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The teachers are very involved with the students. There is a limited number of clubs and sports that are offered. The school is not very diverse with a majority of the student population being Hispanic/Latino/a. Overall there is a welcoming environment on campus, with teachers willing to set aside time both after school and during lunch if students wish to get extra help or if they need a place to hang out.
My experience at Animo Venice charter high school has been overall positive because they focus on helping students in college, leadership, and life. I really appreciate that the school has a class dedicated to helping students apply to college because it is something that can be pretty stressful without the help of an adult.
My experience overall has been very good here they focus on college, leadership, and life. I would change the school lunch they give and add more counselors so the students are able to get more help.
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The school really helped me apply to college. I think that the college prep classes really informed you about college applications. The fact that they required you to apply to college in order to pass the college prep course was very helpful. They enforced many characteristics that I need today that I am in college. The school was small so everyone knew each other. Teachers would encourage you to try your best. Overall, it was a good experience. The only problem was that it did not have school spirit. It had very few clubs and sport teams. This made people not so enthusiastic for any extracurricular.
The best part of Animo Venice is that because its a small area everyone knows each other and you have friends and make new ones as well. Also the teachers were the best when the teachers and a student make a great connection they tend to be more attentive and stay on top of that student to make sure that, that student graduates after all 4 years of high school. The last thing that is the best from Animo Venice is that you can ask anyone for help and when you ask for it you always get the help you need as a student.
My experience in Amino Venice has been great overall. The school itself is reliable and trustworthy with help with work. Its a small school and based on how small it is, you can literally become friends with all underclassmen and you class. Over the school doesn't have much, it is cozy and well organized and has everything you would ever need for a high school. So far my high school experience has been great and i lived out every moment as an Anino Venice student and being apart of Animo Venice.
I’m currently a junior at AVCHS. I love their enthusiasm to get students ready for college. The teachers really do their best to get us prepared for college. The teachers and staff push us and hep is whenever we need it. Although academic wise it’s great the food is something I would change.
Great experience with teachers and wonderful, delightful one on one contact from teachers when you need assistance .
Animo Venice Charter High School is small sized school, which allows the students to really get to know each other and form life long bonds. The school focuses on preparing and encouraging students to pursue a higher education. The staff and teachers are all really kind and supportive, not to mention that since it's such a small school, the teacher really get to know the students. The students are all really supportive and cool.
Although a small campus, AVCHS truly cares and believes in all their students. All staff and teachers are kind and supportive. Because of the size of the campus, there is also less students, making it easier to communicate and make friends with one another. You'll know all of your peers and have close relationships with hem. Animo Venice's whole purpose is to get you to college, and they are good at their job.
Throughout my three years at Animo Venice, I've enjoyed the teachers and the amount of school spirit the students have. Although, we are a small school, us students still engage with our fellow peers by creating multiple clubs for students to become a part of. Some things we could change about our school is the resources, for example, we don't have a library. We have computer carts and have clubs and after school programs that offer tutoring and extra-curricular activities.
Animo Venice is a great school overall. The teachers here want to see you succeed and push you to your limit to exceed the expectations.
Animo Venice Charter High School has helped me discover my talents. Animo Venice motivates students to do the best out of them, known as Animo Venice Core Values. One of the Core Values I do admire is accepting Challenges. I had no idea I was capable of staying task in all school work and play sports at the same time. Most importantly all administrators and teachers are there for their students.
Animo Venice Charter High School helps everyone to be prepared for college. One way it helped me become a different person was the way it changed my point of view towards helping others in the community.
Animo Venice Charter High School has so far made my academic experience amazing. The teachers are very involved and are willing to give you the resources and guidance that will lead you on the right path to college.
Animo venice is a college preparatory high school which gives one endless resources to prepare you for the future. I believe this is an amazing school in where the teachers really care about the students and there wearabouts. If I could I would definitely recommend this school for any transfer or incoming freshmen.
I am currently attending my last year in high school. So far it has been a bit stressful, considering that for us seniors we have more on our plate this year. Since our school gives more attention to our education, they have given us a class where we being to do applications for college, scholarship and financial aid. Unlike other high schools, they also help us on resumes, reflections and other material that could assist us after high school. My school really does care about us and wants to make sure that we are off to a good road.
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I am a senior now attending my last year in Animo Venice Charter High School. I can honestly recommend this school to anyone due to the education and the teachers actually giving the students the attention they need. For example throughout my four years I have been struggling but the teachers and the administrators and counselor check up on us to make sure that we are on track of graduating. In other schools other teachers do not have the patient to teach students and help them. But in Animo Venice the school is very welcoming and dedicated to making sure there students make it in life.
My experience at Animo Venice has been a great one. The teachers are well trained, and having participated in the application process, chosen very carefully. As a small school, you really get to know all of the teachers, staff, faculty, and just about every student. The schools main focus is to prepare them for college, leadership, and life, something you hear just about every day there, but it's not just a catchy slogan, it's a standard that's held in the heart of everyone there. Overall, it has been an excellent experience and one that I will cherish forever.
The staff is very friendly and they all are very helpful and they never give upon the students which is very nice. All teachers and staff continuously encourage students to want to go to college and they guide them through it and they also help students with life lessons and help them and talk to them about anything they advice on. Overall it is a beautiful school in a beautiful location full of loving and caring staff that wont stop until they get the job done.
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