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My experience at AJ was great but I know that other schools offer much better recourses. The teachers go all out to do their job.
I really love AJ, the teachers were amazing and they all had amazing relationships with all the students. The teachers and students were all like a big family. I would change how dirty the school is.
My overall high school experience has been great from the classes to the teachers. The class sizes are appropriate and make the student experience more suitable to the students needs. All the coaches I have played for in my high school career have been helpful and I feel I have learned a lot from them all.
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My favorite experiences have been going to Volleyball games with my friends and working with the student council.
All of the sports we have at school are great and entertaining to watch. The athletes play well in almost every sport we have.
All of the teachers are phenomenal. They are always making sure that the students understand the lesson.
The extracurricular opportunities are wonderful. More than two-thirds of the student body participates in a club or sport. The teachers and sponsors of the club are always involved with the clubs and make sure we are all enjoying ourselves.
There is a real problem with teen pregnacy.
We have a Health Center and this is wonderful because you do not have to leave the school for Dr. Appointments.
We do have several activities.
We have some great teachers. But we are a small school and do not have opportunities as other schools have.
I don't eat at the school.
Policies are strict and administration is alright
Lots of sports and a few clubs
Some parts of the building aren't maintained.
The athletes are the elite and premiere of the school. My entire senior year PE program was weight training and running so that our football players could stay in shape in the Fall and be ready for summer practice moving from the Spring. It was ok for me but some kids just aren't at that level. School spirit seems limited to a select group as well.
I never went to another high school so really have nothing to compare AJ to. Overall, it's an average school with poor leadership and authoritarian ruling style. Kids are cool and there are a number of different cliques you can hang with. Most students are just ready to get out of there and move on to life.
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Most of teachers at AJ are not from our community and don't seem very invested or loyal to the school or students. They are there for the paycheck. This is not to say that there are not a few who go the extra mile and are there for the students.
Bullying is from the top down. Favoritism abounds and rules don't seem to apply equally to all students.
The extras are there for those that want to join in. Football players are the elite and don't seem to have to go by the same rules as others.
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