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I graduated from this school several months ago. I had a very good time at this school. The teachers are very friendly and do there absolute best to prepare their students. There are a wide variety of clubs ranging from community service to knitting, and if you don't find what you're looking for the Administration will help you start one.
My overall Experience at Annandale High School has been the greatest in my life. The diversity at the school is unmatchable and really forms the schools identity. I was surrounded by teachers that cared about getting me far in life, as well as me as a person. The students were accepting of different cultures and the feeling of family was always evident.
Many clubs to get involved in and they have an excellent staff. A lot of hands on and real life activity opportunities.
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Annandale High School was a diverse, involved, and accommodating place to get my high school diploma.
Annandale is a Decent High School filled with all kinds of people. Not many people actually like the school, however if you are involved with a lot of programs the school is very enjoyable
Annandale High School is a place in which I have been able to fully understand who I am. I have made countless mistakes throughout high school but I have learned from many of them and for that I believe myself to be a better person. The learning environment is beyond any school that I have previously attended. Annandale High School is an amazing and diverse school, I love the atmosphere that the school provides. Teachers are understandable, the school’s security team is approachable, and the school’s staff members are some of the kindest and most genuine people that I have ever met. Though Annandale High School is such an amazing school it still has its fair share of flaws. The school has a bit of a maintenance issue due to it being opened in 1954. Even with all the renovations that the school has had over the years there still needs to be greater emphasis in the school’s ceiling maintenance.
Annandale High School located in northern VA is one of the most diverse schools in the country. Because of it's diversity, I was able to interact with a multitude of individual; all with unique cultures and distinctive personalities. My involvement with the school not the best and because of that I did not feel like I belonged. This greatly affected my academic performance.
Annandale is a very diverse school to attend. There are great staff members who create a safe learning space for students. There are many different programs and extracurricular activities for students to pick from and participate in.
I liked the fact that they offered courses for the International Baccalaureate as well as Dual Enrollment courses through the NOVA system. What I want to see is the opportunities for Dual Enrollment to be more available.
Annandale is one of the most diverse schools out there which is a good thing because no one will be segregated based on their race, gender, etc. Mostly everyone at Annandale is very nice and outgoing. We are one big family.
I found that throughout my four years, I’ve seen plenty of people not care and teacher allowed this behavior. Annandale has been inept in preparing anyone for the real world. Everyone is allowed to make up all the assignments and go from a 20% to a 90% in a day. Allowing students to do this creates a mindset for them that they will be allowed to do whatever hey want. It needs to stop now.
My senior year has been by far my favorite year out of my 17 years of my life. I have been able to create bonds with people I would have never been able to. The teachers really work for the students and are willing to sacrifice their own time to stay after and teach students, as long as the students do the same. There is times where it can get overcrowded in the halls but other than that nothing really bothers me. I've made many memories and I can say that i will miss AHS
Annandale is a very versatile school with many different people with many different races. The school is also very spacious. The facilities are most of the time clean. I was very surprised, because most public restrooms and such are very dirty and often avoided. In Annandale the the bathrooms are very clean with multiple restrooms all over the school. You also get seven minutes to each class. This may seem long, but if your class is on the other side of the school or even outside, then you probably would barely make or be late every time unless you run. Though it is impossible to run with the people in front of you walking so slow. The biggest problem with Annandale are the teachers. Some of them may show little motivation, and most of them don't teach you well.
The one thing I liked about Annandale was that I was able to make new friends. I lost some friends but I do not feel sad or depressed in any way. The food at lunch is not that great. It usually upsets my stomach. Some teachers do not care about teaching the students and getting them to engage in class. This is one of the things that need to change as soon as possible. Overall, my experience at the school is average.
I loved the diversity and fun spirit of students. I was in the IB diploma program and it was tough, and draining, but I had support from the IB coordinator and teachers around the school. At Annandale High School, there's always events going around too. Annandale always tries to spread opportunity for people to be apart of.
When I first came to Annandale High school, the students and administration there were really nice. Prior to this, I heard some unflattering rumors about the school, but there isn't anything wrong with the school itself. Most of the teachers are really engaged in their student's academics and strive to help them in many ways. They are also very understanding of student's responsibilities in sports, music, and other activities outside of school.
This is an amazing school with some of the friendliest and experienced staff available in the area. Along with being one of the most diverse areas in the country, everyone is friendly and look out for each other.
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For the two years I've been at AHS there wasn't anything that made it stand out, besides the diversity. This school is very diverse with many different cultures coming together all in one school. There are some cliques but there is a group for everyone to fit into. The school doesn't have many clubs that differ from the typical high school clubs.
Moving from Jeb Stuart High School to Annandale High School is one of the biggest impact in my life. The staff, students, and principal there are very diverse and Annandale being a diverse school is one of the reasons I moved. I bet anyone will love the experience here especially since everyone is very friendly and peaceful with each other.
I'm a student at Annandale High School. I'd say that every year at Annandale becomes better. Many people say Annandale is a bad school, however it is a fairly good school.
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