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Animo Watts College Preparatory Academy Reviews

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I feel like my school is a very great school academically. It really stands by its name "College Preparatory". My school makes sure that all our A-G requirements exceed to what is recommended. They ensure a safe environment and a family type of relationship. We are able to make a close bond with our teachers and staff, which comes in handy when talking about either personal issues or school problems. We can also have 1 on 1 conversations with our teachers discussing our grades and trying to improve ourselves as a whole.
As an animo watts graduate, I say that animo watts does live up to its name of being a college preparatory academy. The teachers are nice, friendly and really care about their students, and the administrators are friendly as well. My only issue at the school was the food and the tiny space of the school. Other than that I worked really hard, gradated, got into a 4 year college, and I thank Animo Watts for getting me prepared. GO WARRIORS!!
I absolutely loved this school. Before I got to this school I was careless about the future, but thanks to all the supportive teachers and staff I was encouraged to believe in myself. I recently graduated and I owe all my gratitude to this school for allowing me to become the first in my family to go to college. This school cares a lot about student academics and mentality, I recommend this school to anyone that lives in the areas.
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Throughout my four years as a warrior I discover my true passion of helping others during my stay at Animo Watts College Preparatory goal of dedicating my time to help my peers improve their academics,and provide guidance.I have grown out of my comfortable shell as no longer being the shy person,but becoming an individual who is able to conquer her fears ,and speak up when asked.I have noticed that many of my peers achieve growth in academics from leadership roles in and out of a warrior you must show dedication,team leader ,and be able to manage your time.
It's a small school which is great to make friends and have a close relationship with teachers. But if you're interested in sports or big school events, I wouldn't recommend it for you because it is such a small school.
My experience at Animo Watts has been incredibly amazing and challenging. It's a community where we all get along, a place full of laughter and joy. Although we may not be considered the perfect size for a school, I gradually increase the high chance of every student succeeding and accomplish their life goals and dreams. Animo Watts has brought me many wonderful and amazing memories, teachers, etc. I highly recommend this school, for not only because I came here, but because they truly help you be prepared for college, leadership, and life.
It’s a good school just unnecessary requirements, too many argue that this charter school focuses a bit more on behavior rather than academics.
This school has allowed me to grow as an individual by providing me with essentials to prosper. From gradually improving the variety of AP courses to stimulate my college bound side, offering sports to partake in, and having caring staff, to emphasizing the importance of college, leadership, and life, this school is always in search of improving and instilling values among students, which nurtures our community. Staff and students are able to interact on a personal level as staff serves as a hand to push students to their fullest potential as a person, not just student. With this said, it is not difficult to find an adult to confide in since there are many present to lend you an ear when you are at your highest or lowest peak. With all of this said, my experience at Animo Watts College Preparatory Academy has been a journey filled with support of staff and friends who genuinely care for my emotional well being while pushing me to strive for my dreams.
My experience of attending Animo Watts was pretty great because all the teachers taught well and you feel like you belong. This school is small so you get a chance to meet many people and you get to see familiar faces everywhere you look at. I personally met many people and I am friends with them still. The only thing I will like to change would probably be the food because sometimes the food will run out fast but overall lunch was pretty good.
Animo Watts is a really great school despite the area it is at. What I like about the school is that the school gives us educational opportunities by joining AP courses and Honors classes. The school also gives us help whenever we are struggling and the staff and teachers are very respectful. The only thing I do not like is the food. Overall, the school is great.
The small size of the school makes it easy for students to interact with the staff and fellow classmates, making it easier for them to fully learn concepts taught in class. The over all quality of education is good although the school does lack
AP courses and electives that could really benefit students.
Going to this school for my high school years, it has been pretty good because you really a lot support from teachers and the counselors at the school. All the staff members are respectful towards the students and vise versa. Also, they give students the opportunity to take AP and Honors courses.
Going to Animo Watts was good because I got to meet new people. What I liked about Animo Watts is that the school provided some educational opportunities by providing students AP Courses and Honor classes. The staff members and teachers are very respectful and helpful. The only thing that I feel needs more changes is the cafeteria's food, I guess I got tired of it. Overall, it is a great school and the students receive help whenever we are struggling.
Animo Watts College Preparatory Academy is a good school maybe not the best but it has what's necessary for the students to succeed academically. The school just needs more AP courses to provide for the students since that's something it lacks on providing.
I enjoyed my experience at Animo Watts College Preparatory as they truly care about every single student and push them to succeed, offering us every resource available.
This is good, because they do help you with college not much of leadership but some of life. We do have sports but we are missing one and that is baseball and feel that school could us a baseball team. Not the teachers but the CSO are rude to some students. and I feel that there is no excuse for such a act.
My experience at the school has been very positive. The teachers are always encouraging you to your best, and they also have office hours in which they stay after school in order to help students with homework or to retake exams. They also have several sports that students can participate in.
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Very Good School. They Really Do Dedicate Their Time On Preparing You For College. Although It Is A Small School &' You Don't Get The Whole "High School" Experience, Its A Drama Free Place . Great Environment With Dedicated Teachers.
Animo Watts College Prep. Academy is an okay school. Academic wise some teachers are willing to help no matter what , they stay for office hours and some take there teaching time seriously. While others don't and can't even control their class. We have no school spirit what so ever. We only have volleyball , soccer, and a basket ball team with as well a cheer team. I would love to see more school spirit it makes the school more known and fun. It doesn't feel as though I am attending a high school since there is no gym or anything we have to go to Magic Johnson park for P.E and our rally's aren't actual rallies its more like an announcement and that's all.
I'd like to say, its actually been a pretty good school despite small. The environment is very tight knit, because virtually everyone knows each other. Now speaking in terms of academics at Animo, they were somewhat sub-par throughout a majority of the time, I was there.
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