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I enjoyed my education experience at Ann Sobrato High. I learned a lot from a plethora of unique teachers with completely different teaching styles. I felt that success was easily accessible to me because of the tons of learning resources provided to me.
I like the block schedule at the school, and the teachers are mostly nice people. I value having tutorial, free time to complete and homework or get help from teachers. I would only say the teachers need to be a little more organized and have more student oriented curriculum.
Overall my experience at Sobrato has been good, there really isn't much to complain about. The councilors in my opinion are the best because they help you with your journey to college, step by step.
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The staff are very nice and they have a good learning system in place. One suggestion I would make is to consider student input when determining new classes like suggestions for an AP Psychology class.
Sobrato is a pretty good high school with a lot of school spirit. Most of the teachers are knowledgeable and caring, but there are a handful that are difficult to deal with.
Ann Sobrato High School has a good community, decent campus, and great clubs to get involved with. There is a high amount of school spirit, and a push for academic advancement.
I like my school because there is a great diverse group of students who excel in just about everything, like sports, academics, school spirit, and clubs which makes it possible to have fun. Our school's block scheduale gives me plenty of time to do homework and helps me stay organized. Although, the math department needs to be improved big time... most of the math teachers are horrible and grading makes it impossible to do well in math, especially if you already struggle in math.
Sobrato has a beautiful campus with good sports and academic programs. There are so many options for ap classes especially in the science department.
This school made a decent high school experience for me. It had a welcoming environment, a nice student body and staff, and great academics. If I could see anything change, it would be our school spirit.
good teachers and programs however the departments aren't well organized. Some of the teachers are amazing and others are not. The turnover rate is very high for teachers and this may be a contributing factor.
Great friendly campus, always changing curriculum for different and unique learning opportunities. Administration can be difficult at times but overall great school.
I honestly like attending Sobrato. The school is new and is really pretty and the people here are nice. The one thing I don't really like is some of the teachers because they don't actually teach.
With all four of my years in high school spent at Ann Sobrato, as I am about to conclude enrollment I am strongly inclined to thank everyone that contributed to the presence of this school, as it continues to provide me with countless opportunities for aid when needed, whether academic or emotional, information about colleges and any resource I may need under any circumstance. Though I've tried to pinpoint my school's faults, I simply can't find much reason to complain as there are too many aspects to be grateful for. My counselors have answers to questions I may not have even thought to ask, and I can say with all confidence that they are fit for their positions, as they have proven themselves as outstanding-and fun- role models. And sure, my meals may not have been délicieux at times, and you'll step in the occasional grime puddle in a lavatory, but school was not designed to please, it is where you learn to accept the imperfections of life, and, of course, learn to grow up.
Sobrato is a great school for academics, however, despite it being a new school, needs improvements in terms of the bathrooms. The bathrooms are always filthy and sinks and soap dispensers broken. On another notes, most of the teachers are great and understanding, with the exception of a few. Our sports teams are not very good, but we have good school spirit.
I would not want to go to any other high school. This has been on of the better school experiences that I have ever had.
Ann Sobrato High School did a fairly good job of having AP courses available, which in turn better prepared me for university and got me ahead in units. Sadly, it isn't a district that pays teachers well, so there seemed to be a constant rotation of teachers, however the ones who had been around for a long time were very good at what they did, and many of the new teachers were good as well. As with any high school, it had its ups and downs, however over all I felt that I received a good education during my time there.
The education is at a really high standard as the counselors push students to go into A.P. courses and sometimes the students aren't really prepared for that kind of work. The school seems like they really are out to get money out of the government because AP teachers get paid more.
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At Ann Sobrato High School, the campus is very modern and clean. The teachers are very kind to the students and sometimes can be a little strict. When it comes to the facilities such as the restrooms' they could be unclean. For example, some of the stalls have toilet water on the floor and sometimes on the seats, and other times in the stalls there isn't any toilet paper by the end of brunch which is our first break. With the diverse multiethnic group of people, it comes very easy to making new friends and joining new sports. Sobrato is mainly focused on the education and rooting our team mates on! GO BULLDOGS!
Overall, I'm educationally challenged to push my academics to higher levels while being given support through faculty and staff to help me succeed. Although, I would like to see a change with the school's artistic courses where students are being motivated to take these classes alongside their academic studies.
Ann Sobrato High School is located in Morgan Hill California. It in a small town with one other high school. The faculty is amazing. They strive for educational success and only want the best for their students. The graduation requirements are the entry level requirements for universities. So, if a student was not planning on applying to a four year, but last minute decided they should, they wouldn't have to worry if they met the requirements or not. Because if they are graduating they have already met the requirements. The sports program is wonderful. It ranges from tennis and volleyball to soccer and football, including teams for both girls and boys. Overall, my high school experience was amazing and I'm glad I was allowed to attend Ann Sobrato High School.
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