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I love the diversity but I would love to have teachers who care about their students more and less disciplinary issues.
I love how there are constant fundraisers and activities that are promoted by the school in order to increase school involvement. The only thing I would change about my school is our bus system because I wish we had more school buses that could accommodate our growing population of students.
Annapolis High is very diverse and unique. While we may have a bad rap, ahigh is a great school filled with spirit and entertainment. There are a lot of great teachers who really look out for you and not just your grade. The counselors are also amazing, but many students dont develop a relationship with them, which is in the end their loss.
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I like the educational and sports programs at AHS.

I'd like to see the school get newer facilities (remove the portable buildings) and get new computers and other technology.
The diversity in this school is such a plus for me. Having a third white students, a third African American, and a third Hispanic is an amazing balance and I would not want to go here without it. This school has had its fair share of fights but new administration and rules seem to have calmed it down. Our resources here are average, not very tech-y but we have what we need. The teachers feel real passion for teaching, and if not they are gone after a year.
The good things I can say about Annapolis high school are it had good sports fields and also had a solid weight room. The rest can be assumed to be bad or not particularly good.
The school is obviously trying to make a difference in students' lives, which I have a lot of respect for. They want students to succeed, and they try to give us every opportunity to do so. It's hard to keep a consistently positive attitude, though, when my favorite teachers keep having to leave the district to find a job that actually pays a livable wage. This is most certainly not AHS' fault, more AACPS in general, but it's very disheartening to hear every year that three more teachers have left.
Great school with many course curricula to choose. Great diversity in the student body. Lots of sports of extra-currcular activities.
My experience at Annapolis High throughout my 9-11 grade years was alright. It is your typical high school but needs some improvement. By Improvement I mean food, class choices, and help prepare you for college more. While there is many different resources I feel as if though you have to really be consistent and have the look hard, I feel as though that should be right there when needed.
The teachers at Annapolis High School have the student’s best interest at heart. I feel that the student body is everyone’s top priority.
There is so much diversity and you can tell that the staff really cares about the students' education. There are students there who make it apparent that they don't want to be there, but for the ones who actually care about their education it is a pleasant experience.
I would like for the school to provide more resources and prepare the students more for college. The administration could stick to new rules better instead of only enforcing them for one week.
Annapolis has a large range of diversity amongst the students. Some teachers really put fourth a lot of effort to help the students. Although other teachers like some of the AP teachers do not do much I suppose it shows a student what it would actually be like to be in college. The school food definitely is not edible either.
It was a very diverse school and I realized that is one of the best ways to learn. Not only did I get an education but I was learning about different cultures in such an authentic way. I would not change the school I went nor would many of my classmates.
The school itself was kind of broken down but, its light came from the lovely staff, teachers and advocates. As students, we were treated with respect and honesty, despite sometimes not giving those in return. I'm thankful for my time at this establishment.
I transferred to AHS as a junior coming from private school. Although a much different environment (it was huge compared to the school I came from) and concern that I wouldn’t fit in or find friends, that wasn’t the case! There were many clubs and activities, it was very diverse and the students were friendly. I was in honors and AP classes so the academics were definitely on par with the college prep classes I took in private school.
I liked the amount of diversity in students and the programs they had to offer. I am a part of the International Bachelorette Program and it has prepared me for my intended major and college.
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I like the diversity at this school but i feel like academics could be taken more seriously. There is alot of clubs and the drama company us great. I feel like they pay more attention to sports than academics but the ib program and pva program are great
I attended Annapolis High school from 2012-2016, throughout the four years, my overall experience was fairly good. Annapolis high school has many academic programs that students can get involved in such as Dual Enrollment, International Baccalaureate (IB), Advance Placement (AP), among others. I was enrolled in the IB program and I had an really good experience with it and I feel like it helped prepared me for my higher education. I was not involved in sports, however the school offers a variety of team sports and club sports, on top of that there are other clubs and organizations students can join. The one thing that was a bit of an issue with my non-IB classes was the overpopulation the school has in some classes. The food served was just like any served at other public schools. I had great teachers that dedicated their time to making sure I excelled in my classes, furthermore the counseling center was a great resource when I attended.
at annapolis high school it taught me how to be independent. there are two types of people. social and ant-social. i was more of anti so i was able to focus and make honor roll.
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