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What I enjoy about Annandale High School is the diversity. i get to see many different student from around the world and experience some of their customs.
I like most of the things and opportunities Annandale High School has brought me. The staff, administrators, principal, and teachers are all very supportive in the choices we, students, make for our education. They help us along the way and guide us to become the young inpendent scholars we will become.
My experience at Annandale High School was fairly good. I moved from another high school in Ethiopia to Virginia in my junior year. This is my senior year at Annandale. Being a new student has it's own disadvantage, in my first days I usually get lost in the school and be late to class, however the teachers were mostly understanding and the students are very kind and helpful. They would show me directions and sometimes they walk to my class themselves. In one year I make lots of friends. The whole staff of the school is very kind and supportive. Also the school is very diverse. When I started school at Annandale I was scared at first. I was scared of not making friends, being bullied and fail my classes, but it all turned out just fine. I was also worried about communication skills, because my English wasn't that good. Now I'm a senior and I'll leave this school in June, i had an experience in this school, looking back there are lots of things I would miss from this school. GO ATOMS!
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Annandale High School is filled with happy, diverse faces. School spirit is spread through out the hallways. Teachers are excellent.
My High School experience so far has been a handful. Never the less, I am getting good grades and advocating for myself by putting one foot forward. I will let nothing get in my way of becoming who I WANT TO BE, no matter if no one supports or believes in me. I have learned how to become an independent, intelligent, and reliable young women all on my own.
I loved the school's immense diversity. Compared with other school in the FCPS district, Annandale was the most diverse. Also, our teaching staff is very good. This is probably due to the fact that we are an IB School, making our teaching program great. My problem with AHS was the under-funding in our sports programs. Most of the coaches we got were either teachers at the school, with mediocre knowledge of coaching, or cheap coaches from outside the school with a mediocre history in the sport. It caused a huge problem with our athletics programs, making most of them more often that not subpar. Another issue was with clubs. They were poorly managed by the faculty and students.
I love the people at the school especially the friends that I made. The staff and teachers are really nice and friendly and they strive to help the students achieve their dreams and to be able to do well in school. The environment at Annandale High was very soothing and comfortable, it was like another home.
What I enjoy so much about Annandale High School are the amazing teachers that enjoy interacting with the students and are ready to go to any lengths to help students fulfil up to their full potential. Also, I love how there are so many opportunities and activities for everyone.
It was the best, the administrative staff is really supportive. Great curriculum. Great resources helping you prepare for college.
My experience on Annandale High School so far has been great. Annadale is a school full of opportunity and diversity, so you are never alone. If I could change anything about Annadale High School, I would change how they distribute news. With so many clubs and activities, it is difficult to know certain dates and events.
Annandale High School made me into the mature person I am today. I was able to meet so many students from different places, cultures, and languages. One reason I like this school is because of how diverse it is. To me Diversity means the chance to learn new things from different people. Being able to participate in clubs and activities with all kinds of people is something amazing that I found at this school. That's why this school remains my favorite school forever.
I liked a lot of things about Annandale High School like, the teachers, the building , and a lot of the people. Something that could change about Annandale High School is the space, there are student every year so I think they should make the school bigger.
I enjoyed my overall experience at AHS. I was involved in Honors and IB classes and felt very well prepared for college, in fact I'm convinced that some of my IB classes were actually harder than my current college classes. I think you get out of it what you put into it, and I invested a lot in my high school career. I found that my friends did the same and also loved it at AHS, but those that weren't invested didn't have as good of an experience.
The school is up to date with technological advances. The staff isn't as friendly as they should be. teachers have a feeling of wanting more from there students. the cafeteria is huge and lines move along pretty fast the food is horrible but students still buy it.
Annandale High School is located in the heart of Annandale, Virginia. The best aspect of this high school is its extraordinary diversity. There is an equal amount of female and male students, as well as different races and ethnicities. This creates a friendly environment which prepares students to work with different types of people from all backgrounds. The administrators are very helpful and friendly, especially the counselors. Annandale High School is a great school to attend, and almost always motivates students to start working about post-highschool education.
The workload is either super easy in regular classes or extremely hard in IB classes with very little in between. I wish it were an AP school. The music and drama program is really good, the sports not so much.
Annandale High School is a school of great diversity and oppurtunities, coming to this school was a great pleasure. The teachers really cared about the students and wanted to see them succeed as far as getting scholarships and making their own time to see their students. Annandale High is also an IB candidate school and many students in the IB program have went to colleges such as James Madison and Virginia Tech. This school is also really well known for their football athletic program with a lot of student life support. The music and theatre, orchestral department has also been the top among the school district. Annandale High is definitely a school to visit just as Michelle Obama has visited once before.
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I like how the teachers take real interest in the students! The counselor are always available and care about the future of the students. They are always trying to make sure you're on track with your studies. Honestly, I love that school. Everyone is so nice and involved!
Like: diversity, helpful teachers, okay learning environment
dislike: less school spirit, small classrooms with big number of students, food, small cafeteria
Annandale High is a great school. I am involved in sports. The teachers and students have such school spirt.
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