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My over all experience from Annawan High School was good. What I liked most about Annawan was the staff members and how they always helped us strive to do our best.
I like only two classes that were available to me: BSAA and Baking/Cooking class. It is also quiet in there. Not much fights. Classes are no bigger than 30 students. A lot of things need to change. The rules are okay, the lockers are okay, but the whole school and buses are bug infested and extremely unsanitary. There is sickness going around and it is poorly viewed as a problem. The lunches need to change. A small handful of limp, dry lettuce and a small slice of greasy pizza for an unreasonable price isn't going to fill an average high school student for the rest of the day. It is also unhealthy. The lunch staff is rude as well! Please, if you send your student to this school, send them with lots of Germ-X!! I could go on forever about the problems, but I can't!
Annawan School is the only school I have ever gone to. I really liked the fact that I could walk down the hallway and know everyone. Due to the small numbers of students in each class, teachers are able to have a better idea of what each of us need help with. Also, most of our teachers taught our other family members so we have know them, and don't just see them at school.
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AHS is a good, solid, hometown high school. Under 100 students are currently enrolled, and graduating class sizes range from 20-30. Class (by study) ranges from 5 students - 25 students. The academics are solid, using a 5.0 grade scale, and has been rated 40th best school by Niche. Teachers are of ranging quality, but none are poor at their jobs. A small selection of clubs are available, and opportunities are open to all students.
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