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Ankeny Centennial High School Reviews

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Centennial does an excellent job in preparing students for college academically and they help us with resources to find ways to afford college.
Ankeny, IA is a great place to raise a family. Ankeny School District is inclusive and supportive to all students and families. Ankeny Centennial is a wonderful high school with the best technology and resources to offer to students. All the teachers are supportive, and the environment is conducive to learning. Teachers are willing to meet with you before or after school to make sure that you understand the subject. Centennial also has a variety of clubs to offer to students and offer competitive sports. You will be able to attend many state events each year that Centennial Sports teams will participate in.
I like Ankeny Centennial because it provides many opportunities for all students. The district works with DMACC to allow students to get ahead of the college game. There are also many different clubs, both academic and nonacademic, that all students can partake in. Centennial thrives on preparing their students for the future and I feel they do very well doing so.
If Centennial were to change anything, I think they should change what their schedule looks like. Many classes do not have enough time to finish in the brief 46 minutes teacher get. I believe it would be cool for Centennial to go to a block schedule to allow more time for learning in every subject.
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I moved to Ankeny my sophomore year of high school because my Dad is active duty air force and got the opportunity to be the ROTC commander at Iowa State. Moving to a new school was nerve racking because I didn't know if I would integrate well or make friends. However, Ankeny Centennial is such an amazing and welcoming environment that I felt at home right away. The school provides great academics that make you push limits you didn't think you could; amazing teachers that care for your well being and want you to strive to be the best person you can be; and best of all, friends that help you through every struggle. After coming to this school I have become better at writing, science, and most of all I have become a more confident leader.
All of the teachers are very knowledgeable in their field of study, and are willing to go out of their way to help their students. Also, the culture at Ankeny Centennial is very strong and everyone plays a big part in it.
I love the friendliness of the school and all of the welcoming smiling faces I see every morning when I walk in the building! I also love all of the ways the teachers build connections with you and make you feel comfortable! Some things that need to change are the language that is used in our school mostly by the students and the way we treat people with special needs because students at our school have a tendency to make fun of children with special needs and teachers may not see it but students need to report it!
I like how the teachers were genuinely interested in our success and made it their mission to help us further our knowledge. The only issue I had with Centennial is that there was not much diversity, so some students were not exposed to numerous cultures and beliefs which didn't help them prepare for real world encounters.
I believe this school is very good at encouraging students to better themselves to be greater prepared for the future. They have many options for clubs to join and everyone is full of school spirit. This has been one of the best schools I’ve been too because of all the extra help teachers give me if needed.
When going to Ankeny Centennial, I really enjoyed being involved in activities. I was in show choir, softball, volleyball, track and National Honor Society all throughout my high school years. I really enjoyed making friends and the inclusiveness that came along with Ankeny Centennial. Every group that I was with whether it had music correlation, sports correlation or academic correlation was unique in its own way.
Ankeny Centennial High School offered a great educational experience offering a variety of course work in various disciplines. The teachers were highly trained in their areas with good backgrounds in their area of expertise. Teachers offered help when needed and contacted parents as needed. The school works with Des Moines Area Community College to help meet the needs of students to earn college credit while attending high school. At the recent graduation, almost all students graduating had earned college credit. Students have the opportunities to participate in athletics, music, art, and many different clubs and activities to meet the needs of the students. One sport that would be great to add is lacrosse. This sport is growing and high school participate would be helpful in our community.
Based on my time at Centennial, I had an overall good experience. The teachers were always willing to help, the lunch ladies always had smiles on their faces, and the security guard greeted us every day when we walked through the door. I made amazing friends and memories thanks to my high school, with all of the activities and opportunities the school had to offer. I enjoyed Centennial because not many schools have the privelege of going to talk to the best teacher ever, Mr. Zuck!
Centennial high school is more than your average high school. It’s a place where the staff try their best to help you succeed and prepare you for college. Though their intentions are not always met, the intent is still there.
My experience at Ankeny Centennial was similar to many others, I believe. I found it to be welcoming, but prestigious, which pushed me further in my academic career.
There are abundant opportunities within the school and you'll find mostly supportive staff and faculty!
At Ankeny Centennial there is so many opportunities for every type of personality and ability. This is one of the main points of emphasis in the school, to provide the same opportunity for every kid. Whether between education of extra curricular activities too.
Overall, school is pretty good. Most of the faculty is good. However, academic expectations and requirements are inconsistent from class to class and teacher to teacher. There are a lot of ways to get involved. There's a wide variety of clubs, teams, and activities to get involved with. The music programs at Centennial are exceptional, and the teachers who teach them even more so.
Very good school overall, there are lots of opportunities in the variety of classes and activities offered.
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Ankeny Centennial was a great learning environment as well as a place to grow as both a student and person.
Ankeny Centennial High School was a brand new school district and facility for my senior year. The faculty and staff did a very good job of creating a safe and new learning environment. The library offered lots of academic assistance along with a large variety of paper and digital books.
I loved the educational aspect of Ankeny Centennial High School- the courses, the teachers, and our resources were top notch. However, due to our schools wealth and large population, a lot of the student body has a entitled attitude, and our upper-level administration doesn't quite understand how school works or what exactly their priorities should lay. I would like to see the administration spend more time in the classroom to better understand what the teachers and students do on a daily basis in order to better improve our school's management. I'm very grateful to have studied here, but wish that there were some changes.
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