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I think the best parts of this school are resources, experience, and staff. They are amazing. It’s easy to find whatever you are looking for, whether it’s books, articles, or classes. The high school experience and the culture is just great. And the staff are so kind and willing to help.
There are so many great opportunities. All the teachers want to see you succeed, and are there to help you.
I really like being a part of a sports team here. We are really successful and have a lot of fun competing. Not only are the sports teams successful, but are academics are too. There are many opportunities to get better at a certain academic skill and our students do very well on standardized tests. Also, there are a lot of extracurriculars and clubs to be involved in. There is something for everyone to be a part of and many of our teachers strive to include everyone in events. It is a relatively new school, so the facilities are really nice. I would like to see more students involved though in attending events. There really is no student section for sports, especially girls sports. There never is any following for certain clubs in the drama department. But, the following of show choir kind of makes up for it.
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As a student that attends Ankeny Centennial High School, my overall experience has been very good. The teachers are always whiling to help and have very flexible hours to offer one on one assistance when needed. The teachers strive for all the students to excel not just for the grade, but for the students to actually learn the material being taught for a stronger future. The student body of Centennial is also amazing when it comes to helping out those whom have disabilities. PEOPEL PE is offered in which students without disabilities help those with them to come together for a pe class. This class is my favorite part of the day because friendships are sparked and it is extremly rewarding to see the difference you are making in the kids with disabilities lives.
The teachers are always willing to help you grow as a student. The school offers many dual enrollment courses with the local community college (D.M.A.C.C.). I wish the school helped challenge the faster learning / more advanced students a bit more; however, there are plenty of science and math courses you can take through D.M.A.C.C. if you are interested in those fields.
The teachers are always willing to give you a hand with anything. The atmosphere is great and the students are extremely respectful.
Centennial was the best experience! Wouldn't change a thing! The teachers are caring and always there to help. The counselors create a path to help you succeed. Sports teams are always top rated. Facilities are state of the art. Large school but small feeling.
Centennial is a good size. It's not so big that students feel as if they slip through the cracks, and it's not so small that everybody already knows each other.
Ankeny is a place that wasn't the most friendly. I was not bullied by other students but I felt that the staff just didn't really care about us. It was fine but they could definitely work on helping their students succeed more!
They have an amazing academic program with access to free college courses through DMACC. They really do their best to prepare their students for college and life after high school.
ACHS does a fantastic job at preparing students for college. They offer both dual credit college classes and AP classes. Although it's a big school, the teachers and staff really make it feel like a smaller community. There are a lot of opportunities for extra curriculars that range anywhere from chess club to a sports team, so there are options for everyone!
I would like to see less favor towards students just because they are athletes or in a special group.
Ankeny Centennial is a great school to attend. After graduating and coming to a college campus I felt ready for college and did not feel as though I was drowning. Although I wish they would have given us better direction on what classes to take to save us money at college. All in all Ankeny Centennial is a great school and I am a very proud Alumni!
High school is high school. Classes are difficult but the staff is wonderful when it comes to questions. Some of my fellow classmates have some maturing to do, but overall it's not too bad.
3 years ago I moved from Wisconsin a class of 17 to now a class of 1400 plus. Everyone made my transition very easy, I became involved in sports and met the best of friends to which I still have today. The school made sure I always had the resources I needed. The hardest part was coming into a sports program that the kids where developed early on with the high school standards and names where out there. I feel that there could be changes in some of the athletic programs due to alot of talented kids where overlooked, the summer camps where there to strengthen the already known starters instead of working with potential strong players. ( I can't speak for all just the ones I was involved in). But I held my head high, gave it my best and enjoyed the friendships I developed out of it. There were teachers whom really cared for you and helped in each and every way and I will treasure that my entire life.
I love my school. It has awarded me with many amazing opportunities and experiences. Just last summer, I went to France and Spain on the school trip. Lots of people were able to go because the school was able to make it very affordable for the majority of people. I am also a cheerleader and I have been for the last four years. Our school is also very successful with sports and other activities. If I could change one thing, it would be the competitive atmosphere throughout Ankeny. We got divided into two high schools a couple years ago. Since then, we have all been very competitive against each other. I feel like there wouldn't be as much hatred throughout the community if we were still in one high school.
Overall, the experience was fantastic. The facilities were brand new when I entered high school. Because it was the first year of use, there were a few bumps, but the faculty and staff stayed on top of things and made sure everything was running smoothly. One of the main standards of ACHS is its college preparedness. The teachers have done an excellent job preparing students for college; college honestly is much easier than what I was expecting because of how well they prepared me for the experience. ACHS is a very inclusive school, and provides many opportunities for clubs, sports, and activities, of which were a joy to be a part of. Everyone is given equal opportunity to be a part of anything they want, in a way that allows you to discover what you enjoy and want to continue potentially for the rest of your life.
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Even though most students would probably say that the workload is too much, you have to put it into perspective. If you are highly involved in activities and have a full class load, the work is going to be a lot but it isn't unmanageable. They have to find a way to handle it all because it is possible.
I feel like student involvement in our school is average to somewhat above average. Our school is very strong when it comes to football and basketball, so most students attend those events, they aren't always completely supportive of the teams when they are there, but they are there to watch the game and give as much support as they can. I feel like it could be better, but it seem pretty good to me.
The administration really does a fantastic job when it comes to supporting all activities and clubs. They do what they can to make sure every experience for every student is wonderful. They go above and beyond what they need to do to make sure every student enjoys them self in their activities. They also do a great job of spreading word about what there is to do and what the school offers.
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