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Coming from a middle school that neglected its students, I am thankful to have attended a high school like Animo Pat Brown. The faculty and staff were really there for me and provided me with support. The courses were demanding and challenging but I believe that is what helped me feel prepared for college. It is not as diverse, the majority of the student body (if not all) is Latino/Hispanic. And it lacks clubs and extracurriculars. However, I think they are trying to improve on those two factors, and overall my experience there was great.
I honestly love how animo pat Brown charter highschool actually has teachers who help you understand not just pass you up and let you struggle. The teachers are very positive and funny.I would change the sir of the school mainly because I feel like more students should be able to enjoy this school.
I enjoyed the chance to learn from great teachers. Although many asked for alot of homework it did prepare me for college.
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It's a very small school which helps in making sure you are able to know many of the students there. The uniform is a must, they are very strict on that! There isn't a variety of sports for the students to join. But, overall it's been a good experience here.
This school is very great and rigorous for students. The teachers don't give up on students and they do their best to get all students involved. Students are required to hours and so are parents. This is to get students and parents to get more involved with school.
In my personal experience at this school, I have learned so much both academically and lessons in life. I am overall very thankful for what this school has offer me in particular. This school has proven worthy and helpful in assuring college in my future with small classes and teachers who are passionate about their job and getting the students into college. This is why I believe this school should be 5 stars. The school is very small to accommodate a variety of sport but academically, they surpass. This school offers anyone, regardless of necessities the opportunity to learn. My experience in this school, now looking back as a senior, I feel very satisfied and thankful.
Looking back now I realized my first few months full of tantrums and fits here at Animo were a waste of energy. I can honestly say that at first I hated this school, I wanted nothing to do with it. I thought it was small and the food was disgusting. But man was I wrong, over the years I grew to be very fond of this school. Sure it may not have the high school feel that movies and shows portray but it does have great teachers and a principal, Brian Reed whom has created an atmosphere that brings everyone together like family. I would not have imagined myself taking honors/ AP classes let alone applying to college and starting the next chapter in my life. I owe it all to this school for my motivation and dedication into my educational path. Being a senior and knowing my time here has almost come to an end, I can honestly say Animo Pat Brown is a school that I have learned to love.
It's a great school that's helping me prepare for college. All the teachers are very committed to the students and offer their help after school.
Overall, this school has provided me with a lot of resources that I needed to succeed in school. The teachers were amazing and were able to help at every point where you were stuck. The teachers and admins made themselves available for students whenever they needed, they would stay behind and give us additional attention if needed for at least an hour or so after school has ended. Every teachers intention is to make sure the students are college ready and won't let you slack off on your work and make sure that everyone passes the class. The school has done wonderful things for the students that attend and only mean the best for them.
I like that there is a variety of option to select from. However there should be more information about scholarship because when press sent u to many different websites.
Early on Animo Pat Brown prepares students get ready for college. In senior year everyone is required to apply for college and counselors and teachers help students in this process. It is a small school so there are not many electives to choose from. There are not many clubs or sports to choose from after school either but this school does focus a lot on academics.
As a graduate of the class of 2015 from Animo Pat Brown Charter High School, my overall experience there was exceptional. The school focused mainly on academics and prepping the students for a higher-education. The teachers and staff also did an outstanding job as to always be there to support the students academically after-hours, also known as "guided study." The administration also got involved and created requisites for graduation; the students and parents were to attend mandatory meetings and volunteer for the purpose to have the families involved in their child's education and to also have volunteer hours for college applications. The school is structured in a way so that every student can be accommodated to their needs.
My experience was really great. I love the fact that the teachers actually show interest in wanting to teach us. The teachers make you feel important and boost up your confidence. The teachers always ask how our classes are and they also give us advice. The staff also asks question so that they are able to give tips. The school has a welcoming environment and that is what shows us students that we are like family. The school has given us a class called Guidance which has been very helpful because it focuses on preparing us for tests and college. In that class we also get tips on strengthening our skills like organization and time management. Teachers also offer Office hours for additional help which is ideal because it help us have a better understanding of what we are learning. The only thing I do wish was different is the courses that are offered because we are limited since we are a small school.
There should be more events where parents are able to come and involve themselves in the school.
All teachers try their best to make sure we are on the path of a high school diploma and able to receive college acceptances
Again, my journey so far has been great. Everyone is nice and the parents I have met are wonderful. The most important thing is that they care about their kids and their friends, it is really unlike anything else.
For the most part, the teachers are exemplary. They genuinely care about us and want us to go to college and do amazing things. I could go on an on about my very positive experiences with teachers here at my school but would be a book at that point. All I can say is that our teachers are awesome and genuine!
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There hasn't actually been bullying in my school. Every student that I know feels comfortable around their peers and teachers. The only thing that this school needs is a school nurse, we don't have one.
Overall, every teacher at my school are honestly the best out there. They are always willing to help anyone that is struggling and make them successful.
There is a lot of fun clubs that students form.
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