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Since I've been enrolled in Annapolis Senior High School, this school has helped me grow! I've been pushed to do positive things I wouldn't think I'd ever complete before.
The school provides many opportunities and gives students the support they need to get through high school. This school is also very diverse and you can easily make friends with everyone here.
Very diverse; good education for those who strive and lots of magnet programs/opportunities to follow your passions!
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Annapolis High School was a pretty decent school to be at. There was a surplus of clubs for everyone with every interest and if the club you wanted wasn't there it wasn't hard to make one. Generally the teachers enjoyed their job and tried to make learning as fun as possible. Of course there are almost always the teachers that slack off or just aren't good at there jobs but the good teachers outnumber the bad teachers. Everyone is generally accepting but at the same time there are a lot of fights. Most times it wont escalate to the point of actual violence but sometimes it does. The food was terrible 9/10 times. I'm not even gonna lie. Once every couple of days we had really good options but other than that it was kind of sad.
I think the students are given many resources when it comes to college unless you're in the AVID program. And I believe administration, especially when I was a senior was horrible. No senior prank, no say so for prom and I was apart of the SGA we were given no lead way. So I think administration is full of gate-keepers. However, the best part about the school was the AVID program. It made me look forward to going to school everyday.
Wasn't the best. Doesn't prepare students for college at all. Would not recommend it to parents. Administration is not helpful, nor is it efficient. However, diversity can be seen. Students are very enthusiastic about sports. Academics section is lacking though.
I like the diversity and acceptance at Annapolis High School, but administration (within the high school) needs to focus a bit more on the students and their wants instead of folding their arms and not dealing with issues.
Ultimately you get what you put in out of Annapolis High School. The school has a lot of great programs for dedicated and hard working students, but there are still a lot of students who fall between the cracks. If you are the type of student who cares about your future college or career Annapolis is a great place for you. Teachers and administrators do a great job at pushing students who are already motivated about their post-secondary plans, but don't expect your post-secondary plans to be handed to you.
Annapolis High School has a variety of magnet programs that allow you to pursue a diverse set of programs. The teachers are wonderful and the sports amenities are spectacular.
AHS is a good high school overall. There is lots of diversity and many friendly people. The downside is that unless you take advanced classes, you are not likely to be challenged. But the teachers are great, and the students are great.
Throughout my four years at Annapolis High School, I managed to hone my craft in their Performing & Visual Arts Magnet Program. I became part of a family and made memories that I'll never forget. However, I did feel that the students in the PVA Program were a bit separated from the rest of the students at the school. I wish we would have received a bit more recognition for the wonderful and impactful things that we did.
Annapolis High School, although unusually diverse, is obviously suffering from de facto segregation. This effects the classes and programs which students participate in. For example, the majority of IB students are white upper/ middle class students, while the majority of standard level students are minorities. Some examples of the great inequalities are that while some students are participating in gang violence, others spend hours doing homework in hopes of achieving good grades so they can get into college.

Another huge issue in the school is the teacher turnover rate. Many of my best teachers have either left already or plan to leave soon after my class graduates because they cannot afford to live and teach in Annapolis. Their paychecks have been cut instead of raises being awarded, as if they already were not paid enough. Due to this, Annapolis high school is losing valuable access being put towards students, and are frantically being replaced by less than quality teachers.
Annapolis has a quality educational system. They are an average school with less than average teachers.
I liked making all kinds of friends throughout the years both in and out of the PVA program, and the diversity of the school. You wouldn't find that kind of diversity at a school like Broadneck High School. It has opened my eyes, and I'll always be thankful for that. But, on the other hand I wish there wasn't as many fights or issues at AHS.
The teachers are supportive, and I have found my own place in a large school. The IB program that I participtecreates a community of students that challenge and support each other. I would like to see later start times in the morning.
High school isn't all that great especially the students and some teachers since they are disorganized and such.
Annapolis High School really opened my eyes to the outside world. I am glad to have attended because it was fun but it definitely was not the best education I could have received. By the end of sophomore year the amount of fights certainly decreased but we still have the occasional one. The IB Programme certainly has helped prepare me for college but it could be more challenging. I would say that you should not let the fact that we're considered an "unsafe" school deter you from sending your child here. We are not unsafe, we have on campus police and lots of administrators. I have never felt unsafe while attending! Plus it has been an unforgettable experience!
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Annapolis high school is an amazing school. As a junior in the IB program, I am receiving a fantastic education and my teachers are about the most intellegent and caring people I could have imagined. The IB program is most definitely challenging but you will receive an amazing education. If you are considering whether to send your child to private school or here, this is the definite choice and truly prepares you for the real world. There's a place for everyone here.
Annapolis High is given a bad reputation. Although there have been many times in which the school has played in to it's stereotype, but Annapolis prepares it's students the most for real life. This is due because of the diversity that it has is most similar to America in all of its citizens. The teachers here really do care and try to help make the students succeed.
The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program at Annapolis High School has made all the difference in my daughter's first year of college studying for a Bachelor of Arts in Game Design. Like IB there's an insane amount of writing and analysis. Her experience with IB at Annapolis gave her the tools she needs to succeed and allow her to focus on the details rather than struggling with the writing. The program and the teachers have set her squarely on the path to success.
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