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Ankeny High is an amazing school district, and the faculty is great. Ankeny has lots of opportunities to get involved and take college level classes during high school. They also work closely with DMACC which is the community college down the street and are able to take some class directly at the college. The brand new school has a great layout. The extracurricular activities is one of the special things about this school, it allows students to build friendships and compete with other schools. I enjoyed my time at the school and would recommended it to anyone.
Ankeny High school is very good in terms of its statistics. This is a double edged sword however. Ankeny has many students who succeed and take higher level classes and also have a very high graduation rate. The problem with this is there are very ill-prepared students are graduate and Ankeny does not care because they care mainly about their statistics and looking better than other schools.
Attending AHS has allowed me to be in basketball, choir, show choir, and to take college classes while attending high school. This experience will set me up for success once I am a full time college student. I have been given the skills I need to balance my busy schedule.
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I like that the school district pushes for excellence. They also offer lots of classes that gives you college credits.
The teachers at Ankeny High School are very passionate about their job and teaching their students. They prepared me well for college.
I feel that Ankeny High School employs teachers who truly do care about the success of their students. The teachers go the extra mile to ensure the students do work to the best of their abilities and encourage students to try their best. I feel that one thing that Ankeny High School could improve upon is the lack of diversity.
I have been going to Ankeny schools all my life and I can say it has been an amazing journey starting from little kindergarten to almost graduating I wouldn't of changed it for the world the community is amazing and welcoming we are very open to new people and students we have a lot of school 10 elementarys two middle schools two junior highs and two high schools but the great thing about Ankeny is we are all still united even though we are divided north and south we do not view it as that and the opportunitys we have is outstanding we have lots of sports and academics to fulfill everyone's love and we have great music and acting programs as well this is just part of the reason Ankeny is a wonderful place to go to school
I graduated from A.H.S. 6 years ago now, things have changed a lot (they split the high school into two different high schools). So my experience may be different then what is currently happening at the school now.

When I went to Ankeny, it felt like real lift High School Muscial. It was cliquey and the football team/popular kids ruled the school. Luckily I spent my time in the music department. Although favoritism happened fairly often I had wonderful teachers and a was thoroughly prepared for college classes. I wasn't prepared in terms of help learning how to apply to scholarships or anything like that, just in means of work-load and balancing class to social life.
I like the opportunities that students have access to as far as extra curricular and academics. Teachers provide a solid foundation for learning, and feed the hunger for education.
I love Ankeny High School, it has given me so many opportunities, especially with the split. The split has allowed so many students to get to participate in activities, and both schools still excel at them. For the most part the teachers are good but they all really truly care about the success of their students. I think Ankeny sets up their students to succeed because they offer so many classes that are duel credit. If you put yourself in the right position you are able to accumulate college credit that will transfer to most colleges. I think that is one of the most beneficial parts of Ankeny.
great access to community college classes too
Very strong in athletics and music
they take pride in what they do
I wasn't really involved in extracurricular activities. But heard they were good!
I enjoyed my time at Ankeny and met my best friend still today in the school district.
I enjoyed most of the teacher that I had in classes!
There are many extra curricular activities students are able to participate in. These range from show choir, robotics, key club, and community services clubs. There are many students that participate in one or more of these extracurricular activities.
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The best thing of Ankeny High School is the athletics. Everyone is very involved in at least one sport or extra curricular activity. Most of the students support at least one activity or sport whether they participate or not.
Many of the teachers at Ankeny High school are friendly and do all they can to help you understand the material. They are willing to help you outside of class if you need and are accepting to students who need extra help
People tend to get sick a lot.
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