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Annapolis was a good high school to go to. I enjoyed my time while I was there.I participated in many clubs and sports. The teachers were always there when you needed them. I had awesome friends who always helped me. I graduated with a high GPA, so I know it is possible for anyone.
Annapolis is a small family feeling high school, the students and faculty are very helpful and make you feel welcome.
Annapolis High School's most commendable feature is the programs to help prevent the number of students failing. Credit Recovery, Test retakes, Saturday school to make up missing work are all opportunities for students who are falling a little behind to keep pace while understanding the material.
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The best thing about annapolis high school is definitely the teachers, the learning ciriculums are average. The students are not terrible but the strict rules are outrageous such as dress code and ID rules.
Annapolis is a very safe and friendly environment, but struggles economically. We have been improving due to a pass on an electronics budget, though. Also, I would like to see a larger variety of science classes at my school!
Teachers are very dedicated and want to help but the administration make it impossible to let the teachers help and the students be free. Very diverse school not being put down for your race but many cliches.
Although the teachers do all they can, our classes and morale are just low. This school doesn’t offer a wide variety of classes, especially those with rigorous curriculums for the excelling students.
I like Annapolis Highschool a lot it prepares you for the next level in life. It provides the best safety for our students that attend their and the sports are very good
Love a bunch of the students and teachers here. Good technology, OK sports, good clubs. Too strict about dress code and fun activities that clubs want to schedule. Wish there were more AP classes offered in the school but because there are partnership classes with Crestwood, it's not that big of a deal.
The school is overall a good school for college readiness. This school has good teacher student relationships and great counselors.
What I like about Annapolis High School is that they really help us prepare for the next level of our education. What I would change is that I would open more variety of clubs for other student and I would offer more different types of sports.
Mediocore school. Offers minimal AP classes. Lack of properly preparing students for college. Teachers are pretty decent.
I like the teachers and activity availability. I would like to see them offer more advanced classes.
What I liked about Annapolis was my chance to take Geometry early in 10th grade and now I'm in Pre-Calculus and am thinking about taking AP-Calculus next year. What I didn't like about Annapolis was that most of the staff wouldn't encourage their students to do they're best at everything they do or they don't care about most of the students.
It's a great a school. The teachers are willing to go the extra mile to help students and parents. The activities in the school are diverse and the student population is as well. The program is great and I would recommend the school to any family.
For the past 4 years I have attended Annapolis High school and have been amazingly satisfied with my experience. I truly enjoyed the amazing staff, and the fact that I feel safe while I am learning because of our schools many security precautions.
I really enjoyed the diversity of this school because it makes minorities, like myself, feel a lot more comfortable. The changes I would like to see is getting the students more involved in school activities because that is something that this school lacks. Some of the students have no "pep" for their school which really upsets me because that was one of my favorite things that I have acquired while attending this high school for 4 years!
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While the majority of teachers at Annapolis are good at their jobs and can efficiently help the classes learn, the students who attend Annapolis ruin the high school environment completely. There must be a fight at least once a month, making the school unsafe... but not as unsafe as the Asbestos in the school. However, my high school experience was as great as any average high school because I was able to maintain my grades and make friends along the way.
That school has a lot of bulling, fights and suspensions but I'm sure its the same in all schools too.
I love a lot of the after-school activities they have at this school and there are many, easy opportunities to start one if it isnt already available. I wish I would have gotten more involved sooner.
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