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Ann Sobrato provides all of the necessary resources to prepare students for college. My favorite thing about Sobrato is their extensive science program. They offer a wide range of science classes and encourage students to enroll in them. While the atmosphere at Sobrato is overall safe, it could be more inclusive.
They do a very good job of guiding students in the right direction, they encourage many to "do good and be great".
I have been in Sobrato for all four years, making friends was very easy. Best school to make some friends and have a good experience of dances.
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Sobrato is generally a great school. Despite the fact that it is one of the handful of schools in the area that has a grass football field and no outdoor lights, pinnacle of the Sobrato experience would definitely be the student life, as the activities and rallies are different and fun. For the most part, the teachers are fairly helpful, except for our sub-par math department. The tutorial period is a lifesaver, as it serves its purpose to allow students to get help in the classes they need to during school hours.
I had some great teachers that really motivated me to succeed, and helped me along the way. The academics were very good, however, I wish there were more club opportunities and more athletic opportunities. Our athletics were very under-funded, and it was often difficult to fundraise to get new materials for our teams.
Overall a good school. Academics are very competitive as are sports. Teachers are a hit or miss and if you don't have a set group of friends it makes it hard to fit in. Very diverse student body and faculty so there is almost always someone you can go to. Councilors are supportive but put a lot of pressure on going to a four year after graduation to increase good statistics. They are also forgetful since they are so busy. Not much help available if you are unhappy in a class, just work and hope for the best. Many fun senior traditions but you have to work hard and be self directed. I mostly enjoyed my four years and hope I am prepared for college.
While I was at Sobrato I had a great time. I made a lot of friends and had great connections with teachers and administration. One thing I would change about Sobrato is that sometimes it seemed they cared more for the students who were honor roll or getting good grades. It seemed like all they cared about were their test scores and grades.
Going to Ann Sobrato was probably on of the best choices one could have. The school is very diverse and people are competitive enough to perform well in class. Our teachers are full of knowledge who are willing to share it to students generously.
I think that Sobrato is a good school, as it's students and teachers are very diverse. I think that the counselors could be better because it is very difficult sometimes to make sure things get done when you want them done. They are very nice and approachable though. Overall, Sobrato is a good school, but I think there are better schools nearby such as Santa Teresa High School.
Ann Sobrato High School has great counselors and teachers. One thing that I would like to see is the increase in the amount of AP courses available.
It was a very nice school that further prepared me academically. I was able to partake in various AP classes and the teachers there allowed me to excel in such environment where I otherwise wouldn't be able to. This school is very ideal and would have been perfect if it wasn't for the worst guidance counselors who seemed more interested in maintaining a reputation rather than an interest in going out of their way to help my fellow classmates. Beautiful campus.
I had a good experience at Ann Sobrato High School. The highlight of my experience was the being on the golf team. I think the area that needs the most improvement is the math department.
I enjoyed my education experience at Ann Sobrato High. I learned a lot from a plethora of unique teachers with completely different teaching styles. I felt that success was easily accessible to me because of the tons of learning resources provided to me.
I like the block schedule at the school, and the teachers are mostly nice people. I value having tutorial, free time to complete and homework or get help from teachers. I would only say the teachers need to be a little more organized and have more student oriented curriculum.
Overall my experience at Sobrato has been good, there really isn't much to complain about. The councilors in my opinion are the best because they help you with your journey to college, step by step.
The staff are very nice and they have a good learning system in place. One suggestion I would make is to consider student input when determining new classes like suggestions for an AP Psychology class.
Sobrato is a pretty good high school with a lot of school spirit. Most of the teachers are knowledgeable and caring, but there are a handful that are difficult to deal with.
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Ann Sobrato High School has a good community, decent campus, and great clubs to get involved with. There is a high amount of school spirit, and a push for academic advancement.
I like my school because there is a great diverse group of students who excel in just about everything, like sports, academics, school spirit, and clubs which makes it possible to have fun. Our school's block scheduale gives me plenty of time to do homework and helps me stay organized. Although, the math department needs to be improved big time... most of the math teachers are horrible and grading makes it impossible to do well in math, especially if you already struggle in math.
Sobrato has a beautiful campus with good sports and academic programs. There are so many options for ap classes especially in the science department.
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