.
Good education system. Weak in the sports system. High number of international boarding students, but low in diversity overall. Also low in diversity in the faculties.
I have attend Annie Wright for 13 years and my experience there has morphed me into the person I want to be. Rigorous academics paired with an all girls student body, allowed me to grow and fulfill my goals as a student. Annie Wright is a smalls school of about 40 in my graduating class. This allowed for me to get close to my teachers and really learn the information, rather than regurgitate it. With the opportunity to have a full IB education, I really got to push myself and learn how to stay balanced between school work, social life, and sleep. All in all, AWS is a good school that focused on academics and the environment for learning really allows for every student to thrive.
In the past two years, Annie Wright has really made a push to develop the activities program and has done so rather successfully. I do know of student who complain that it clashes with homework time, but honestly, I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in the MUN/ Global Action Club. I have learned to develop my passion and interest in international relations outside the classroom and the teacher who runs it is one of my favorites (that's just the bonus). However, I would say my situation is a bit rare, as I've heard other activities are not run to the same success level as others. It completely depends on the club and advisor you have. Each club, depending on its success, gets a budget. We had the opportunity to go down to Arizona and learn about immigration policy. Our club requires a rather high level of commitment if one wants to participate in all of the opportunities. Other clubs are a bit more lax. The administration has instituted a JV and Varsity level for each club, but some use that distinction more than others.
Annie Wright, on the outside, is different because it's a girl's school. That phrase alone would throw most into a shamble. Honestly, after the first few months, even a boy-crazed girl like me can have a heart change. Everyone here has a different experience but for me, coming to Annie Wright has opened doors to new perspectives on life, such as how to write the most precise introductory paragraph ever.

Annie Wright is also a close-knit community. We fight sometimes, but we somehow seem to coexist and love each other in the weirdest way. Everyone here isn't typical, there aren't defined stereotypes. People are perfectly comfortable being themselves. That's something I've come to appreciate. That and the no-distractions during a test. The close-knit community aspect is probably most evident in our annual Lip Sync, where people get up on stage, get rowdy, and get crazy with an audience to cheer them on.

I would choose this school again in a heartbeat, because it is here where I've had the space to find my interests and reaffirm my beliefs (or change them). This school challenges you to think and defend your argument, hold your own against your peers, and work hard to maintain a social life. I will say academics is the number one priority here; if you aren't prepared to work hard, this may not be the place for you. Still, many girls here maintain that balance of school sports, and a boyfriend. It can work, and the rewards are amazing.
The teachers at the Annie Wright Upper School vary in quality of teaching. The math department is strong and has varied teachers to suit the learning styles of different students. The math levels also range all the way up to a challenging Calculus course; according to most students, they love the math teacher and the deans of the Upper School are very available to talk about switching classes to meet student need, in all departments (although this is mostly true for math classes). The science department is very much the same, and the teachers in this department engage students on an amazing level! The humanities department, in terms of quality, ranges greatly. The literature teachers are consistent and engaging, and many students enjoy their classes. The history department seems to be the greatest barrier, as many students complain about the teaching methods and lack of engagement. However, the history department, in my experience, is very helpful in preparing for the major IB assessment at the end of each year. The language department is also varied in terms of quality. From my experience and comments made by fellow classmates, French was a disappointment in the lack of preparation. Spanish has mixed reviews. However, everyone I have talked to seems to love their Chinese teacher, myself included. I would highly recommend taking Chinese if you are planning on going to this school.
We have a lot of extra curricular activities, though there is an amount limit on how many in each club.
It's all girls. It is like joining one large sisterhood, where there are fights, playfulness, and most of all love! If you walk into our lounge it would look pretty interesting clothes scattered, cake on the table, laughter, smiles, and of course goofiness:)
The teachers here are easy to talk, many of the students have strong relationships both inside and outside school. Many teachers are on a first name basis with the students and genuinely care about us.
The class sizes are usually 25 to 30 and split into two groups so that the teachers and students have plenty of time to exchange ideas
It is a closed campus requires approval to unlock doors to enter school
The upper school students have projects that require time be spent during non school hours
My granddaughter has attended from pre K to now her sophomore year. She is dyslexic and the school has worked with her through her entire time. The school brings in colleges to discuss what is available and what students should be looking for that might interest them. The school has a diverse population.
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Take extra measures to ensure students safety.
The faculty and administration could use some reviewing and revising especially within the dorm department.
The teachers of the International Baccalaureate Program are trained to guide students to their answers and not just simply provide them with the answers.
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