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It was a good high school experience, I really didn’t like going here but I had to get through my four years. It doesn’t really prepare you for college like I expected it to. There was great diversity. Sometimes certain things that happened with the school I didn’t agree with, but it was just a matter of being patient and dealing with it.
I love the Anna High School district. There are many ways that our district are preparing us students for not only college, but for life. I love how they offer so many different classes and electives for students to take, as well as many dual credit classes for students to take before entering college and bringing their college readiness higher.
Anna is not a bad high school, it just isn't as great as other schools in the Dallas-Forth Worth area. It has a lot of potential, with the amount of parent involvement it has and some of its dedicated teachers. The main hindrance I felt was the students unwillingness to apply themselves, and parents allowing it or even seeking to punish teachers who didn't push their children through. For this reason, it was not uncommon to see upperclassmen still taking underclassmen, introductory courses. Some students, I feel, didn't fell like being smart was cool. I look forward to watching this school grow and become what it has the potential to be.
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For the most part, Anna High School is a friendly environment. However, the academics aren't at a national level. More pressure on athletics than education.
The professors are very friendly with the students and allows them to be able to understand the work better. I would want the cafe food to have some variety.
The yearbook club in Anna High is very interesting to be part of. It gives you opportunities to explore with your own mind and ideas.
The nurse and principles are always taking care of their students, which make the school amazing to attend
The teachers in Anna High School help's their students at any cost, even if they had to go home, they would make time for us to understand our work and do better next time. I'm very grateful to them and wish I could have teachers like them in every school I attend in the future.
I´ve had a great experience, I would definetly recommend my school.

The teachers have knowledge or they look for the information they do not pocess.
I've had a lot of fun at this school. The events are very interesting and most of my teachers are very supportive of my education. Our school is very unique in the way our sports practices.
There are quite a few teachers at my school that are plenty helpful yes, but i feel like some honestly don't care much about our education. Some are quite rude then there are others that are very helpful and nice. i think AHS could use some improvement to be honest but then again not every school is perfect.
Could be better, but in a small town a lot of the kids turn to alcohol and marijuana when they're bored
Really there are few that aren't agriculture related or (in my opinion) cult-like, I'm personally in robotics and film club but other than raising your chances of getting into GT or NHS they don't matter
It's school, the other students are annoying, my friends are cool, im a teenage and I hate it by virtue of hating things.
A lot of the teachers are kind and great, but like in all schools there are teachers who either are rude or unfair or just so jaded that they just don't care anymore. The teachers that are really good tend to have a lot of character and interesting to chat with before or after school.
Our school security is not as strict as other schools. We don't have metal detectors but, we do have random armed staff members, security cameras everywhere, and teacher ID locks. Other than that, our security is not as tip top shape as other schools.
I have always been involved in extracurricular activities since I was a child. I ran cross country, played recreational soccer. currently I play high school football, high school soccer, and I run high school track. I also run in charity 5k's and participate in band competitions.
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My experience at Anna High School has been great. For the past four years that I have attended Anna High School I have become friends with many people here. I am involved with Football, Soccer, Band, and Track. If I could redo my high school years at someplace different, I would probably stay here at Anna. I have so many friends here that I have become close to and I couldn't ask for better friends.
Few teachers go out of their way to help students succeed. Classes there are fairly easy, pretty much the only way you can fail is if you do not turn your work in. Most teachers at my school typically follow the criteria that is bare minimum. All my teachers my senior year have been hands on teaching. In the past my teachers have done the simplest of teaching such as, putting notes on the board and telling us to copy the notes and that would be it.
For a relatively small school, you'd expect there to be a bit of leniency
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