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I really appreciated how us students felt like we had a voice and the ability to change what we thought needed to be done at AHS. I also loved how we were able to enroll in college level course and earn college credit right within our high school campus. The staff are friendly and fair and administration doesn't feel as though us students are completely beneath them.
I attended Annandale High School all four years of high school. The classes pushed me and helped me to learn more and more. There were many clubs, and sports to be apart of. I always felt safe and had many good days.
The academics are hard but also not unattainable. Teachers are helpful!
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There is not a lot of diversity but everyone that is minority is welcomed
Lots of good opportunities for all students of any age group
It is a great school and everyone is very welcoming
The teachers make you feel welcome and they want you to exceed!
There are many extracurricular activities at Annandale High School including: sports/cheerleading, National Honor Society, Key Club, Robotics, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Jazz Band, Choir, One Act Play, etc. These activities are usually coached/organized by AHS teachers.
Students in 8th grade prepare a 4 year academic plan for high school. As the students progress in high school, their plan can change based on new academic interests.
Annandale High School is a relatively small school; about 120 kids per grade. The small enrollment allows easy access to teachers, administrators, and coaches. There are also multiple opportunities to be involved in extracurricular activities.
The teachers at Annandale High School are very dedicated to the student being learning and being prepared for college. The students have an hour long lunch; the teachers are available for 1/2 of each lunch period to answer questions or help kids with homework or make up tests.
There are many different extracurricular opportunities available at Annandale High School. Some of which are Yearbook club, Chess club, Cardinal Buddies, Robotics, Student Council, BPA, Encore choir, National Honor Society. In addition to these clubs I have heard that there has recently been an addition of Key club where kids must go out into the community and volunteer from reading to children at the Elementary school to visiting senior citizens at the nursing home. Of course there is the addition of sports. Men's sports are Football, Wrestling, Basketball, and Baseball. Women's sports are Volleyball, Gymnastics, Tennis, Basketball, Softball. In addition to gender based sports there are many sports where men and women can be a part of the same sport, and just be on different teams at this school which consist of Cross Country, Ski Team, Track and Field, and Trap shooting.
Overall at this school I did well in classes, but outside the classroom there were difficulties common in school. There was pressure to have the best boyfriend, the most popular friends, the best things, go to the best parties. However none of that really mattered to me.
There are many different teaching styles at this school, however they all tend to work towards the same goal which is to make sure the kids they are teaching succeed in life. The teachers at Annandale Senior High School make time to assist many young adults in their learning.
The opportunity to take college courses it a great way to experience college level courses. Chemistry was tough but ready to re-take it in college and better myself in this area. The interaction and teaching styles of my favorite teachers - memorable and I will go back and visit and keep in touch and let them know how I am doing. I feel they genuinely cared about me and want me to succeed in whatever I go after in the future.
My high school experience overall has been a solid learning environment. I have learned there are good and bad in everything profession, including teachers. I've had teachers who are clearly devoted to their profession and their students as I have also experienced teachers who care little about their profession or their students and who simply want nothing but to assign work and not interact with their students. I've also experienced negative and belittlement by teachers as well. I have had several teachers who I have looked up to and who made my high school experience a positive and memorable one.
This school is a small one. There is no violence what so ever, if there was it is outside of school in good fun I really do not know. I have not seen any violence occur only heard gossip from students about students from a rival school.
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The extracurricular activities were of good quality and some are state recognized especially the girls cross country team in 2013.
The school is a good one. They just got a brand new elementary school the children are no longer distracted from learning anymore and have real classrooms instead of temporary ones.
I thought it was a good school to go to. The teachers were very friendly and wanted the students to succeed in their studies.
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