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Animo Ralph Bunche Charter High School Reviews

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I like how a vast majority of the teachers interact with the kids and help us if we are struggling after school in office hours. I dislike the limited opportunities we have to explore other subjects. In addition, I dislike our food options and how there is times where I have to throw it away because the quality of the food is so terrible.
Animo Ralph Bunche is a High School with very great teachers. The teachers do show interest in seeing you succeed. It is a very small high school which allows you to be closer to your teachers. Your counselors there also show and help as much as possible with any concern you may have. Animo Ralph Bunche is college bound.
Animo Ralph Bunche is a great school in my opinion. This schools is really small compared to other high schools but the huge benefit of it is that there is a lot of attention given to us the students, which helps us academically and teachers know in what areas we need improvement. So far, I really enjoy my time here. Teachers are able to connect to the students more and are able to inform us everything necessary about what to expect in college and they give us advice on how to be our very best once we're in college.
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To be honest I like the way Animo Ralph Bunche is, the resources, the teachers, facilities, sports, etc and for example this year we have a new sport in our school which is baseball and much more new policies, now our school has a gotten a better support system, more money, less budget, new senior activities and all. My high school back in the past it wasn't that much good because we weren't on a good budget because for sports, every sport needed new uniforms because some were lost and teammates had to barrow their teammates uniform to play, but now this year we've gotten a better support system and better new policies to make things for fair now.
I enjoyed being part of an environment where I had teachers I could trust in to help me out. As well having different resources to be prepared for college. An experience of what it is like to take college classes in order to be pacing myself before I start my first semester at college.
Students build caring student-teacher relationships. School prepares students for real life skills. After school access is always available. Amazing school!
It's a small school where I know almost everyone since middle school; and some since elementary. The teachers are really supportive and want the best for us.
Ralph Bunche is a good school with great teachers. There are plenty of AP classes for the hardworking student, and there are plenty of resources to use.
Animo Ralph Bunche is a good school willing to give you the best education. They do have a problem with the Admin and student relationship. They also do not give a lot of clubs or activities
That there are many teachers that are helpful and they are really nice.But I would like a change in the food because the food is not that good.
What I really enjoyed the most about this school was the fact that teachers are so passionate at doing their job, not to mention, they are extremely good at it. Also, students are easily able to become athletes if that is what they wish for. The school has a really well known basketball, soccer, volleyball, cross country and track and field team. My days as a student athlete were invigorating and fun. Overall, I really enjoyed my four years of high school, I met wonderful people who I still keep in contact with. The teachers I thank from the bottom of my heart because they made a special impact in my life, especially my advisory teacher which I absolutely love. They are great people that one can make a friendly relationship with, where both the student and teacher are comfortable with each other and are there to help one another. Teachers at Animo Ralph Bunche are there to help and listen to the academic worries/problems of students in order to keep them on track to success.
My experience here at ARB has been good. One thing that I like about ARB is that there are office hours and the teachers help us with what need help at. Another thing that I like about this school is that the teachers care about our work and they prepare us for college, leadership and life. Something that I do not like about my school is the food because it is nasty and also that we do not have a field since it is small.
My experience in this school was really good. Something good about this school is that there's office hours and we get help. One thing that should change is the food because it is nasty.
My expericen in Animo Ralph Bunche Charter High School has been good. All the teachers that I have are really helpful. I like the fact that the teachers have office hours to have students come and ask for help or make up work you missed I think is been a great idea. The administration is some what helpful but they try to make the schokl better and also safety.The food is not great as always. We don't have many sports as we want. The conselours are kind and helpful when students need help. The school cleaning is actually better then others schools the school clean and nice. As resources they need a library were students need were to read and check out books. Also tutoring for those students that need help with a subject that they are struggling.
I've had the best relationship with the teachers hired here. I love the atmosphere and how o feel like a real and responsible student with teachers and how they focus on every student no matter what. No one is left behind
Well this needs a lot to improve including with food, sports, school parties and teachers. There's hardly any school spirit.
Honestly, this school has many things missing but overall i think i've managed to learn about. I hope we were to have more space and activities and much more safety.
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Honestly there is no programs. Teachers are there for a reason and one reason only, their paychecks. There is an assistant named Ms. Miscillo (i am not sure if i got that right) but she would make up any excuse to get you into trouble and just ordinary things. The school office lacks in honesty and they are not friendly. Not recommended to anyone.
The highlights to this school is that the teachers actually care about you they take their time to push you through any struggles you encounter during high school. What helps you the most is that in freshmen year you get put in an advisory and your in that class for the whole 4 years. The classmates within that classroom then become your second family you could count on them in anything. They prepare you for college. The work they give you is plenty but at the end of the day it helps you. For example, this year as a senior we got a lot of assistance from our counselors and advisor. They made the college applications uncomplicated it was just a great feeling knowing you were not alone on such a big part for your future. Although, there is some unsatisfactory things about this school. For example, the school is small and there is not many sports. There is also a limited amount of AP classes which that's a downfall. Especially to those who want to stand out when applying to colleges.
My freshmen year at Animo Ralph Bunche was great since I fell in love instantly with the teacher's passion towards teaching and how they create great bonds with students. My sophomore year was a little shocking since I am a very curious person and I love learning new things. I'm also a person that likes trying new things so I took my first AP class as a sophomore, which was the first AP class offered in all GreenDot District schools. The AP teacher was the best teacher since he always motivated us to never give up since we were are Latinos and we have parents that are immigrants. He was such a great teacher which motivated to never give up on anything. Sophomore year was the year in which I played so many sports since I love being an active athlete. I play Volleyball, Basketball, I train for the LA Marathon in a program called Students Run LA, and I'm also in Track and Field. This 2016, I am a current Junior, and I'm taking AP Physics !
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