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My experience at Ankeny Centennial was similar to many others, I believe. I found it to be welcoming, but prestigious, which pushed me further in my academic career.
There are abundant opportunities within the school and you'll find mostly supportive staff and faculty!
At Ankeny Centennial there is so many opportunities for every type of personality and ability. This is one of the main points of emphasis in the school, to provide the same opportunity for every kid. Whether between education of extra curricular activities too.
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Overall, school is pretty good. Most of the faculty is good. However, academic expectations and requirements are inconsistent from class to class and teacher to teacher. There are a lot of ways to get involved. There's a wide variety of clubs, teams, and activities to get involved with. The music programs at Centennial are exceptional, and the teachers who teach them even more so.
Very good school overall, there are lots of opportunities in the variety of classes and activities offered.
Ankeny Centennial was a great learning environment as well as a place to grow as both a student and person.
Ankeny Centennial High School was a brand new school district and facility for my senior year. The faculty and staff did a very good job of creating a safe and new learning environment. The library offered lots of academic assistance along with a large variety of paper and digital books.
I loved the educational aspect of Ankeny Centennial High School- the courses, the teachers, and our resources were top notch. However, due to our schools wealth and large population, a lot of the student body has a entitled attitude, and our upper-level administration doesn't quite understand how school works or what exactly their priorities should lay. I would like to see the administration spend more time in the classroom to better understand what the teachers and students do on a daily basis in order to better improve our school's management. I'm very grateful to have studied here, but wish that there were some changes.
Although I may not have enjoyed high school, I appreciate all that the school has done for me. The staff is kind, helpful, and considerate to your responsibilities for the most part. There are times when this is not the case, but that is not a school-wide attitude. I did not enjoy my peers more than anything. There needs to be more done to prevent negative actions and speech from students.
Although our programs and staff are above average, the environment, including “Jag Spirit”, could use some work.
The classes were very impressive in terms of both rigor and diversity. The school strives to provide students with the best possible environment to pursue their interests and develop as learners. The athletic teams were outstanding in their pursuit of excellence but lacking in terms of sportsmanship.
Ankeny Centennial is a school with lots of opportunities to find what you love from sports and clubs to interesting classes. It has teachers that love to help others grow and has difficult classes to challenge the truly brilliant. The only things I would change about the school is how the pressure to get As in every class can be overwhelming, and the auditorium is too small for events such as the annual Festival of Choirs.
Ankeny Centennial High School has personally helped me grow in my learning and in my prep for college. This high school prepares students for any future of their choice whether it's in mechanics, the culinary arts, drama, medicine, etc. The educators here push for high excellence and expect the most for students. They genuinely care about student's and their academic and extracurricular goals. Educators here work hard to push to impact every student that walks through the classroom doors. As a result, the culture at Ankeny Centennial is welcoming to diverse opinions and backgrounds of others. In conclusion, Ankeny Centennial is truly a five star school.
Ankeny Centennial is a good and safe school, there are plenty opportunities to join clubs and be involved, but sports such as basketball and football are favored unfairly over others by students and by teachers. Teachers have unfair bias towards students and play favorites as well as inflict their political views on to the students.
My high school experience was amazing all thanks to Ankeny Centennial High School. One thing that stands out the most is the teachers. They willingly give up extra time and energy to help a student who is struggling. Ankeny Centennial has fully prepared me for college through its resources and teachers. One thing that could improve is the diversity among the school and this could be obtained through the promoting and adding of clubs and activities.
They are very good at preparing you for the future however the culture here pushes students to do a lot. Participate in activities and sports as well as enrolling in 3-5 dual enrollment courses or AP level classes.
I really love how new and big the school is. Makes the environment a more of a calm feeling instead of overwhelming. Also at Ankeny Centennial there are so many class options every students will find something they feel passionate about. Not only that ,but they do a good job of incorporated everybody and having every individual involved.
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The teachers are funny and really nice. Just the whole entire staff is amazing and I have learned a lot. We make the playoffs in almost every sport and the atmosphere at games is just awesome.
I love the welcoming atmosphere created by the staff and students. The building is very secure and up to date for the most part. Cosmetically I would only have one bad thing and that’s the hand dryers. However when it comes to the inner workings of the school there are some issues. When it comes to activities, it seems to only be sports that are focused on, with little regard to any other activity such as speech, drama, or show choir. But the academics are very stressed upon and the faculty make sure that all students are doing as well as they can. My only real complaint would be that the guidance department should be more informed on other colleges, not just the three regent schools: ISU, U of I, and UNI
Ankeny High school is a very good school, everyone is welcoming and it is a very nice environment to learn and experience high school in. One of my favorite places would be the library, they have multiple opportunities for every student such as a music room, a 3D printer, a button maker, a ton of computers, and a staff that will help and accommodate for anything someone would like to do or needs for an assignment. Another part that many students enjoy is all of the activities available from show choir to any club that someone can think of and all of the athletics. Through sports and clubs at school I have met many people that are now my friends in my grade and older than me. Overall Ankeny Centennial is an excellent place for high school and I do not think there could be any improvements becuase it is a place I look forward to going too every day!
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