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Animo South Los Angeles Charter School Reviews

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What I like about this school is that every teacher here cares about you a lot. They’ll always be there for you and support you in any kind of way. As well, the staff is very close with students, so I believe that’s good especially because the school is small and everyone might know each other. I’ll like to see different kind of food being served.
At animo south LA liked the teachers and how they tought the academics for instance if w student did understand something the would explain it thoroughly; and if you still don't understand they have after school ours. The teachers would always made sure your ok and would give motivational speeches when needed. Only thing I don't like is some of the students are loud and unwilling to work occasionally.
My experiences at Animo South LA have been diverse. I have had many positive experiences with the learning material and environment, but I also hoped this school would have more clubs and extracurricular activities to choose from. I liked all my teachers; I know they cared about my successes and I know they wanted to see me grow. The classes offered helped me experience a new form of learning and understanding, but I still wish there was more.
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Because of its small size, the school has a strong community and there are lots of people that can help you throughout your high school career.
My experience at Animo South Los Angeles Charter High School has been pretty good all together. When I first came to this school as a sophomore I didn't really know what to expect, but as I started to get to know my peers and the staff I felt as if it become my home.
Animo is a small school so everyone practically knows everyone; Although it is not perfect, it is still a good school to attend if you need to focus on yourself and your studies. You should always stay out of all of the nonsense around and focus on your grades and getting ready for the future ahead of you, thats the way I went about it.
My experience at Amino has been really different because i its my first time going to a school that wasn't a catholic school. My experience has being really especially the teacher here they make every lesson meaningful to me. even though this school was not my first choice i have actually liked being here.
The teachers and staff at Animo South Los Angeles work hard to provide students with the best education possible. ASLA is especially focused on college preparation. Students are taught all the requirements for college acceptance as well as how to gain financial aid to help them once they enter college. Our basketball and Track Field teams are also very good. Basketball went 16-1 in 2016 and Track and Field went to the finals in 10th grade. Our teachers and staff are highly diverse; however, our student population is predominantly Latino and black. There are many school events organized by our student government so school culture and pride can be improved.
What I liked about Animo South Los Angeles is how small the campus is. Because we have small classes, you're able to get more one on one-time assistance from your teachers. You can get a better understanding of things when you're confused. What I would like to see change is the way administration is with some of their students. Underclassmen are not held to the same standards as upperclassmen. Although it is understandable because we're older and are meant to be the leaders, we should all be held accountable for the same things because it is unfair when we aren't.
Teachers and Administration highly encourage their students to continue their education by attending a formal academic institution. Also, they are very supportive and interested to talk to you and your plans after high school. Moreover, the classes at this school have a purpose and the teachers are passionate about their job. Every lesson is intriguing and has a purpose, somehow it is connected to the curriculum and the real world. Slowly but surely our school tradition is forming from having spirit week to other fun programs. The cool part about this school is that if there isn't a club of your interest then you are allowed to create your own club! Overall, during the 4 years I attended it was a memorable high school experience.
I like how Animo South La is very diverse and their academic courses are great for the students, but I would like to see a little growth in the activity field.
After attending here for 4 years, one is able to learn lots. The goal is to prepare students for college, leadership, and life- three rigorous processes to go through. However, they have all came in handy post high school life. ASLA maintains a worthy community that strives to achieve success.
Animo South Los Angeles has been the best school to ever attend. Not only offered a variety of classes but a variety of opportunities as well. This school has made me fell like I could do anything with support if teachers, faculty, and my fellow classmates. Throughout all my four years of attending this school, it will have my most treasured memories and friendships that I ever got to experience. I thank this school for doing anything at their disposal to help me achieve my objectives and for making me a better person than before.
Overall, my experience wasn't what a high school er would want to experience, but the school outdid themselves to ensure we had a good education. Since Animo is such a small school, we had more one on one with our teachers and overall just learned a lot more.
Despite some negative drawbacks such as limited sports and cretin administration this school offers help and programs that would have previously been unattainable to students.
Having a school were its very diverse. I normally wouldn't go to the schools around my neighborhood but for high school I did. It was very interesting, we have very diverse teachers and students at ASLA its filled with laughter and joy. Yes its not the best we have our down falls but this school has the most spirit even if we have separate campuses. When we come together for events its great because its a small school but its like having a big family.
Overall Animo South LA is a good school teaching wise!! The learning experience you get there is unlike what public schools will teach you. The teachers actually care but you're not treated like you are in high school they barely let you get away with anything. This school is specifically strict on uniform and cellular devices, besides from that you have good and bad students there is a mixture.
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There is an after school program named Arc. Arc provided multiple extracurricular activities. From drivers ed to Latin American Dancing.
My high school as completely different from what movies show us. It was a very small school with approximately 700 students altogether. Everyone knew everyone which made participating in school events fun.
The majority of the teachers help students any way possible. They give a reasonable amount of workload. They keep up with grading and try their best to make each lesson interesting and fun.
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