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The environment at Annapolis Area Christian School is so welcoming and enriching. I transferred in as a sophomore after being homeschooled and it was the smoothest transition ever, I really felt like I belonged here. The whole student body supports each other and works very harmoniously together. It honestly feels like one big family.
I had a great experience here. I was a lifer and live every moment. The teachers want you to do well and work with you to understand the material. Also the campuses are so nice especially the high school. The high school looks like a college campus. They really prepare their students for the real world through academics, sports, activities and the senior practicum which is like a mini thesis.
The Annapolis Area Christian School Upper School has an amazing marching band and a great music program. They allow homeschoolers in, so if you homeschool, you can still play in the bands. The Band members tend to be very welcoming, helpful, and friendly.
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Annapolis Area Christian school has been my academic home for three going on four years. From the first bell of my freshman year I felt loved and like a part if the community. The community at Annapolis Area is one of love, faith, encouragement, and challenges. The teachers and falculty care about every student and every aspect of learning. Students view academics, extracurriculars, and student life through the lense of a biblical worldview. Christ is Central to the AACS community. Annapolis Area has something for everyone and the greatest thing we share is our faith in Christ.
A Great school as a modern built campus unlike many of the private schools in the area that are quite dated ! very likeable people, solid curriculum choices and strong can't go wrong with this school.
Please do not send your kids to AACS. I graduated less than a year ago and my experience was horrible. Many of the teachers are hired because they are devoted Christians not because they are qualified to teach high school classes. The teachers also show a lot of favoritism. During my freshman year my spanish teacher told my friend she was stupid and made her cry in front of the whole class. She was absolutely humiliated and crushed. This teacher was hired because her mother was the principle of the elementary school not because she knew how to teacher spanish. During my senior year the art teacher ms. Meade told my several times friend that everyone in our friend group was a delinquent. My friend became so scared to go to art class that she would often pretend to be sick so she would have to go to that class. There are too many examples to put here but trust me when i say this school is not safe for your kids. The teachers are the bullies at AACS.
I attended AACS k-12th grade and it was a wonderful experience. The teachers truly care about their students and the campus is beautiful. Since I attended, the school has grown immensely. There is a common theme of graduates coming back in the future to teach and I think that's so great.
Absolutely hated this school. Teachers were belittling and told me I was not smart enough to take certain classes, yet when I went on to college I was consistently on the deans list. They did not allocate money wisely in that they could not hire a full time athletic trainer, or even an athletic trainer who was available all seasons my whole 4 years there. Bullying was also a huge problem here and even if you tell it to a teacher or administrator, they do not do anything about it. Many of the office staff are not the nicest unless you are friends with their kids then you can get away with anything. There were a few good teachers, but they quickly realized how horrible the school was and most left after one year. Horrible experience here and wish I was never sent here.
Very great school! The teachers are invested in the students success. The students do their very best to make sure no one feels left out or unwelcomed. While tuition at first glance maybe pricey it is well worth the sacrifice. Annapolis Area Christian School stresses a close relationship with God.
I absolutely love AACS. Both of my brothers attended the school as well. The athletic coaches are very supportive. The teachers are so loving and caring that they have become like family to me. Teachers are very willing to help you one on one after school. It has a great staff and community.
My kids love AACS! We tried public school for one year after we moved farther away from the school. They both wanted to come back before the year was over. There is no place like AACS, the teachers are top notch, the academics surpass our expectations and the friends they make are lifelong.
Annapolis Area Christian School is a good place to go. One thing that I have always appreciated is how much the teachers care and desire to see their students succeed.
My experience has been extremely rewarding academically and socially at the Annapolis Area Christian School. The staff has been completely supportive from the time that I entered the school. I believe that the school has not only prepared me for the next step in my academic journey, but also for life in general.
Such a wonderful community, with a college-ready education, and teachers who care about you. Great performing arts program, great sports that anyone can be apart of, great, but challenging academics.
Nothing should change, the schools is great and I love being a student there. The academics are hard and challenging, better preparing me for college
The school needs to be more accepting of other opinions but, it's been a good high school experience over all.
When we moved into the area, we were looking for a competitive academic school with a strong athletics program, clubs, and teachers who were truly invested in their students' lives. We've found that at AACS! We've been blessed with teachers, administration, and staff who love the Lord and that love shows through them on a daily basis. For the first time in many years, our children are thrilled to be attending a school were they feel loved, accepted, and challenged academically and spiritually.
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AACS is an excellent school. My three children have grown so much in their time at AACS. The teachers are fantastic, the curriculum in excellent, and the Christian culture at each campus is great. I highly recommend AACS.
The teachers are wonderful at AACS. My son had an amazing middle school experience. He was challenged and encouraged. He can't wait to go to the beautiful high school this year.
AACS has been a wonderful fit for my elementary and middle school aged children. We are grateful for their teachers and the learning opportunities they provide. My children are challenged and encouraged in their education.